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  1. @doombotmecha Technically you are right, but the part that Cass mentioned about the "entire orphanage" would be (as far as it sounded to me) the raid on the orphanage after defeating Shelly.
  2. As far as i know you only need to run Reborns Game.exe as Administrator. If you do so, the game will offer to install the fonts if they are not correctly installed already. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. True, but that part comes after Shelly's gym battle.
  4. Oh well.....better not name one of his mons Kyra, or else he gets eaten by raging Reborn fans once he lets that mon die^^ Jokes aside, i guess i'll wait for EP 14 to see whether he's able to luck through the gym battle against Shelly like he did with every other gym so far.....
  5. @Feng Lei sends Golem into the battle. Golem sank to the bottom of the lake. Golem drowned. Golem died fainted. Well.....yeah^^ Rock type trainers at the ocean^^ Remember kids: Always use protection....errrr...rock/water types when dating large bodies of water. *Kabutops! Cough! Cough! Carracosta! Cough! Cough!* Man.....thats some bad coughing....i need a doctor
  6. Yeah well.....and here i said i wanted to see his reaction to finding out Corey is part of Team Meteor....and he actually did a redo on that part^^ Worth it! But i have to say that this was his most patchetic display of a gym battle yet. At least for his Reborn Nuzlocke....Now i want to see him fight Shelly.....if he performs this bad at Coreys gym already, i can wait to get a good laugh out of him trying to beat Shelly.... Also.....Next part will start with the moment that made me think "Ame, you read WAY too much Pokémon Manga!" for the first time while playing Reborn!
  7. Yeah well....he's making the same mistake lots of people make on their first playthrough of Reborn: He's training only a small number of Pokémon and in his case it's not even a full team of 6... So far he lost 2 Pokémon to situations he could have easily avoided by just training properly, even if he had trained just 6 Pokémon. And to add insult to injury he killed off 2 Mons that were among the best he had.... For someone attempting a nuzlocke i'm not sure whether he's underestimating the Reborn big time, or if he's doing it on purpose to create as many "one mistake and i'm done for" moments as possible... The more episodes i watch the more i get the feeling that guy WANTS to lose and is just trying to see how far he can get with playing like a clown.
  8. Yeah well.....it's a lake^^ Usually people swim in lakes, even if there are signs that say no swimming in the lake.....ESPECIALLY if there are signs that say no swimming in the lake! Which got me thinking.....maybe there was nobody swimming in the lake because there are lots of Tentacruel in the lake? So yes, i hope we get to fight some swimmer / diver type trainers while surfing / diving.
  9. You should always keep in mind that Pokémon Reborn is designed to be more challenging than the original Pokémon games. You should train a certain amount of different Pokémon, because you will need them. I'm not saying you should train 30+ Pokémon while still playing through the story, but at least somewhat between 10 and 15 Pokémon, so you can always swap around depending on your current needs. Just like @Autumn Zephyr said, you will always find some useful Pokémon somewhere near the gym you are currently facing. The game may seem to be difficult at times, but it's never unfair, since there is always at least a few ways to counter any opponent blocking your way. The game even throws some very strong (but easily underestimated) Pokémon at you right before you even obtain your first 2 badges. One of my favorite examples is Caterpie. You can get it before the first gym, and once it evolves into Butterfree it will carry you a lot. It may be useless in the first gym, since that's an electric gym, but after that this little bug may be your trump card for a while.
  10. You may want to try the following strategy for Shelly: Preparation: Step 1: Catch an Espurr. You can find it in the Lapis Ward Alleyways, where the Aqua Gangs hideout is. Make sure your Espurr knows the move Fake Out. Step 2: Bring at least one fire or flying type Pokémon. Make sure they have a strong attacking move. Step 3: Bring any two Pokémon you want that can counter Araquanid and Anorith. Best pick is Ampharos, it counters both of them. Step 4: Bring some healing items if you think you need it. The fight: Start with Espurr and one of your fire or flying types. Fake Out on Illumise, so it can't use Rain Dance, and make sure to KO it with your second mon on turn 1. As soon as Espurr goes down bring out Ampharos. Its Power Gem (learned at Lvl. 35) does great damage to all of Shellys Pokémon. Its Thunder Punch also makes dealing with Araquanid (her second Rain Dance user) an easy job. While Espurr does not need to survive after using Fake Out, you should try to keep your other mons alive, especially Ampharos. People always say Shelly is difficult, but that's not really true. She only needs the right tactics to be dealt with.
  11. ShogokiX

    No corey

    It does? Since i always pick the route where i find all 5 officers in time, what else does change? The things that i know of would be: 1.) You see a different scene after the Taka+ZEL battle 2.) The gym is a little different (dialogue, gym battle, you know the drill) 3.) The dialogue on Beryl Bridge after you beat the gym is a little different 4.) You need to find all 5 police officers to get Growlithe and the mystery egg from the police station Am i missing something that happens somewhere later in the game?
  12. hahahahaha, what have i done..... Sorry Cass, sorry Ame, but i just HAD to make that joke about summer 2020. You know how impatient fans can be about releases and release dates. They be like "You said summer 2020! It IS Summer in 2 weeks!" Where's the game? Where's the game? Where's the game?" Now where did i put my stupid time machine.....
  13. Yeah, he just needs to find the last officer, which would be the dead one in the library in his case. And since the police chief is not in Coreys gym on the "police failed" route TTar got, he can get Growlithe (and the mystery egg, if he desires) at any time now.
  14. Fast forward to summer 2020, ppl started to pin down Cass for this statement because it is the first day of summer and Reborn EP19 is not ready yet XD
  15. A lot of people don't have the slightest clue how difficult creating new content can be at times. They seem to think it's just writing a few lines of code, insert a few models/textures/animations and it's done.... But of course it's not that easy. But hey, we are talking about the Reborn dev team here. We may have to wait a little longer, but we will get a finished product^^ This is not EA or Ubisoft^^ As of now, it's not that difficult to be better than Sword and Shield^^
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