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  1. Alright, I got a fresh download and merged the Patch 2 files into the fresh game and once I booted up the game the bottom left reads "Patch 2 installed 7/30//19" but when i entered my save file a new message appears saying "The map is corrupt. The game cannot continue." Game.exe Game.exe
  2. Thanks for your assistance however when i moved the given folders into my original game folder the game wouldn't even start and a message saying "Failed to load script" would appear so I exchanged the new folders back to the old folders but I've still kept the new folders. I'm basically still back to square one and although I'm not sure this will be helpful but when I reopened the game with the old folders, the bottom left of the game reads "Patch 1 Installed Modified Date: 7/15/2019". Again not sure if it means that I'm doing something wrong or if it means anything helpful but I'm still open
  3. This error occurs every time I start up the game and move my character around 4 tiles in Amethyst Cave. I don't really know what to do, any suggestions are apprecicated. game.exe
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