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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  2. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  3. I regret choosing squirtle as my starter, blastoise sucks it's bulky but slow and barely does any damage
  4. where is the move relearner at in this game?
  5. oh well that sucks, I actually liked nova, despite her destroying me a few times in our last battle
  6. I chose to battle aurora and she wasn't that hard, yeah I was definitely surprised with the outcome I didn't think nova was gonna die when I made that choice and I'm not sure what to make of everything else, my head still hurts
  7. Finally found time to play the game and saw the ending and....I'm not sure if I made the right choice or not and I feel kind of bad about it too not gonna lie
  8. oh no :(....but I'm still looking forward to the ending, every episode ending in this game always surprises me in a good way
  9. Is it Aurora or the gym leader of this version
  10. I'm at the part where you battle her in the mansion, well I finished it already
  11. Anyone know how to post your teams on the account, I wanna post my reborn, rejuvenation, and desolation teams on my account

    1. BIGJRA


      If you want to put them on your signature, go to edit profile > signature. If you wanna add the gen 6/7 animated sprites, check out PKParaiso.

    2. MightySceptile
  12. My first post on the Pokemon Reborn Forums hello and greetings (suprising since I signed up almost a year ago....I forgot about this account)

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