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  1. thought this was reborn so disregard what I said about Venesaur and the mega...also Autumn clearly knows more about the subject so listen to them
  2. I feel, in my opinion, you could do better than Feraligator for water type coverage. Greninja would work great but if you want a more physically defensive water type maybe Swampert or Milotic. Also Venesaur is my favorite pokemon but it there are better Grass types out there like Roserade for an offensive purposes and Amoonguss for defensive. For your team Id go with Amoonguss, but if you are set on keeping Venesaur the mega stone is super easy to get. Also way to represent Flygon!
  3. THANKS JDOG, I just put the save files there in case someone would need them. I'll try out your suggestions but for real I love the fact that you just bothered to help me figure it out!!! Made my day.
  4. Game_2.rxdata Game_2 - 630 - Light - 48h 34m - 7 badges.rxdata
  5. Hi all. So im at the part where you get magma drift in the story. anyways im minding my own business, heading to the top of the mountain, when all of a sudden venam comes out of nowhere and tells me I forgot to rescue amber and I feel like I just skipped over a huge story section. is it possible for someone to put my character back a few rooms? I already saved at the top and I cant go back down because the crystals reset.
  6. Hey Jaggi! Sorry to bother you once more, you've been helpful thus far, if I could get your opinion again: I just got to Agate circus and have access to Clefairy/Clefable. Should I change out a mon' for her? Clearly there is some personal preference that is to be at play here but I just want your opinion. Now my team is currently Blaziken Blastoise Blissey Scolipede Flygon Meostic
  7. Thanks for the link!!! Also: While there is nothing wrong with liking a weaker Pokemon, I myself am not attached to Seaking. Definitely want to make a switch just haven't had any luck finding squirtle during rain or shine at this stage (checked for squirtle during the rain the other day to no avail). I'll check a guide to see if im missing something----- EDIT!: found him. came back and for whatever reason squirtle is here now. Arceus just trying to humble me or something.
  8. Bruh when I get a chance ill check but for real saw a youtube video when it was clear and they person got it lmao. Guess well find out
  9. OK: Seaking has been pretty good to me thus far, but in your opinion what should I do: I have shellos (and can always catch one with a better nature) and have a water stone from mining. Should I make a change? Also: for squirtle I beat the gym there and talked to the squirtle guy while it was raining and after using strength went to where the thing was during a clear sky but it waste there. can you not get him until late game?
  10. ***SPOILERS*** During my last play through (which was also my first) I didn't do the side quest which involved you paying $500 for the "legendary Pokemon". I thought I was going to get a free magikarp/Gyarados before the first gym but obviously now the goosechase has lead me to having to wait until the 7th street is unlocked. If you've done that quest do you know if it is a Magikarp or something water type? If so I can replace Seaking then. Not in love with it but its been great defensively so far. Plus Seaking learns waterfall on its own early.
  11. I think the earliest one you can get is Totodile but then again that's only after you get the badge for waterfall which, like you said, is around levels 70's or low 80's. Will probably go for Squirtle once I get late game cause I think its mega stone is simple to get.
  12. My Scolipede is killing it! Got maxed out EV's and is a button pass god with Jolly Nature+Speed boost.
  13. Have swept through Julia through Shade but know it only gets tougher from here and want to know if anyone has team suggestions to make my team better! This could be a Pokemon you think I should go, find, and catch or one that I have that Im not utilizing. My team currently, post Shade, is Blaziken Seaking Meowstic Usaring Kricketot Chansey If you think there is a Pokemon coming up that I should wait and add lmk as well. Thanks for your time. (Note: They all have desired abilities such as Speed boost Blaziken and lighting rod Seaking, but if you are curious about specific information then ill give it but at this stage in the game I think its safe to say im not worrying about EV's until late game when you can reset them and grind.)
  14. Thanks for the welcome! Also Breloom was my go to back in Emerald days so probs for using such as underrated mon.
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