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  1. Morris looked down at the duo and returned his browning to his pouch whence he had pulled it before when Quincy was approaching. It was clearly of no use to him now. He looked around the group. Given how much he knew some of these people, it would have been best to ask Enya or Ellaria, but Ellaria had a clear handicap in satisfying his curiosity. He approached the child instead. "Who the hell is that bleeding sod? He doesn't look too human, but I he sure doesn't belong to this circle either." Morris hit the floor with his heel, clearly displeased by his inability to interfere with the duel.
  2. I am not trying to file a sodding complaint here, I am just mad about the way this has been going. It s not "taking shots", I am really actually angry with some people here. If you want to kick me from the RP, do as you wish. So far it has done little else but aggravate me, not with the content, but with the execution.
  3. Ill just wait the duel out. No point in doing anything since it s already been established that I didnt react to the majority of the scene since your posting consistency is abysmal. When I am around for the first half of the week, it s always one post per day. Hell, Mr. Taylor didng post for two weeks before he hurled himself into that duel.
  4. Therefore, I will delete my post and wont interfere with the game further for the next few days. Or weeks.
  5. -says he will wait for Morris- -doesnt wait longer than six hours- Anyway, the post is up. (strong language) (duh)
  6. Morris just shrugged "what the heck..." Clearly though, this out-of-place playfulness got them where they needed to be, and so he added. "Good work kid." and he petted the little girs head. "I think thats what people do when they want to praise those little rascals..." He of course followed Enya and Ellaria through the hole, his Browning at the ready.
  7. "More like no way at all, mam. I should think the tiddler here will open it for us, but she is clearly drained. We dont really have any way to blast through it, I d say." Morris denoted with disappointment in his voice. He turned around to Ellaria while also checking the hallway behind her quickly.. "At least the freak can´t really come after us. We might take a break here. You re looking a lil´ bleary, uh... how did the name go again?" Morris slowly dropped Enya, and sat next to her. He half presumed Ellaria would take care of the young lady, since she had seemed to have a close relationship with her.
  8. So I have noticed that Religion is not addressed by Acqui at all. I suppose we could have everyone be atheist, but since this is obviously Earth in the future (I mean, there is Geneva) that should most likely not be the case, because, against all odds, atheism is not on the rise for whatever reason.
  9. Fafnirchan is the actual roleplay. And a one with a very high potential at that.
  10. d_Malic10us has Signed in: d_Malic10us: Imo, if the AI feels such emotions, it s prolly just a cruel joke by whoever coded it. d_Malic10us: Like, those things have an entirelly different outlook on reality than a human being. Those emotions are not entirely valid in their environment. Perhaps if they had their own spectrum of moods... d_Malic10us: Who knows tho, maybe it s just that construct hacking in action. It messes things up I tell ya. Give it a few years, and we will have seemingly incomprehensible data all over the place. d_Malic10us: It just brews such messy results that are nothing like anything you could actually write. d_Malic10us is away.
  11. Morris ran for the exit while the giant was distracted. It was clear to him that getting the little girl was his priority at the moment, as her chances of survival were minimal compared to that Ellaria woman. He kept an eye on the giant to make sure it wouldnt quickly decide to change its mind about being bent on pursuing Ellaria.
  12. Morris leapt away from where he just stood as well as from Ellaria. In his mind, it was important to keep his distance from her if he could, as that would force the giant to attack them separately. He returned his Browning into its pouch amidst the leap, and proceeded to run for the door.
  13. Morris quickly swallowed the last piece of bread he was eating and took Enya from Ellaria. Before he could look for an escape route, the giant appeared. "Oh bollocks," Morris turned to Ellaria "I think we could try to fight, but I have no idea what to do with the child." as he was saying that, he released the safety on his gun.
  14. I am unlikely to complete it at the moment. My time is scarce, and I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew too. I currently have 2500 words, and I think it would take at least 3000 more to complete the story.
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