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  1. It begins: Normal Mono Catch 'em All Highlights.


  2. marker post. I know that the virtual badge stuff isn't exactly correct but due to some bugs in the event i'm just gonna ignore those parts of the guide until v13
  3. I personally want to see him struggle early game, because to lose all your best mons in an early nuzlocke means he still has the time to pivot to just a normal playthrough, whereas to switch to a normal run like 40 hours in would look bad / he might just stop playing it altogether at that point
  4. Last time I played it I couldn't get back in, but that was probably during beta so maybe it's changed? Try saving before and if you lose and can't get back in, reset.
  5. Which scene? Unless I'm missing something it looks like getting to the underground can be done as soon as you accept the request.
  6. I'm playing this and I love it. Just wanted so say the bike sprites are a fantastic touch xD
  7. Marker Post! I'm also glad to say everything I know about has finally been updated, so phew! Keep discrepanies coming y'all, it helps a lot!
  8. It's almost 100% that Dylan is one, from the fact that he mentions that he's been "recognized for his strength" and a battle isn't on the table between us, yet. Also Volta's mom is named Jolene!!
  9. ok. got all the changes/additions sent to me on discord as well as in this thread up to this point added! will start working on Zone Zero tonight/tomorrow.
  10. now you have to enter the ferry terminal and talk to the yellow haired guy to start the quest.
  11. Could you direct me to where/how? I think those are new but I haven't seen them yet. As far as I checked, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with Shuppet OR Budew. I'll try a new file maybe sometime to test but in the code it looks a-ok. Got everything else up to this point, thanks! Some item prices changed (treat/berries) and are reflected as such.
  12. I recommend catching (1) pansear/panpour/pansage in the park. Switch the mons in your party out to get friendship (2) as you run back and forth, and have a team full of pick-up to faint the non-monkeys (3). If you've found the kids for the lost camp, you can buy Water/fire/leaf stone to use stone evolutions (4) and standard evolutions (5). In the lost camp as well, you can buy/sell (6/7) TONS of berries since they're so cheap. This is just a basic run through but it'll get you a bunch of the points you're likely missing.
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