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  1. Yeah, the Phoenix Wright series.....some stupid names left and right with every chapter of the game. Then again, this whole game makes you laugh for how over the top some characters are. Up to this day i am convinced that Maya is actually a 6 year old girl trapped in a 17 year old body and Phoenix is actually Sonic the Hedgehog who fled his own franchise because he can't take it any more XD
  2. Thx @Momo314, that one really helps a lot. So basicly while i get that field note right away on the "police saved" route (like i always did before), i gotta wait until i get my hands on the silver card in the late game if i chose the "police not saved" route. Gotta write that down so i don't forget until i get there XD
  3. Hahaha... Yeah, you're right about Fern. I can't take that guy seriously as well. He talks so big and yet he is among the weakest recurring opponents throughout the whole game. If not THE weakest^^ And yet his attitude just makes you want to shut him up for good. About Ame happily watching a Team Meteor grunt getting tortured....whats wrong with that? I don't mind giving criminals a piece of their own medicine and have them experience the pain and suffering they caused for their victims. But torturing innocent children like Dr. Connal does is just about as sick as it gets. Heather is already in a bad enough mental condition after learning the truth about her father being with Team Meteor and then later learning about his suicide. I'll be honest with you: At that point where the player storms the "Orphanage's" top floor to save Heather, if the game gave me the option to do so, i would have killed Dr. Connal right there without hesitation or a second thought. I mean....i DO have a fully evolved Charizard (which is my favorite starter) by that point, so BBQ all the way i say!
  4. That idea also occured to me, but nope, does not work that easily^^
  5. Hi guys! I got another question. If you manage to find all 5 police officers before you defeat Taka and ZEL at the Pulse-Machine in Beryl Ward you get to fight Corey on a Corrosive Mist Field. The Field Note Read-Out 11 that contains Corrosive Mist Field's data is given to you by the police chief if you talk to him right at the entrance of the arena. But what about the route where i fail to find all 5 police officers? Where do i get this said Field Effect Read-Out 11? I know that i don't need it at this point, since i fight Corey on a normal Corrisive Field instead of the Corrosive Mist Field, but i still want it for my collection. It was not in Corey's hidden room. Not before i beat Corey, nor after his suicide where i found the silver ring in his room. Long story short: My question is where i can find Field Effect Read-Out 11: Corrosive Mist Field if i decided to follow the route where i do not save the police. Is it even obtainable if you decide on that path?
  6. When it comes to funny names you can always go with the Asterix & Obelix franchise, or watch Life of Brian^^ Simple, but enough to make you smile.
  7. Would you mind explaining step by step how you fixed that for you, so anyone else can do that for themselves? While i have not encountered that bug myself yet it may very well happen on future save files....
  8. Hmm.....the character i dislike the most? That's obviously gotta be Fern! The type of guy who thinks he is the coolest and thus has the right to treat everyone around him like trash. Also his attitude when he arrives just after Corey commited suicide. Laughing at a person who was already down and broken, who saw no other way than ending his own life...You really need to be a first rate piece of sh*t to be like that. Oher characters that i don't like? That's not an easy question^^ But i guess Dr. Sigmund Connal would fit that bill. Torturing children and calling it science....
  9. Wait a moment....did you just turn Ame into a Bagon? ... ... *throws Master Ball* Yaaay, i caught the most legendary of all Pokémon!
  10. That sounds reasonable. And to kill some time i could backup my current safe and start a new one where i mess around with things a little... Actually i never tried giving myself a Mega-Z Ring right from the start and of course all the Z-Crystals and Mega Stones i need... It's decided! Shogoki is going One-Punch Mon right now^^
  11. Yeah well....let's name all characters in the game after some famous, beloved characters from our favorite video games or anime! We are in desperate need of a character named Cloud in Rejuvenation, who swings around a ridiculously oversized Honedge XD Just kidding, pls don't do that ^^'
  12. Oh well.....i am still pondering between starting a new save file once EP19 is released or continue from my current save that has all the mons currently available, trained to be used on competetive level.
  13. Alolan forms and their regular counterparts count as one and the same Pokémon in terms of Pokédex entries, similar to form changing Pokémon like Oricorio or Rotom. Also i am sure you meant Marowak, not Cubone. Just like Pikachu and Exeggute, Cubone itself does not have an alolan form, yet all three of them can either evolve into their regular kantonian form or into their new alolan form depending on certain conditions. The difference between those and Oricorio or Rotom is that they can't change between their forms. Once you evolve them, they are locked into the form they evolved into.
  14. That was not my intention at all. So let's get that misunderstanding out of the way.
  15. So because i don't share your opinion that means i didn't read what you said, @The Swordsman? El may be your favorite villain, but i do not have to like him because of that. As far as i am concerned El reminds me of one of these religious fanatics who would kill thousands of innocent people for their own "justice" Don't get me wrong though. I do like the fact that Reborn does a pretty good job at displaying villains whose actions, apart from their motivations or goals, can truly be considered evil. The story gives you the feeling of fighting against really dangerous criminals who are a real threat to this games world.
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