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  1. Having just cleared the game for the first time I felt like I should celebrate, and this thread feels like the perfect place for it. I'm using a pic from the Hall of Fame 3 as it's the latest, but the team has been the same ever since I got access to them. I put everything in spoilers for ease of scrolling through. Items are your friends, but a nice team helps a lot. I was very lucky I got some nice members on my own, but I gotta also thank the people who traded me the random bred Rowlet, Chimchar and Togepi. Unfortunately as I was checking my boxes to see the trainer names, I realized I must have traded those guys off wondertrade at some point or released them by mistake, as I couldn't find them... So, thank you to whoever it was that sent me those Pokémon. Being able to breed to have those three made it very satisfying to stick to the team throughout the game. Legendaries felt unnecessary, never actually used any.
  2. I just finished the game from my e18 playthrough, and I must say it's a wonderful, amazing Game. I'll be starting a new save soon, to see the changes to the story. I don't know how to express how much I enjoyed this Game though, because even saying "it's possibly the best game I played in a decade or so" sounds reductive. I loved the plot twists, the characters being all uniquely characterized while not being stereotypical, the suspence, the amazing level of challenge... in the Pokémon games I was used to I could just grab a legendary or three before the Pokémon League and would end up steamrolling through everything, and with nothing more to do other than completing the Pokédex it was not a matter of challenge, but of chance. And stubbornness. In Reborn, I actually had to strategize at all times, especially since I wanted to try doing everything with my main team of 6, only swapping something else in if needed for plot reasons. It was very satisfying to get past a difficult fight without resorting to spam healing or grinding, but instead focusing on strategy. So, as I said before in this very same thread, THANK YOU to all those involved for this amazing Masterpiece. I loved every minute of it, and I'm really glad I actually took a moment to research what Reborn was when I read about it. So, Thank You all again.
  3. Thank you for the quick answer, this is beyond anything I could expect! I only used an itemfinder QOL mod that made it act like a radar, just in case that's relevant and can help pinpoint the issue, and only for the last part of the old savefile's life, while completing the Pokédex. I'll most definitely post the savefile as recommended though, sorry to bother you. And thank you for your hard work.
  4. Hello everybody, I wouldn't want to bother anyone, but I need confirmation that a part of the game is working as intended and that I'm overlooking an obvious solution, rather than having a specific puzzle be bugged. I'll put a couple screenshots with an explanation of the issue in spoilers as to not spoil anything for those who would prefer not to learn about the new stuff beforehands. To be clear, I'm not asking for a solution to the puzzle, I'd prefer to figure it out myself if possible, but I'm having some peculiar behaviour that I'd like to understand wether it's intended or not. Thanks for your patience and consideration. Also, side note, I get a funny error message on startup that really doesn't give me trouble in any way, I just have to click OK and the game starts with no issue whatsoever. Apparently the game believes me to be playing v0.0. I'll add a pic of that too, just in case it has something to do with my issue. All of this is coming from a fresh install of e19, other than the savefile. I've been stuck at that puzzle for the last couple of hours and I can't seem to find an alternative path. If it's just me being dumb I'll redouble my efforts, but if it's not... Yeah. I'd probably go through with the new savefile instead. I would appreciate any sort of help, even just a simple "look better into that room". Again, sorry to bother anyone, and thank you for your patience and consideration. EDIT: Figured out how to put pics in spoiler. Sorry about that.
  5. I'd like to say thank you all for this pearl of a game, I've had no real trouble up to now playing from my "old" savefile, other than a puzzle I'm stuck in for which I'll probably ask for help, but the story, characters, locations, music... It's absolutely gorgeous to see and play through, challenging at times, and very satisfying to progress into. I'll most definitely make a second savefile after I'm done with the first one so I can roleplay as a different kind of character (and see the revised and corrected story), and that's saying a lot for a Pokémon game, where generally the "choice" is wether you'll aim at adding Salamence or Metagross to your team, for the endgame. As such, let me say it again: thank you all for your hard work, and for this amazing piece of Art.
  6. Nope, no resets or anything. Also for the Metagross, that was a first attempt capture. I know a little of how stats work, and I remembered natures from Gen3, so I knew they were pretty good. I was honestly surprised, it felt too good to be true! Still yeah, my luck is generally dreadful, it's probably just evening itself out.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm Drew, a 32 years old man with little in the way of social relationships practice, and a lot of nostalgia for Pokémon from the times when it was still the new thing. I generally go by the name Loner or some variation of it when online as it tends to make the fact I generally have little to say less of a problem. To quote the old 1st Gen games, I'm "le strong, silent type". I generally have little time for fun, but when I do I tend to go all out. Pokémon Reborn has been the game that captured me ever since the 2000s. There have been some good ones between then and now, but they never actually got my attention like Reborn has. The dark story, the level of challenge - always maxed out, as I prefer to play games at the highest level of difficulty as soon as I figure out the mechanics, generally restarting the game as I do - the characters' characterization, the surprising extra field effects and the like, added to the fact the last time I played Pokémon was with Emerald, made it such an outstanding experience that I don't think there's words for it. I never found myself thinking of "games" in my few free moments inbetween work and necessities, but Reborn managed to get into my thoughts so easily I could not let it go. Plus, the game seemed to want to capture me, by giving me some outstandingly awesome odds. To put it in perspective, I'll attach my starter and a very hard capture in the wild - had to read a guide for that, but definitely worth it. Those were first encounters, I did not reset for better odds or anything, as I hear some people do. You can't just not want to use those Pokémon, especially if you're used, like me, to seeing 1, maybe 2 shinies throughout the whole game, and they more often than not being scripted ones. So yeah, the playthrough felt almost magical. Now granted, they weren't like that when I got them - Adamant nature on Froakie, Quiet on Metagross - but as a first encounter in both cases, and once I found out you can change natures, I just could not not use those. Metagross was dreadful to get though I appreciate the easter egg feel to it. I could go on more, but I'll stop the gushing. And now, I'm gonna have an overly serious parenthesis to save me and everyone else possible grief and frustration in the future. You see, I'm generally more of a lurker kind of guy and generally have little interactions with communities due to severe social anxiety, but after reading good things about Reborn, seeing how the community seems tight-knit and accepting, and playing through the current release in the last few months, I was so impressed by this wonderful work of art I just had to make a profile here, if only to say my thanks to all people involved in it. So, thank you, you wonderful Artists. Plus, contact through the internet is less stressing to me than face to face, so at least I should be able to say something from time to time. Still, I'm not often online due to a very busy and unpredictable real life, short notice work trips and the like, so in all likelyhood I will be more of a lurker than a speaker, and for that I would like to apologize in advance. Please, don't think I'm not interested in interacting or that I'm ignoring you, I just have a hard time doing it, be it because of no internet while travelling for work or having a hard time putting things into words/finding something to say. Now, with the premises off the table, it's time for general notes I guess. English is not my first language, so sorry in advance for any typo or misunderstanding that may originate from it. I also tend to take things in the literal sense, so my writing tends to not have much in the way of jokes, sarcasm and the like, though when I joke I do say so. I appreciate being corrected if I happen to be wrong on something, as the last thing I would want to do is spread misinformation. Thanks in advance for the time and effort you who read put into reading this, hopefully my lurking won't bother you and everyone else too much.
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