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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. after installing patch 2 it seems that strength has become bugged and now crashes the game whenever you go anywhere near a strength rock
  3. im kinda interested in trying to make my own pokemon game but i have no experience what so ever with creating my own game. so if maybe anyone wanted to help with my idea that can do programming and sprite making and has ideas of their own id love to make this idea a possibility maybe. if it peeks anyone's interest my idea is a main character that is actually a deity pokemon turning human (accidentally) while trying to involve itself to change the course of a bad timeline but none of the characters know what he is and hes going around changing things to either better or make worse the existing timeline the choice is up to player by making choices that affect game play so you can kinda guess what was once a noble mission to save pokemon and man kind alike gets altered when the deity becomes human .that's all ill say about it now but i kinda want to see it happen and if anyone would help that'd be awesome.

  4. you have the same problem as me its lastsave.dat for some reason i no longer have game.rxdata like everyone else so its the third one under game and above read me
  5. well im glad you got it lol but if anyone else gets stuck and unable to get out of it like you did theres always a plan c back up if they dont have any help other way lol i dont like using that method but it got me unstuck when i had no help before
  6. redownload the game it resets a lot of issues i dont know why but it does so if you redownload it and it still dosnt work then your going to be stuck awhile the devs are busy and on short supply to answer everyone so my big help so far to everyone is just redownload the game if your receivng errors or things arent working new downloads just work better for some reason when problems happen on old downloads so if it works delete your old download after making sure your game.rxdata file is moved into the new download but usually when you redownload the same game the file sometimes transfers over without you having to do it yourself so youll have to see if it does when you load up the new download if its there do not move your old game.rxdata over it will bring the problem with it jsut leave the new download as is if your able to continue after freshly redownloading the game hope this helps
  7. i know a way to fix the last one even though it means uhhh getting fly earlier then when its given to you it dosnt mess up the game though but it gets you back into gdc since you already have the badge to use fly but dont have tm yet so if your interested pm me and ill message you the details to fix that third problem
  8. its not their fault the download does work they made sure of it but one thing they forgot is that uhhh where some people are stuck they cant fly or escape rope out now if you had teleport may you could i dont cant try it cuz none of my pokemon have teleport and you cant even code in a teleport tm since teleport does not exist in tm form so unless someone can try that everyone else is stuck till devs get back to us for the map data download to work you have to be able to leave to reset the map so ther lies the problem of the redownloaders we cant exit the map at all unless somehow you can poison your own pokemon into passing out and being sent to the pokemon center to exit so i might try to look into a way to poison my pokemon from outside the game so they can faint and see if it works and if so ill let anyone who thinks their good at debugging in on how to do it and see if they would be willing to help everyone else stuck at that point so fingers crossed i can get this idea to work if devs dont get back soon to anyone its a risky plan b i dont want to do cuz it risks my game if it screws up or it could be a ray of escape for those stuck with no help.
  9. im about to send repetitive since this is the only solution everyones been getting from me but it does help some times but have you tried redownloading the game if not do try it and start up the game from the new download and try the game on the new download it should fix whatever glitch your old download got and if it works delete the old download but make sure your save is on the new file if dosnt automatically transfer over from your old download so do not delete the old download till you are sure your save file is on the new one if the new one works and you dont encounter the bug again.
  10. is this your first time playing if so completely delete rejuvenation from your computer so go to download erase it go to trash erase it from there as well then redownload the game and make sure while its downloading keep your cursor moving during download i dont know why but sometimes with games like these if my screen goes black during download it causes a glitch in start up if its not your first time redownload it again and if the redownload works delete the old download if none of this works you may need to check to make sure your computer is up to date on all its updates and then redownload the game and try again if it still dosnt find out what your cmputer it is mac pc windows and what version it is and cross reference it with compatible list of software for rejuvenation and by the end of all this if it still hasnt worked then you wont be able to play it untill a dev gets on to see this and ask for your file to see whats going on and seeing as the devs have been off for a bit youll have to keep checking in sporadically to see if one of them responds or send you a pm and if by a week no one has gotten ahold of you then i suggest looking around for outside help unless you want to wait for someone to get back to you sorry that this has been happening to you its a great game i love it and hope you will as well again sorry for the issues your having.
  11. okay way i fixed mine was when i redownloaded the game now make sure your ready if this works it should reset the scene but youll be in that spot on the new download dont move your save file to it just start up the new download it should have your save file in it without having to move it to the new download when the game starts up after clicking continue you have to be quick espurr goes back to its start point and you have to quickly move your character as soon as your game starts to load so i suggest hold the left arrow key as soon as you click begin so that when espurr runs up to you your not in the same spot if it works avoid that spot like the plague or else youll get stuck in it again i truly hope how i fixed mine will work for you as well good luck
  12. i dont mean to come of sounding harsh with my post or anything but any more when i have bug problems i dont get a response anymore i know their all busy with their lives and stuff and then trying to do this fan game on top of it but if one of them that works on fixing peoples bugs would get on and say something itd be helpful and yeah starting over is not an option at this point to get all the way back to where i was even with some outside help to speed up gameplay a little thats over twenty to thirty hours of gameplay to get everything i had before and try to not get stuck at that spot again will be very difficult i cant even use my second save file because its currently caught in another bug as well clean back on the third badge so yeah cant restart lol especially with my weird save file too
  13. i was able to use my old save file to go through v12 all the way up to the pyramid and now have the glitch like everyone else as well after your main character crosses the last color the glitch kicks in. now this is where everyones told to switch to backup save file and stuff thats great and all for them but im in a predicament. i have no game rx.data file when i downloaded v12 it gave me last save file data but only one so i dont have multiple saves to go back on i have backup set but theres no back ups in my data folder and the map data can be replaced but to get it to work you need to leave the map but i cant escape ropes do not work you cant fly out and no battles to purposefully lose so im stuck stuck and need help please ive been with this game from the moment it first released i love it and want to keep playing and so does everyone else that been asking for help on here but are still waiting week to two weeks later.
  14. easiest way is to pull up rejuvenation game folder while this page is up when you have a post ready go to your rejuvenation folder find your save file click it and drag it to your post where it says drag files here to attatch. or you can click that spot find rejuvenation folder then the save file
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