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  1. Nah, it's fine xD Thanks a lot Hush Thanks a lot Micky . . . . I like you too
  2. Sorry for the late reply guys, I've been really busy Thanks a lot Hallo! Well, I'm not allowed to buy alcohol till 21, I think I can drink though. Well, I chose not to so Thanks a lot ICSW Thanks Alex Thanks a lot Viri Thanks Chemia Thanks smol gril Aika When I find some free time, I'll be sure to pop by the server #WaitForIt
  3. Eyyyy Bibs! Thanks a lot bruh, really do appreciate it! Thanks for making the post My hackmons game may be weak now, but I'll get my revenge, just you wait XD Hey Shia! Thanks a lot Yea, we should talk, I should come online more often xD Thanks a lot scrub Thanks a lot Yin Ey DW! Thanks a lot Thanks a lot Spine! Thank you Hycrox I have nothing but respect for you Mde, thanks a lot
  4. Drunk streams sound fun, 10/10 would watch tbh, Idk all of your timings so I'll just go with Spine
  5. No BMIC Edit : Ninja'd, but still a no. Also, still a BMIC predict
  6. Sorry for the late wishes, but happy birthday Cyanna And yes, I am still alive. Spine, show thyself. For a knight needs a dragon to slay!
  7. Dammit! I missed your birthday D: None the less, Happy Belated Birthday Ody! You're a really fun person and great to talk to. I enjoyed each and every interaction we've had, including our battles. Hope you had a great birthday! Stay awesome
  8. Hey ICSW! Happy birthday A cheerful and fun person like you deserves a great one, have a blast
  9. The "close enough?" signifies that I'm asking the predictor if I am a close enough substitute for his prediction. Firstly, HOW DARE YOU???? Secondly, HOW DARE YOU?!?!!??!! I summon Micky of the Blue Moon
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