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  1. Ahh, I see. I can't wait for V12 aaaaaaaa
  2. So is Nim/Lorna actually Nymeria? Or just something else entirely, I don't exactly recall the proper connection
  3. Or just, switch the difficulty to Casual if it really gets too much and you want to experience the story more instead. Also, no, Flora/Florin is still annoying on Casual lol.
  4. ok now we need to know what happened to maria who hurt her (still though, the connection between Maria and The Interceptor is , why does did the Interceptor inhibit Maria's mind at the beginning of the game and return to the house whenever they experience death)
  5. But that was when she was a child, Indriad iirc doesn't seme a day old since we met him in the past.
  6. I always thought the Sashila house was just another one of those loops that Maria was placed under during her confinement — always ending with her sacrifice. So why is it that the Interceptor returns to that area whenever they die? It isn’t surprising that the Calamity might’ve changed the whole landscape from before to a desert. What is Maria’s connection to the Interceptor? I feel like this is a question that needs to be answered before we can explore the possible theories of alternate versions. I suspect that Madame X creating different alternate timelines resulting in the Melia/Maria(nette) split is plausible, and the fact that Marianette remembers her real name in whichever sacrificial loop she’s in(this is just inferred) just adds on to the reveal that Melia is fundamentally Maria still. She still remembers how she’s sacrificed and resists it the same way she did during the last loop that ended with Maria confronting Indriad. (What I don’t understand is.... How the heck has he lived through the Calamity, when did he even fuse with Anju?? It definitely happened after the Wispy Tower incident since its not possible to have him run around looking young like he did before the Calamity. What is this man.)
  7. There's another point that we have to consider as well, Anathea only appearing when Maria is close-by. She never appears during our present timeline even after keeping her in the Soul Stone, and it might be because of other factors... But the fact that Anathea doesn't appear whenever we're around Melia suggests the fact that they aren't really exactly the same? It's also hinted that Melia/Maria/Marianette is one of the Lights prophecised, and the fortune teller down in uh, the underground bladestar base in GDC recounts that one of the Lights has the power of Arceus. I read somewhere that these lights are not born from man, so... The question really boils down to how Melia actually came about. Since it isn't plausible that she has biological parents as Maria/Mariannette has. Another thing to note is Nymeria connection to Vitus. They've been long enemies and if you've done the Narcissa quest up to the recent addition, you get to see an audition tape between Narcissa's husband and Gregory. Surprise, surprise, Narcissa's husband was actually Vitus.
  8. Oh, I didn't realise that there was a quest with Crawli, but I did go through Goldenleaf Village to access Goldenleaf forest though. Thanks so much for the help!
  9. Yep, I made sure I finished the introductions in the Lab and the tour afterwards. I've tried resetting the quest multiple times and it doesn't work, unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what's the problem
  10. I apparently can't even start the quest since Adrienn is nowhere to be found inside the train station after he tells you to go inside, and second of all this blockade still exists.
  11. Dunno if anyone else experienced this, but during cutscenes in the latest V11.3, instead of having my usual sprit show up, I get the Aero character sprite(non-binary character option, number six.) Not sure if this is intentional with the whole Interceptor reveal, but I prefer to see my red-head gal I’ve come to love in cutscenes
  12. Hello, after much rewriting that has been done I've finally finished the first part of what I wanted to accomplish. I'm not promising any more of these sort of things, just something I like to write for a re-telling of what goes down in the games. I quite like how the characters in Rejuvenation, to be honest. And I especially like the dynamic of Melia and the MC, and that's what makes me ship them a lot LOL. The MC I have here is named Alice. But The Interceptor is known to take many appearances anyway. Anyway, this takes place after Blacksteeple. It's less of a romance fic? Dunno, I just really wanted to write the tragedy the MC had to face. Also, feedback is more than welcomed, I'm not proud of this piece of work in particular so if you have any suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to post here or PMs. Off-site link.
  13. Well, the title says it all. I'm currently working on a Pokemon Rejuvenation drabble, and I know that there's a whole forum for it on this site. However, there's also the Creative Works section available on the main page of the Reborn forums. Hence I'm a bit torn on where exactly to share the fic once I'm done writing it. Do I post it under the Rejuvenation Forum or will the Creative Works do just fine? Thanks.
  14. 2012 wasn't the end of the world, 2016 is.

    1. doombotmecha


      why couldn't it have been a meteor?

    2. Hiroki Tatsumi

      Hiroki Tatsumi

      History is changing in a good way don't worry ^^

  15. Whoa, that's some awesome news despite the events that happened today. Can't wait for the complete overhaul the website will be receiving! how punny, it's getting Reborn
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