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  1. Even though my OW isn't any of these I used Vero as a base cause his design is badass. This is the order for me. 1. Vero 2.Lucia 3.Decibel 4.Alice 5.Kuro 6. Ari My character (i'm black btw) :
  2. Another very good choice for a water type would be Lanturn which is only obtainable if you joined the Aqua Gang.
  3. Dude...you're amazing. Most of these movesets I didn't even think were possible yet. Amazing job my friend.
  4. Can anyone repost his save file? I would love to see all of the pokemon he spent so much time on. And possibly get ideas from the pokemon he's bred.
  5. On my old computer i picked Charmander and it was shiny. So i kept it solely cause i wanted a black Charizard and it did me justice the beginning of the game with Dragon Rage. In my more recent save file I chose Totodile because it seems glazed over most of the time but its actually decent . Just needs a bit of breeding and its a damn powerhouse. (I'm more of an underdog pokemon trainer)
  6. Personally I feel like you need another special attacker. Cause a physical wall could be trouble if you have just Dedenne to rely on.
  7. In my old save file I got every fossil obtainable bar Old Amber (cause Ame took it out .-.) and it took me a 4 days of soft-resetting in front of rocks at least 2-3 hours a day. So they're definitely the rarest.
  8. what's your first? Mine is Adventurine Woods/Route 1's music.
  9. I'd have to say Apophyll Beach. The music is amazing and fits the place so well. It gives you the feel of there are places that aren't heavy victims to the pollution. A breath of fresh air before escaping the city I'd say.
  10. Joyrich

    Spritzee -_-

    I did that for most of the picture lol. Arigato.
  11. Joyrich

    Spritzee -_-

    These last 3 pieces are pissing me off. Help please lol.
  12. Yes thats how the ability capsule works but it's random to which ability you get, so you may need more than 1.Also another very good candidate to add to your team would be Jolteon and it gets volt absorb.
  13. Vinny I think we are one and the same. I have 343/554 on my Pokedex. I'm trying to get every pokemon available lol.
  14. This is my team as of now and I haven't had a lot of problems with this combination however it's extremely hyper-offensive and I've been thinking about getting a wall or I might just stick with hyper-offensive and if I can cover my weaknesses. Well here they are : Jolteon @ Zoom Lens - 61 Ability: Volt Absorb Modest Nature - Agility - Discharge - Thunder Wave - Thunder Chandelure @ Focus Band - 62 Ability: Infiltrator Timid Nature - Shadow Ball - Will-O-Wisp - Overheat - Pain Split Metagross @ Shell Bell - 63 Ability: Clear Body Lonely Nature - Bullet Punch - Zen Headbutt - Meteor Mash - Hammer Arm Diggersby @ Silk Scarf - 62 Ability: Huge Power Jolly Nature ( Gonna breed or use Psychologist for Adamant) - Swords Dance - Earthquake - Hammer Arm - Strength Noivern @ Zoom Lens - 64 Ability: Infiltrator Modest Nature - Boomburst - Dragon Pulse - Roost - Hurricane Feraligatr @ Brightpowder Ability: Sheer Force Jolly Nature - Ice Fang - Aqua Tail - Crunch - Agility ( Thinking about breeding for DD) I need suggestions on how to improve this team. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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