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  1. Not the only one dude, bring it over to fatal in the official rejuvenation club and you might get a faster response.
  2. If you wonder about anything else just look for purification on Pokemon Colloseum and XD wikis they should have anything and everything you'll need to know about the subject.
  3. There isn't any journal system in game. Side quests though, they don't throw many at you that requires you to have a long list unless you're constantly putting them off and the help centers you can always go there and they offten tell you where to go. When it comes to the MC I've got nothing they are more our eyes and ears as players then someone like Aelita or Ren who have defined characters so I wouldn't see a point in Jan implimenting one but eh could be wrong for what he chooses to add to his game.
  4. I have put this in the wrong places before and I'm sorry but now I am just going to leave this here and leave it to be fixed. My issue is every wild encounter gives me this script error, I've updated my game and hoped that would fix it but it didn't. Game.rxdata
  5. Exact same issue as me just since he isn't saying what it is right here i’m Saying it so you won’t have to ask.
  6. I'm having the exact same issue man but move it over to rejuevenation troubleshooting and give your save this is reborn. You should eventully get a message back then.
  7. My game constently gives me this error whenever I encounter a pokemon near Goldenleaf town. Edit: I can Also only assume it will happen in others places too I have just yet to check and I also used to have no issue running Into pokemon only a bit earlier in my play session. Game.rxdata
  8. What makes you decide to remove or add certain event pokemon from the game? Examples being Shadow Tympole and Shadow Toxicroak.
  9. I went there and i can't find anything to continue. the last thing i remeber doing was getting her out of the underground is there something between then and now?
  10. So I've been completeting everything I can remember in version 11 before going onto version 12 and i was wondering if the side quest that involved that robot girl was updated this version, I remember getting to a part and it saying that's all for this version and i can't find any walkthroughs since i don't remeber her name. Thanks to anyone who reads this.
  11. he ended up doing that while I was away and now we are running around since everything for the ladder seems to be outdated, you have anything for that too?
  12. Alright I'll see if that works thanks.
  13. I've been talking to a friend as he completes the side quests in preparation for version 12 and right now he is attempting to do the Narcissa side quest involving the Odd House and he has gotten to the point where Sector shows up to take over the Gym and I can't remember where to go next to help him so can anyone tell me where to go from here?
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