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  1. Literally before the battle she goes: "Wanna see me run to Goldenleaf town?" You can imagine what she said after the battle. Wish she had a Camerupt or something to go along with the reference.
  2. but I did beat it and she said he was the chosen one or something cryptic like that. been a while since ive played and just remember a little girl
  3. Ya I feel you, I don't believe there is a perfectly MORAL option. Makes me excited for episode 19 cause that's when we really see the ramifications for everything. thanks for your 2 cents partner.
  4. WHAT I HAVE TO TRADE: Willing to trade a Level 86, 5 IV Hydreigon (Attack is only one not perfect) with Ev's maxed out in Speed and Special Attack. Also have 5 IV (missing Special defense with only 26) Arcanine (Ev's in speed and attack) if that's your thing. WHAT I WANT: Want a mon that can help against Sapphire's gym but wanna know what yall got - maybe you want a mon I have and wanna trade something cool that's not fairy/Ice, just looking for some fun mon tbh. - No illegitimate Pokémon. Already have Gardevior and mimyku in terms of fairy and if your mon has good IVs but is a baby that's ok too, will grind away.
  5. tbh I know your right on a need 4 an extra fairy type but im lazy. Will probably try to trade for one. thanks for the comment.
  6. Volcarona's flame body has admittedly been used for egg hatching and I have a hoard of ability capsules from my playthrough so that will be changed before combat. Also the speed was helpful early game but on Swampert you're right at this point I might as well reformat his stats. THANKS
  7. Hello all, ham gam here and I wanna know what you think of my Reborn Team? This is the team I intend to use right when 19 drops and thus have beaten reborn past episode 18- so any Pokémon or TMs/Items available rn are all fair game for suggestions- always bad at building teams. My Team: 1.) Crescent (Volcarona)- Calm Nature with Flame Body Item: Leftovers Moves: Heat Wave Bug Buzz Quiver Dance Hurricane 2.) The Suit (Mimikyu) - Adamant Nature with Disguise Item: Mimikium-Z Moves: Play Rough Shadow Sneak Hone Claws Destiny Bond 3.) Vita (Nidoqueen) - Timid Nature with Sheer Force Item: Wise Glasses Moves: Earth Power thunderbolt/flamethrower Stealth Rock Sludgewave 4.) Silver (Gardevior) - Timid Nature with Trace Item: gardviorite Moves: Moonblast Misty Terrain Psychic Calm Mind 5.) Admiral (Swampert) Jolly Nature with Damp Item: Life Orb Moves: Ice Punch rock slide Waterfall Earthquake 6.) Seven (Magnezone) Modest Nature with Magnet Pull Item: Metal Coat Moves: Thunderbolt Light Screen Discharge Flash cannon NOTE: I also have a IV and EV trains Heidregon, Arcanine, and a Serperior if any look like good fits. obviously I will move my team around for certain tough bosses/trainers but im just speaking general.
  8. *Spoiler*!!!!!! have you gotten to that point yet? curious wut u think. ive done both and currently think its better to battle Take at the water treatment plant because he survives to the end of episode 18. Dies other wise which freaks Luna out later on, she says hes supposed to be alive. maybe one thinks it better to be good to your friends at the cost of Takas life but I dunno what all these relationship points will even reward me with in episode 19.
  9. yay thank you. im on now and can be so for a couple huors? also do you want something for it?
  10. Thanks for the help a month later! haven't had a computer for so long and didn't really bother to log in on my phone. Ill try it out!
  11. Sorry for the delay! I had some personal IRL issues and haven't been close to a computer over the holidays. But if It still stands I would love one. don't need anything close to perfect IVs.
  12. Just as title says. Don't care if it has any IVs, *thanos voice* Ill do it myself. I'm tired of IV training a mon only to have to start over for each one. Really should've just worked smarter not harder but I love the game so who cares.
  13. hey! so to change the weather I decided to IV train a few Pokémon and well,,,lets just say that took over 6-8 hours and its still windy. I've saved and quit multiple times, cause I do have a life, and had current date and time and everything. This playthrough has been a total of 130 hours in game and the weather has been windy since I got my starter. if this is not a bug and a *me* problem I understand but I use no mods or cheat engine so I'm confused.
  14. HOLY COW! And with the added bonus of access to easy EV training, this game is infinitely more replayable! Thanks for all the hard work + adding gen 8 bois and girls- some of us don't have a switch/ are not getting one any time soon so this game will be my first interaction with them.
  15. ah, didn't even know that! So it sound like you face both either way. Do you lose points with heather for saying no?
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