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  1. I'm 100% down with the change that SWSH only has a certain subset of Pokemon in the game -- ask me why if you'd like. I come from a perspective of zero sentimentality however.

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. In my opinion you basically hit the nail on its head with the third-to-last line -- just set a personal rule that you won't use non-held items in battle and the games difficulty will go up significantly. I don't think it's a fault that they're there as a player who wants a casual experience can go ahead and buy them if they want and an experienced player gets to choose whether or not they're worth it. In general I think the ability to choose is respected well by this game so I see no problem with it.
  4. I've run through this game about 6-10 times and here's my rankings. Only Titania consistently fucks me up, the rest of the A tiers frequently do.
  5. Dear google: if there is a bulbapedia page titled whatever my search is then I want it at the top

  6. Check Mews + Announcements -- there's a new 'event' that lets you get it. I just put it on there because I'm going to start an electric run soon using the event.
  7. Nothing I have found indicates that that's possible - it's neither in the graphics nor the list in the script.
  8. It's done! Finally finished all the content that I know about in V11. I'm gonna start actively searching lists of items, etc. to see if I missed anything, but I'm about 85% confident I've got every species of Pokemon listed now.
  9. The Zygarde cell under the waterfall on Route 2 doesn't check a flag on the normal map -- so you can get it AGAIN in the non-pink Route 2.
  10.  My new video is out: beating Titania on a Fairy Monotype

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    2. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      This fight was so brutal. The random Scald instead of Flash Cannon on Granbull was weird but I guess the IA aimed for the burn.


      How many attempts so far? 😛

    3. BIGJRA


      @Monochrome_Complex yeah, that was it. Plus I think I gave Ribombee max EVs in Defense and HP -- it's main purpose is passing really. 

      @Teto I agree, Flash Cannon would've killed. With AI being perfect this would not have been a victory. There were a LOT of attempts , like, maybe 100+. Lots of switching out team members, items, moves, etc.

    4. Monochrome_Complex




      Oh my god


      and I complain when I have more than 5 lol.


      you have some killer patience.

  11. I mean, as soon as the full thing is done and encounters are proofread I will just read through all the bolds for each chapter and go from there, so not super long from now? Chapter 13 / V11 content is gonna take a hot minute though.
  12. I actually knew about this before, but like... I don't want to include a broken economy feature that will almost definitely get fixed sometime in the future into the guide, if that makes sense. Thanks for bringing it up though!!
  13. Alrighty! Finally got to the near end of both Chapter 11 AND Chapter 12 (As soon as I can conceivably beat Souta I will be free). Only the V11 content is left, so that's neat! This also means that in about a months time it'll go into QAQC mode of sorts - basically if there's a single thing anyone has found (pokemon, item, sidequest, even a relationship point that i should have mentioned) then I want to know about it! I think the first chunk of the guide is in pretty good order and the GDC onwards saga is pretty good but definitely rushed (as far as story splits), so I would appreciate feedback!!
  14. I saw you had a pretty old question about getting Burmy S before the second gym, so to answer it you can get it when you go peridot ward and fight in one of the hallways after you pass one of the trainers. It's the alley before the fountain. 

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