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  1. This comment was automatically generated after the user passed out from sheer excitement and HYPE! We presume they'll be fine.
  2. ... ... ... QoL CHANGES!? IN A POKÉMON GAME!?!? YASS!!! I sincerely want to thank you all for making this game. It's everything I've wanted out of a 'mon game since becoming an adult (physically at least), and every post I see just gets me more and more excited. Thank you so much.
  3. Aye! This be Capn' Arak Burton speakin'! I be here today to commandeer this here hype train/ship/space station today! I assure ye, yer in the finest of hands! We even offer yer Pokémons massages so long as they not mind the hooks of me sailor Clumsy! Now, some of ye may be wonderin' as to why this handsome devil be doin' this, but I assure ye landlubbers that I be havin' the proper reasons... WE NOT BE GOIN' FAST ENOUGH! SMITTY, CRANK UP THE ENGINE ON THIS BEAUTY! FULL SPEED TOWARDS INFINITY!! LET'S SEE WHERE SHE TAKES US!!! This announcement was brought to ye by Capn' Arak Burton, Scourge of the Reborn seas, Champion of four regions ye never heard of and Vice-President of the Reborn knitting club for people with two eyepatches.
  4. We're hitting hype levels that shouldn't be possible.
  5. Thank you for your hard work! I look forward to starting a new run and seeing all the new magic at work! (Pun fully and wholeheartedly intended!)
  6. At this point, I consider waiting for the next episode the most difficult aspect of Reborn. I'm so looking forward to when it's released!
  7. Oooh, gorgeous! Some more jungle shenanigans! Does anyone know where someone can get frozen in cryo until a game releases? Asking for a friend.
  8. I think what Andracass is trying to say here is that there's little to no use complaining about the plan when we know nothing about the implementation. All we need to do is have a little faith, follow the trail of wonderful additions and fall down the rabbithole once more when e19 comes out. Then, and only then, can we spout complaints for the team to heed or ignore at their leisure. Though I do think they'd much prefer bug reports and constructive feedback.
  9. Ah. The carrots that draw me back to the stick that is Reborn. This sounds amazing!
  10. And this is why I love Reborn. There are actual challenges to overcome which require thought, planning, blood, sweat and tears! Mostly tears! I'm very excited for this. Keep up the good work!
  11. Vallumaen


    Is this going to lead to a Diablo 2-esque Secret Weasel (Buizel) Level? Asking for a friend.
  12. Vallumaen

    hi again

    I'll just briefly hop out of these shadows here to say: Welcome back! And as much as we all eagerly anticipate e19, nobody wants you and the rest of the team to work themselves into the ground. So please, take care of yourselves and each other! ... Yeah, that's about it. I'll resume my lurking duties now. Bye bye!
  13. Vallumaen


    Such a cute little nose!
  14. Hey there! First post here! Yay! I hope this is the right place for this. If not, don't kill me please :3 Anyways, I recently stumbled upon some trouble with my Reborn game. The music wasn't playing! Oo *Dramatic music not playing* Of course, this was only the slightest bit annoying to me. After searching the forums for an answer, which I couldn't find, and finding my state of Zen again, I resigned myself to playing without music. That was until my roommate suggested installing Windows Media Player, which was not installed at the time. That actually worked. Yes, it did. The program which I haven't used in over 5 years was actually the key to solving my music troubles. So I decided to put it up here so other people may fix this problem should it rear its ugly, muted head again. Hope it helps!
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