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  1. @rihanna f*ck me

  2. deez nuts

    1. Deleted User
    2. Joker


      omg someone else has fallen victim to it!

    3. Another Felix
  3. ....you can...................... this is what happens when i stop playing pokemon for 3 years and start again wow thanks!
  4. When i got my ralts, I forgot to save ahead of time and ended up with a male ralts. I'm trying to get a gardevoir, so I tried breeding my male ralts with a ditto. So far, I've hatched like a million eggs and they are all male, which gets me really confused because the gender ratio for ralts is 50-50. Maybe it's just that i don't understand how to breed properly, but does anyone know why this happens?
  5. digletts with arena trap deserve a place in hell

    1. Bearadactyl


      They do. You're just in it with them.

    2. Oris



      digletts with arena trap and earthquake in a cave deserve a place in hell.

  6. runnin thru the 6 with my woes

    1. Garnet.


      you kno how that shit go

  7. hi how are you all tonight whats good i've been playing reborn for about 1-2 months now, but recently i accidentally deleted my first save file. yeah sucks. but i figured i could start fresh again, and i decided to start out by introducing myself to the community :-) I go by sam, but you can call me by my user as well. I use she/her pronouns. There's not a lot to say about me here, i mean.. i love cats?? meowstic's one of my favorite pokemon. there u go I found Reborn on tumblr; when I saw that the game included non-binary individuals and had an awesome storyline/setting, I just had to try it out. The storyline kept me playing this game, and so far I enjoy it a lot! Although I'm really into the story, i'm not the best pokemon player (especially since this game is more strategic) so you might see more of me around the forums struggling on a gym or something thanks for reading love ya :feelsgd:
  8. tfw you accidentally delete your save file

    1. BreezyPonie
    2. madf0x


      Yikes, I can fix saves, but non-existent saves is hard. Best I could do is get you your team back, or at least as close to as you can remember.

    3. Deja Vu

      Deja Vu

      My sincere condolences.

  9. hey whats up. im dying

  10. I'm still stuck on Aya... So far, i can't get through 3 of her pokemon without my entire team fainting. This is my team currently; I've looked through old posts and tried to swap pokemon around (I added Camerupt and Yamask) and I'm definitely going to do some leveling up but if anyone could recommend any other changes/advice i'd love to hear it im dying i havent played pokemon in a long time Blaziken (lv.45 ) Ability: Speed Boost Flame Charge / Blaze Kick / Double Kick / Slash Meowstic (lv.40 ) Ability: Infiltrator Extrasensory / Shadowball / Psychic / Psyshock Camerupt (lv.36 ) Ability: Anger Point Lava Plume / Earth Power / Curse / Take Down Yamask (lv.32 ) Ability: Mummy Hex / Will-o-Wisp / Ominous Wind / Curse Raticate (lv.38 ) Ability: Hustle Sucker Punch / Double Edge / Crunch / Super Fang Emolga (lv.45 ) Ability: Motor Drive Nuzzle / Volt Switch / Acrobatics / Shock Wave
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