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  1. Y’know, I’m kinda surprised Bennett doesn’t use Seikameter (at least I don’t think he does)
  2. Im here to report a bug. I beat the defensive guy in the dojo at the village, and as he headed back he stopped and the game softlocked.
  3. Also, I can’t pick up the Y Mega Stone for Urshifu. Game shuts down when I do
  4. Even with the update Meltan still spawn underneath Mirage Tower for me
  5. So I need these to make sure I don’t get shoved back outside?
  6. Oh. I assumed it was the room near where you wake up that it wouldn’t let me in
  7. Quick Question how do you get into Tanzan Wastes? I just got through Devon
  8. Will the Gothita event fight in Sheridan also be changed back from shields to regular?
  9. More encounters? Could this mean Gyarados is becoming available?
  10. I’m so excited. I just finished Glass Workstation (Yet again Excadrill saved me) and I’m sad that I’m getting rid of him when I restart.
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