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  1. @Mayflower896 Thanks a lot ! You're a life lore-savior !
  2. Hello ! I've been playing Rejuv' 'till I reached that underground mansion in the sewers, and two statues are in front. We obviously need the Ancient Book to read the texts, and... I gave it to get an ice cream. How stupid am I, really ?... Anyway. I've seen that we get can a pokemon if we chose to keep it instead of giving it, and I don't mind not getting it at all. But I'm kind of a lore addict, and not knowing what's written of the statues is killing me. (Really, why did I give the book to that man ?... Oh, right, ice cream.) Is there anyone here kind enough to send me a copy of what's written on the statues, or a way to get the book back maybe, please ? Thanks a lot for your time !
  3. Wow, got no time to come here, i was super-busy.. But i'm finally here, and i have to say that your work is awesome ! Thank you for the pic, it looks perfect ! Stay awesome ! o/
  4. C-can i have a s-signature about Kingdom Hearts ? E-especially about the character Xion. She's my favorite character of all time~ Here's a picture of Xion, but use any picture you want, there's a lot on the internet. (It's from the manga) My favorite quote about Xion is "Am I not supposed to exist ?.." Thanks ! Take your time, if you don't want to do it, there's no problem at all, i don't want to be annoying or rude or something.
  5. We're talking about our favorite pokemon ? Mine is... I don't really know. I think it's Tenefix because i'm in love with a lot of Dark-type pokemons. Even if i love Cindaquil, Flygon, Eevee, Absol, and the blue Gardevoir. Well, Minun is cool. And Skarmory is great. And bla bla Aron bla bla Tropius bla bla bla...
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