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  1. "So, i heard you wanted to bring back the national dex..." Dear god, i already love his smug face
  2. I don't remember how long it takes to get to the High Roller fights but it's definitely possible. From what i recall, your popularity ups every 4 or 5 fights and you access High Roller when it's maxed up soooo... maybe something like 20-25 fights ? Can't recall clearly but i'd say something along those lines, though i could be wrong, it's been a while...
  3. Too bad, it won't work this time ! Maybe Starry will come next though.
  4. Siragon


    Banned because i don't understand you profile picture
  5. Siragon


    Banned for judging people because they lose
  6. Siragon


    Banned for ignoring the "can't ban someone who just banned you" rule
  7. I usually try to pick something i never or not that much played with, try to get a fresh experience each time. I'm... not training that much besides my main squad though, i generally stick with the 6 i made the majority of the game with (yeah, that does provide some challenge when i'm against a tough opponent because it means that i 1) have to try everything i have in my bag until i somehow succeed or 2) have to train one or two new members from scratch because the few i have already ready in the box aren't that up to the challenge either). As for the team itself, i try to have a good coverage of types and a mix of special and physical attackers (what do you mean, i could also use more defensive mons ? that's not fun !) but that's about as much thought i give it.
  8. Siragon


    Banned because i don't understand what you just said
  9. Siragon


    Banned for having banned someone with a Jojo reference as his profile picture !
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