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  1. Okay so that was a fun time but i feel the game might be a bit unbalanced. By that i mean that if you start with a grass starter, you're going to shit bricks until you somehow manage to get to the cave, you have the opposite problem with a fire starter (unless you have a fire-fighting, that should be fine then) and it seems that the game is pretty easy with any water starter. Don't know if it's intentionnal. I get that it's supposed to be a bit hard but hard and unfair depending on your starter choice are two different things. Also, is it normal the mystery gift isn't obtainable ? It's not really been a week (not exactly) so i was wondering (i was really curious to know what made this squirtle special i must say). Finally, maybe some rework on the mc overworld sprite might be a good idea ? I don't know if i'm the only one but i found that white outline was a bit harsh visually-speaking. Anyway, i still really enjoyed the start of the storyline, this game seems like a promising one ! Curious to see what v2 will have in store ! ^^
  2. And here she is ! Thanks ^^ I think i could have run for a loooooong time if not for your help
  3. Okay so i did play the game when there was still 3 cases and i did get the reward at that time. When i saw that a new version was out, i downloaded the full game again. And yes, i did go to the casino and talk to Philippe, went to see Mlle Richler and received Python's request. It was also my bet that it's caused by some incompatibility between the two versions because i think i remember the penthouse lady disappearing after collecting the reward at the end of the previous demo (not sure though). Anyway, here is my game file, hoping you can figure out a solution. Game.rxdata
  4. Well, that must be a bug on my end because she's not there or i would have talked to her a long time ago already...
  5. Yes, but all the rooms are closed by people who are saying something along the lines of "there's a conference going on". There's also a guy saying that the manager left some time ago and didn't return. I'm in the fourth case by the way, that's probably worth mentionning
  6. Could somebody tell me where i can find the manager of the Serenity Marine Facility ? I'm running in circles trying to find this guy for hours but with no success... I'm probably blind though...
  7. Liam got up and thanked the professor as she was handing out the basic items they needed to start their journey. He looked at them a little and put them in his bag. Meanwhile, Bunta, that he put on the ground when receiving the items, was jumping around and trying to climb to his shoulder. "Kieee !" let he out as he finally succeeded. Aia's proposition took Liam by surprise. "What, me ? Well... i mean, i don't mind but..." he said while looking around, suddenly a bit nervous "Does nobody else want to keep it ?" He was actually quite interested at the idea of having such a high-tech device at his disposal (well, obviously it wasn't for the exclusive use of the holder but still, holding it meant using it for the entire group), but at the same time it was a pretty heavy responsibility. These things weren't as common as pokeballs ! What if he messed something up and rendered it unusable ?
  8. Picking all together was a great idea so Liam didn't protest. He took place in front of the screen of his choice and, at Aia's signal, took the ball before him. He held it with both hands with a dumb smile on his face for several seconds. This was it. He activated the ball and a flash of light blinded him. When his sight came back, a Froakie was sitting before him, seemingly curious about who this guy in front of him was. "Hello, little guy. My name is Li-" he beginned to say while crouching, but before he could finish his sentence, the little frog jumped on his head with a happy cry. "Well, aren't you the lively one." sighed Liam, still smiling. He took him in his arms and continued "I hope we'll get along well, Bunta !" to which the little Froakie answered with another cry of joy with a big smile.
  9. "Ho no" Liam muttered when he saw the twins in front of the lab. Obiously Nami would be there already. Great. Just great. He slowed down the pace to place himself at the rear of the group but it was unnecessary, the twins were already leaving. Good. He didn't pay mind to Mina's remark, probably it wasn't meant to be mean and they were all in the same boat after all so it wasn't that shameful. Not that it was shameful to smell like chicken to begin with. He entered the building, greeted the professor then went straight to the table she indicated. Out of the six holes, only one was empty. Wait. Did this meant that one of the twins didn't get a pokemon ? It seemed odd, but there must have been a reason. Liam took a look more in depth and let out a sigh of relief. It was still there. Appeased, he spotted the jar of cookies and went pick one. It's not like they were in a hurry so he could take one. Besides, Cassandra was already eating her third so, if he wanted one before there was none left, it was now or never. "The older ones first, maybe ? I already made you all wait until today so i won't mind going last." he proposed to Aia's question.
  10. Liam was staring at the last piece of chicken in his bucket, suddenly fascinated by its looks. Not that it was any different from the previous pieces of chicken. After all the excitement during the meal, he was now beginning to feel a bit uneasy as they were now down to their last bite. It was not about the bite, obviously, more about what it represented. The end of this meal was also the beginning of so much more. And it was a bit scary. A loud sound woke him up from his thoughts. Aia was finishing her own with a big reassuring smile followed by a burp and her laugh. Right, it's not like he would be leaving alone, he thought with the hint of a smile. In fact, being the youngest here, he was even the reason his friends left only now. He took a deep breath, caught the last piece and munched it until just the bone was left. He then let it fell in the bucket and rose his head. It was too late to back down. "R... Ready to go." he said with a smile.
  11. Well, it doesn't hurt to try
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