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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. don't need to do anything dude, just download the game and it will appear on the menu as a saved game unless you have specifically removed the save file from saved games folder
  3. well, i am certainly not complaining if game gets delayed a bit, my exams are finishing on monday
  4. well , we should remember that it was crescent who manipulated ren to join team xen and she is the person who saved us from geara and zetta, so she is one character whose loyalty isn't known, i think a big conversation with ren could reveal some of her intentions
  5. completely agree with you but since we already have mega stone for heracross, i don't think we can get mega ring before fighting saki as it will make us too OP
  6. hope so, i would love to use mega heracross now
  7. 20 % wow, beta testers are working really fast, hats off to all you guys
  8. i see what you did there buddy, btw i hope you'll be as pro active for sidequests and event mons as you were in playthrough of reborn
  9. The thing is- right now, jan is just handing out applications for beta testing, only after the applications are approved, beta testing will commence. It all depends on bugs, the fewer the bugs, the earlier we will get the game. You don't want to be playing a game that's full of glitches, so let the process take its due time
  10. Its a superb mon i agree, the only thing that screwed it over were sturdy rock types and yes i agree that this game has made me appreciate a lot of mons which i earlier neglected as well. I used electrode in my first ever playthrough, the same one that the mart guy sells you, its electro ball with good speed IVs and favourable nature is superb. Also i used weezing against crawli's heracross to completely wall its close combat
  11. he will start whining again the same way he did after the MC changed people of goldenleaf
  12. How to perform trade evolutions in this game?
  13. i just can't thank you enough man sorry to disturb you again dude, but just copying the save file isn't working for me
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