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  1. And yet he somehow still made it this far....This guy will somehow make it through the game in a way that no normal player could reproduce on their own run.
  2. Hahahaha....Tinfoil indeed Anna is strange in some ways, but doesn't that make her even more interesting as a character? Reborn really goes all the way to present us a variety of different characters...We have easily hateable characters like our "rival" Fern who's just a trash talking piece of sh*t that thinks he's the big shot (sorry, but as much as i try, i can't take Fern serious at all....that guy makes it possible to laugh at him for how pathetic he is, and still hate him somehow at the same time), we have colorful characters like Cain, who easily puts a smile on your face every time he's around, and we have Anna, who appears to be a little crazy and seems be hallucinating a lot at first, but will soon prove that she can really see things that other don't see....
  3. Glad to hear that, so i assume the TMs that are in V12 will stay the same in V13. Game Freak really did make a cut and removed things from the game whereever they could in Sword/Shield, huh? But would you consider adding a few new of the new Gen 8 moves as new, additional TMs into V13?
  4. Confused Thamill is confused.....even more^^ But he somehow managed to beat Dr. Geezer. Now all the comment section has to do is tell him to pick the right option.....wanna see his face when Saphira Hyper Beams the doctors face only to get kidnapped by Sirius XD
  5. Yeaaah, a woman of culture^^ Charizard holding Charcoal or Fire Plate and using Flamethrower is usually ez win against both Steelix on Steroids and that Pulse Abra Team Meteor OBVIOUSLY stole from Lance... Yeah.....since he can neither press the Tiki button nor abuse the Belly tank any more, he's likely to do just that....at least for as long as he's still able to do that.....The Peeko demands a sacrifice every third episode!
  6. Haha....he "used" them^^ as fodder, yeah....that called abusing, not using XD Jokes aside though, he should really start to train a few more Pokémon soon, or else, nuzlocke or not, he's not gonna make it much further.....
  7. What did they do to Hidden Power?
  8. hahaha, yeah.....5 people not capable to finish Aya and Bennet with a full team of 6 per player, and TTar, who is just confused for life, just be like "meh, hold mah beer, imma firin ma laZ0rZ" XD
  9. I am fully aware of that, however, going by what Cass said i think this is supposed to mean Reborn will get a multiple save file system similar to that of Rejuv. I asked Ame about that a while ago and she also said that this may be put into consideration once the more important things are done first...
  10. Easiest solution for your problem: Step 1: Right click on your Game.exe Step 2: Click "Run as Administrator" Step 3: The game offers to install the fonts for you Step 4: Done! Enjoy the game!
  11. One thing would be of interest though.....i haven't played sword and shield, nor will i ever do it, but aren't there some Pokémon that have special dynamax forms? What was it called? Gigantamax? Since Ep 13 will feature the new Gen 8 Pokémon, i assume it will also include all new moves, abilities and galarian forms. Does that mean you'll add those Gigantamax forms (or whatever they are called) as new Mega Evolutions instead?
  12. Yeah, and he pulled that 3 Pokémon stunt just to cheat the death roulette....makes the whole death roulette kinda....useless, or rather......pointless, if he can just go and say "but i don't want to lose these Pokémon, so i swap them out in time before the roulette....."
  13. A multiple save file system would be really nice. Rejuvenation has one as well, so i guess you can borrow that? Only question is how much work is it to actually implement that. To be honest, i always wanted multiple save files even when i still played the official games, but yeah....we all know that didn't happen.....at least not up to Ultra Sun/Moon....and i'm not planning to get Sword/Shield, so i don't know about that XD
  14. Yeah well.....he lost to Fern as well when he arrived at Aya's gym......FERN of all people....That's like getting beaten up by Hercule (or Mr. Satan in the original japanese version) when you are as strong as Son-Goku
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