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    That space in the fridge that always seems empty even though you KNOW you put food there...
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  1. Kuro is best chef, but I wish I could have him with Vero's outfit :c
  2. What is the meaning of life for those without passion? Empty misery, following after those with ambition like sheep, never seeking out the power to carry out their OWN will. They HAVE no will. Those without the desire and drive to grow need not be given the chance to do so. They shall be weeded out, shall succumb to the infection, and be replaced by those with ambition. When the world is filled only with those that bear both ambition and those with the power to seek its fulfillment, then and...

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    2. iowayshay
    3. Felix


      it's about time someone with the same mindset comes along...

  3. All hail the perfect storm, GET INFECTED!

  4. Hello, name's Hellfire Syndrome, pleased to meet you all. I saw that making a hello thread here was a thing, so I did it. Not too sure what to say...so... *Throws plague ampules in the air and runs away screaming*
  5. The infection will soon begin.

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    2. Zephyrus the Priestess

      Zephyrus the Priestess

      is this because I burned the bacon again

    3. Mike


      False, Walking Dead. Season 5, 4 days.

    4. derekwst3


      ebola, walking dead not much of a difference except walking dead will be epic

  6. Tsundere. I'm sick of them. I'm sick of them showing up in everything I watch. They should all die. Die Die die DIEDIEdidididDIEIDEIDIEIDIEIDEI!!!!111!1!!!!!eleventyone1!!!1 I do enjoy Yandere though, mostly because it isn't as overused. Something about a girl who could be kind and loving one moment and murderously violent the next...aaaaaaah...
  7. Mega Jirachi. I want him to open his eye like he's friggen Alucard releasing restrictions. I can see it now... "Jirachi released restraints to level 0..." "Jirachi chose Doom Desire as your Destiny." "Be bathed in the light of damnation." "It's a one hit KO!"
  8. No matter how much we learn about the world, we are unable (at least for now) to prove that any of it exists. All that we know is what electrical impulses in our minds tell us, including the existence of our mind itself. Science is utterly incapable of proving that we truly exist, since no data can be free of observation and observed at once. If we can't prove anything exists, then perhaps it doesn't, and everything is a lie...Even the cake...

    1. zimvader42


      The cake is ALWAYS a lie. No one gets cake. No cake.

      Anyway, don't really care if anything exists at all. I feel like I'm here, I think oreos are real too, so I'm pretty much covered even if we end up being just a part of the friggin matrix or something.

    2. KingRyan


      cojito ergo sum. I think, therefore i am.

    3. wallacethepig


      Pfft. If there are electrical impulses in our brains telling us stuff, then there must be electricity. And brains.


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