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  1. Given you dont have a fighting type and a mega pokemon I would say Lopunny.Mega Lopunny has been my go to Mega evolution just becuz of how reliable it is.Moves set Fake out/Return/High jump kick/(I think it was ice punch)You can breed it fake out and ice punch.Lots of breeding involved though for perfect(almost) iv.A good reliable pokemon would be Ferrothorn.I would suggest removing noivern because he doesnt hit hard,but given an unusual name for him you may have a special connection to it,if not change him to starapter or gliscor.I am not sure how many of these pokemon are currently available to you.Wait first tell me how many gym badges you got then I can suggest better.
  2. Cough L Cough.If you ev train your pokemon's,It will really be fun.Soft reset for good iv,ev starter,nature starter or breeding pokemons for the same.I feel bad for you cuz you haven't even Pokemon rejuvenation I think,on intense especially.To be honest If was to critic the game the only drawback would that it doesn't exactly have a critically acclaimed story,and finding the mirage tower was impossible for some people even after walkthroughs and stuff(Maybe it had a bug got patched later,idk).Gameplay wise though some fields are broken and unrealistic its unmatched by any other game.Gamefreak should learn a thing or two from these guyz.Rather than adding more charizards and digimons to the game they could add field effects.
  3. Rillaboom,hatterene or pincurchin because they maybe able to change the field while entering.
  4. I have made these crests in such way so that they can compete with all starters who have megas.Empolean has a quite decent original crest though.He can wreck absolute havoc with charm prankster meowstic in Double battles.Talking about johto guyz I think Meganium is still a little weak,decent support tank though.I forgot how much buff does meganium gets though.Feraligator is great for set up priority dragon dance or murdering pokes on first turns with multiple stab thanks to new ability.Cant say much about Typhlosion.Wonder how much extra damage flare blitz would do.But people may still prefer choice typhlosion due to how broken eruption can be in the game.Lets see a crest for meganium(cuz I forgot how good it ),typhlosion(slight buffs to original) and feraligator(small buffs to original) 1.Meganium Crest:Adds 20 points to base hp.Takes half damage from all attacks.added Ability:Triage 2.Typhlosion Crest:Attack and Speed scales with special attack.Fire type Physical moves deal additional damage of 1/16th of targets hp. 3.Feraligatr Crest:Attack is increased by 15 points.Gets priority on any move the first turn since coming on. 4.Slight improvement to Torterra crest: Special defense scales with defence.Reverses weaknesses.
  5. Steelix crest - Attack scales with defense.(Though it wont get one as it already has a mega) Zebstrika crest - Special attack and special defense scales with speed. Many pokemons would deserve a crest but lets just start with starters evo who haven't received their crests or need better crests to make them more viable in end game.(Mega guyz unincluded) 1.Infernape: Adds 17 points to base attack and speed.Adds ability to adaptibility.(Dual ability) 2.Empoleon: Defense and Special Defense scale with Special attack.Adds Ability:Swift swim( " ) 3.Emboar: Defense and special defense scales with special attack.Adds 15 points to base hp. 4.Samurott: add 20 points to base attack.Speed scales with attack.Fighting moves get 50% boost(Poor oshawott deserves it) 5.Servine:Gives stab to dragon type moves.Dragon pulse become draco meteor.(XD) 6.Chesnaught:Changes typing to Grass and Steel.Fighting moves get 50% boost.Def and spl def scale with attack. 7.Delphox:Activates psychic terrain when this pokemon is put on field. spl def scales with spl attack.+11 to spl attack. 8.Greninja:Increases base special attack by 27 points.Speed increases by 10 points.Powers up Ninja shuriken(hits atleast 3 times and bp increased to 20) 9.Decidueye:Adds 13 points to attack.Defense scales attack.with .Gives 50% boost to flying type moves. 10.Incineroar:Increases base attack by 15.Defense scales with attack.Fighting type moves increase in power by 50% 11.Primarina:Activates Misty terrain on entering.Adds 10 points to base spl attack.Special defense scales with special attack.Singing moves get 50% boost(voice moves,sparkling aria,round and hyper voice).
  6. Florinia should get Rillaboom I think.Baracuda should make amaria's team.I think titania should get corviknight to be a pain for us.Aya with Toxitricity.
  7. Ofcourse she gonna get it now.Should be her main pokemon now.Whoever designed venam would be really happy with this new pokemon.Not the greatest pokemon still decent.I see it dishing out insane amounts of damage with boomburst if we were to battle venam in future in the field of her choice.Btw you can use eye shaped icon in the toolbox for spoilers.Not a big spoiler though this.
  8. I am certain this wont be available in reborn,rejuvenation,even smogon gonna ban this,But wouldn't mind facing one as an alternative to rift or pulse pokes.
  9. Yup this is the gen for the Gorillas.If legendaries are usable post game or endgame in rejuvenation it would be nice to see regigigas get the power it deserves.
  10. Yea I was wondering about this myself.But blastoise deserves it.Nobody picks poor squirtle in the game.But this changes everything.And yeah Mega Blastoise makes the most of it due to multiple stab options.Excited about him/her.
  11. So I have created this topic to discuss 8th gen pokemons and their viability in future updates of the games.You can submit it your favourite pokemons and pokemon you consider as broken along with set that you would choose to run on them.NO GIGANTMAX OR DYNAMAX allowed though.To start off Let me start with my choices.Spoiler tags cuz the games is new.If anyone want to look into full moveset,egg moves,tm moves of the pokemon you want to mention please look into serebii or any other similar site. There are many other pokemons but I shall leave them upto you guyz.
  12. OH NO GUYS One of the pokemons go nerfed so bad.Thats it guys I am done with this crap EDIT:
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