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  1. Okay so maybe i'm blind but can anyone explain how to get dive ? I finished the version but still don't have it. Was i supposed to already have it and was just missing the badge ? Is it the reward of a sidequest ? I'm genuinely confused...
  2. So, i'm nearing the end of the new story part (at least, it seems like it) and i'm kinda stuck against a boss. The thing is i have a team a bit underleveled so i thought before anything i would xp a little to give it a go with a full 85 lvl team. Problem, the "best" xp spot i have in mind is the breeder with 4 audino at lvl 70 near the Puppet master gym... which is not really that effective. Does anyone have a better spot in mind ? That would come in pretty useful as of now.
  3. Thanks a bunch ^^ I think it would have taken me a loooot of time to figure that out ^^"
  4. Okay so it's been a while since i last played the game. Can someone explain how we go to the Grand Dream Stadium ? So i can start the new part of the story... ^^"
  5. *appears in a cloud of black smoke while coughing* God, do i hate this stuff. Huh let's see... I choose CANDY !
  6. Nope ! But is there a Seki in the area ?
  7. Don't know, but you're wrong. Starry, are you here ?
  8. Blue: 22 Silver: 28 Brendan: 25 May: 21 Wally: 25 Barry: 20 Cheren: 18 Bianca: 4 Hugh: 24 Calem: 15 Serena: 25 Shauna: 20 Hau: 14 Gladion: 20 I kinda have the feeling i won't make friends with this one
  9. You thought it would be Candy-sama, but it was me Dio Siragon, back from the dead ! Now, i see it... i see Starry coming next !
  10. Didn't Ame said that they would'nt include post gen 7 content ?
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