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  1. Thanks so much for your work on this. This complements the existing location guide for E18 so well, it should be stickied.
  2. E18 introduced a bug that could cause Teddiursa to disappear entirely before it could be caught. This happened to me during my recently started run, so I fixed it and figured I'd put the fix out here. (If this isn't the right place for that - sorry! I wasn't sure where else to put it.) To install the fix, replace the files Map037.rxdata and Map057.rxdata in the <Pokémon Reborn>\Data folder with the files attached to this post. This replaces the map files for Peridot Ward and Lower Peridot Ward which contained the bug. If your last save was in either of these maps, you'll have to enter a different map and come back afterwards for the fix to work. In case you're interested, a description of the issue and its fix (doesn't contain spoilers): When you find Teddiursa in its first hiding spot, the game generates a random number between 1 and 7 for the next hiding spot, representing the seven other hiding spots. Finding it again will decide the next hiding spot. If it happens to be hiding spot 7, Teddiursa disappears forever because the event that should be hiding spot 7 checks the hiding spot variable for being 8 or higher. Due to that, there's no hiding spot 7 in the game while instead, there's an unreachable hiding spot 8, making the event impossible to complete if you're unfortunate. The fix simply changes the event of hiding spot "8" to properly check the variable for being 7 or higher. Map057.rxdata Map037.rxdata
  3. I'm glad you found out how to do it! I have no idea how to run Reborn on a Mac in the first place, so I probably couldn't have been much help. Thanks for using my mods! :)
  4. Just a quick heads-up that I'm not gone for good. Sorry for my disappearance for a while, studies and work are keeping me busy. Big thanks to everyone who's been helping out others with my mod! That's one of the option mods that aren't standalone, but provide additional options to mods of other people. In this case, it's UnrealTime from Waynolt's SWM modular modpack [E18]. Unless you have that installed, the option indeed does nothing. I suppose I should implement a check whether dependencies are actually installed so I can explain things like that in-game.
  5. Oops. It's been that long since I last logged in, huh? Sorry 'bout that! I'll put the code into my mod this weekend and post an update and shoot you a private message once I've done that so you can remove the relevant bits of code from your mod.
  6. No sweat, happens to the best of us, hehe. If you want to actually change any text in Pokémon Reborn, you'll need the RPG Maker XP.
  7. What do you mean by changing a sentence? I'm not sure I understood what you mean. All the Text Input Style option does is allowing you to choose whether, whenever the game prompts you to enter text (like when naming your character or pokémon), you do so using your actual hardware keyboard or a "select letter by letter using the cursor keys" on-screen keyboard, like in the original games (which is pretty handy when you play with a gamepad and don't want to grab the keyboard anytime you catch a critter).
  8. Thanks for pointing me at that line! I didn't have time to look into it properly, but not having to hunt for whether there's lines of code for that already makes it a ton easier. I'll tackle that once the information that it's weekend and I can relax a little properly reached my brain, ha... That transparency idea is quite a good one. I think I'll to that, at the latest upon updating the mod next. Which should be soon, considering I want to try implementing that walk through walls thing. Whoops... You're right, it doesn't work as of now. I confused some things I wanted to do when I wrote that module and somehow ended up with redundant code that basically adds nothing new. (Wait, that last bit of the previous sentence was redundant, too...) It'll be fixed with the next update, which I intend to put together tomorrow. (Still have to actually code the fix, otherwise I'd upload it immediately.) Fingers crossed.
  9. Whew... Thanks for that explanation! I have no idea what kind of picture to put up, though, as I'm artistically inept. Guess I'll have to find something, because previewing with error messages is not rad, lol. I'm afraid I have to disappoint here; I have no idea whether that is possible with the RPG Maker XP, and if it is, how it could be done. A quick research I just did didn't turn up with anything conclusive, but maybe that's just 12 am between work days syndrome. I think I'd better go to bed now... ^^"
  10. Ah... I'm not sure whether I understood what had happened, so please enlighten me, @Waynolt: Does the preview simply use the latest image posted in the thread, no matter who posted it where in that thread? That's pretty awkward. Thanks for the heads-up!
  11. Hehe, well. If Budew was truly removed from the game, it couldn't be put into Wonder Trade anyway. Also, while I didn't actually plan to create such a Budew flood... Even if not right now, I will do it. Thanks to your encouragement.
  12. "Budew has been removed from the game." Time to flood Wonder Trade with legions of newborn Budews. :X
  13. When I get around to play Rejuvenation myself, I'll probably port the mods over unless someone else has done that by then. Right now, however, I can't afford to play more than one Pokémon game - not enough time, sadly. Sorry! :(
  14. Yeah, as of now, they are all compatible. Also, there are no duplicates - those that seem like they might be merely allow you to configure Waynolt's mods, these options are pretty much a collaboration. Oof, thanks for the bug report! I'll look into it. EDIT: Whoops, I accidentally caused that bug in a really stupid way. Fixed, about to upload this. EDIT2: Uploaded.
  15. Miscellaneous Modular Mods Download: v3 - 2018-08-18 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GnTK6_cmFfU5HNSYxNXUrWN6CNH3ApxP Older versions: Installation: Extract the Mods folder and its content to <Pokémon Reborn install path>\Data. If you don't want to use one of the options, remove the corresponding files from the Mods folder. Read the "Description of the options" section to find out which option comes with which file. AMB - AddOpt.rb is the master file required to actually add the options to the Options menu, so don't delete that. Uninstallation: Delete the Mods folder in <Pokémon Reborn install path>\Data. If you want to keep using other mods using the same modular approach, only delete the files that came with this mod. Description of the mods: Changelog: Compatible mods: Thanks to: The whole Pokémon Reborn team for creating and continuing to work on this wonderful fan game, obviously! @Sardines for helping me with some things I didn't understand about Ruby when starting to fiddle around with mods for this game. @Waynolt for bringing a modular approach to mods to Pokémon Reborn.
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