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  1. Inktober day 1: Ring Inktober day 2: Mindless Inktober day 12: Dragon Inktober day 13: Ash
  2. Reuploaded DDDL and Spork (mediafire) DDDL: -Delicia's Pokemon are now given in Premier Balls; for older save files there's an NPC who can change the first Pokemon in Delicia's party's Poke Ball to a Premier Ball (can get all of them in Premier Balls by switching first party slot) -along with the Premier Ball NPC, a few other of the NPCs from Return to Dreamland were added: the one that gives TMs, the one that gives healing items, and the move relearner (in maps where Felicia wasn't move relearner) Spork: -shiny Honedge line revamped and Kayla now has a shiny Aegislash named Annie -Steffi made Frank, Sierran, and Spade Battle VR icons, and new icon for Vivillon (previous one was Reborn's) -revamped maps added: Herb Shop, Berry Shop, Bolaii Bar, Lee's house -Dreamer Musharna "Last Night's Dream" at Sushi & Darkrai's place in Dark Dungeon -Battle Factory trainer updates: instead of Ladies, there are Lasses, and ones of the gen corresponding to the arena -number of PC boxes increased from 24 to 36 (for new save files automatically, for older save files speak to Anthony at the Pokemon Research Institute and an event script will add the new boxes) -added Furfrou trim stylist to Silk Studio -Pokemon Research Institute: the boxes to change Rotom's form are now corresponding appliance graphics -added Drifloon to Shiny Scouting -fast-moving plant in Umira now has City Escape lyrics when spoken to -Bulbasaur no longer faces up in starter selection -selecting Burmy in starter selection now gives Burmy instead of Budew -Forest of Feeling waterfall fixes -added Turtonator to starter selection -switched Shroomish and Slakoth's places in starter selection (they were opposite Pokedex order) -when battled before Agne, Emily's Lilligant is now named Lily instead of Lana -Skitty and Delcatty now have their full levelup learnset -Black Kyurem and White Kyurem now have the correct backsprites (their filenames were switched around) -Pink Bow item icon now visible (had wrong number in Graphics -> Icons) -Astral Observatory countertop priority fixed
  3. Reuploaded (mediafire): -Shiny Honedge line has been revamped and Kayla now has a shiny Aegislash named Annie -Delicia's Pokemon are now given in Premier Balls; for older save files there's an NPC who can change the first Pokemon in Delicia's party's Poke Ball to a Premier Ball (can get all of them in Premier Balls by switching first party slot)
  4. Good whatever time of day it is for you, viewers! This morning Enigma messaged me with an update on map revamp progress and Vince posted art of a side project he's doing, so I thought today might be a good day for me to post an update too. Shiny Aegislash's blade form design is finished! Shield form is being worked on; was experimenting with color schemes for the top part of the sword earlier today. Palletite and Steffi made the blade form based on Annie's form here: Although revamping the shiny Honedge line is the main part of the next reupload I've talked about here, there are a few other notable updates too. The number of PC boxes has been increased, since currently (in public release) there aren't enough PC boxes to store every Pokemon available in the game. 12 PC boxes have been added. When the reupload is ready, new save files will have them automatically, and older save files will be able to unlock the added boxes by speaking to Anthony at the Pokemon Research Institute. The trainers in the Battle Factory have also been changed. Steffi suggested having different trainer sprites matching the gen of each arena. We weren't able to do this with the Ladies that were there, since the Lady class isn't in Johto or Alola, but changed to Lasses, who've been in every region. We found trainer sprites for the 3D model Lasses from Gen 6+ that allow use with credit and Steffi and I worked together to make overworld sprite sheets for each of them. Also, while in the current public release a win in one arena counts as a win in all of them, they all use separate variables now, since they all have unique dialogue and names instead of being the same trainers with different Pokemon. There are other updates along with bug fixes in the upcoming reupload (no ETA, but Aegislash is the final part unless something else comes up), but those three (shiny Honedge line, added PC boxes, and Battle Factory update) are probably the most major. As for the near future, after the next reupload: -map revamps: after the Norall maps are completed, I'll be making an announcement for them. I'm really looking forward to seeing Norall City for reasons I'll explain in the announcement when it's time. the upcoming reupload also has a few map revamps of smaller maps added (Aliora's herb and berry shops, Bolaii Bar, Lee's house). -shinies: I have a few more ideas for custom shinies for the future. They won't be all added at once, probably one per reupload like with shiny Honedge line, since they take time to make and I want to take Steffi and Palletite's school schedules into consideration. I think that's everything I was going to say for now.
  5. Episode 8 is the complete game, though there will be reuploads in the future with graphic and map updates. There's a reupload being worked on at the moment too. This question is answered in the FAQ. Also, I'll be locking the thread after responding since as mentioned in the most recent post in the Spork thread, the Spork club is currently under lockdown for my well-being.
  6. Posting in the art thread is okay! I left this thread open so that people would still be able to share art if they made it. And that's an interesting project, I like the drawing!
  7. There isn't a guide for every item location in the game, but there are notepad files in the game folder for locations of the following: -Mega Stones -TMs -Marbles -Plates found through postgame sidequests as an alternative to mining For other types of items: -Gems: there are vendors at the Sea Star Society and at the Battle Frontier that sell them. The one at the Sea Star Society uses Heart Scales as currency and the one at the Battle Frontier uses BP -Memories: Cyberspace (speak to Anthony at the Pokemon Research Institute to go to Cyberspace, the memories are found on the overworld) -Evolution stones: a hiker at Bolaii Beach sells them -Evolution items (like Up-Grade, etc.): an NPC at the Battle Mall sells them -Items that increase type effectiveness (like Mystic Water, etc.): an NPC at the Battle Mall sells them -Berries: there's a berry shop in Aliora City that sells every kind of berry Is there a specific item you're looking for that isn't mentioned above? Also: the Spork club is currently locked as explained in the most recent post of the Spork thread, for my physical and mental well-being. In the future, please do not post in this club unless it's an emergency (like getting frozen/stuck). I'll lock this thread after your response to whether there's a specific item you're looking for that I didn't cover the location of in this post.
  8. I've gotten you past the scene. When I loaded up your file, I was able to move, and going to the left initiated the cutscene from the start again, though sprites for Teddiursa, Moltres, and Mesprit were invisible since the sidequest variable was at 1. From here you should be able to get Mesprit and Moltres who can be obtained after this scene. Or alternatively, if you'd prefer to go through the cutscene, I could set the sidequest variable back to 0 so you can do it again with visible graphics, though I'm not sure if the freeze would happen again. Also, due to recently discovered waterfall issues (which have been fixed for the next reupload, but updates for the next reupload are still in progress), if going for Mesprit it would safest to download these files. Map365 and Tilesets go in the Data folder; say yes when asked to replace. Game.rxdata Map365.rxdata Tilesets.rxdata
  9. You're not meant to be stuck there, or at any point in the game. I didn't have any issues when I tested the event, but I'll go through it again and try to find the issue. I can also try to unstuck you if you send me your save file (instructions here if needed, this guide was written for Pokemon Reborn but works with all RMXP/Essentials fangames). P.S. Although I mentioned I moved the thread here in the warning as Spork threads belong in the Spork club and the Bug Reporting section of the site is specifically for Pokemon Reborn, the Spork club is actually on lockdown at the moment (see this post for more info), so once the issue is resolved I'll be locking this topic because I'm worried if people see me posting they'll think I'm ok with the Spork club being open again. (I'm still glad this was posted though because I didn't know about this) EDIT: I just tested the event from both possible activation tiles on and off the bike and didn't get stuck, so I'm not sure why it's happening. I'm not able to replicate the error, but I can still try to get you unstuck if you send me your save file.
  10. As of this time the Pokemon Spork club is locked. I don't actually have the ability to lock an entire club. I locked each individual thread that wasn't archived. I can't lock archived threads, but I don't need to since archived threads can't be posted in. This means that it's still possible to create threads, but I'd rather it be quiet here for now. There is no estimated time on when the club will be unlocked. Maybe it never will be. But development isn't halted. Everything else will continue as usual, and I'll be posting for reuploads and maybe announcements. I've needed to do this for a while, but I kept second-guessing myself. What if there's people who need help with the game, they've searched all available resources (FAQ, notepad files, etc.) and didn't find an answer to their question, but they can't get help because the threads are locked and I mentioned preferring people not making new threads? Doing this also means people can't post feedback, and I enjoyed reading what people thought of the game. Plus, people can still make threads of their own, so whether the club lock is actually a club lock or not depends on whether people are okay with respecting this announcement. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by this. I think for people who need help with something, Youtube playthroughs are an option, since there are complete playthroughs of the game (and for DDDL and Return to Dreamland). In next reupload info/development, shiny Doublade is complete! I think Aegislash will take a bit more time than the other two, brainstorming still ongoing + two forms. I think this post was originally going to have more + be more professional but I wasn't able to at the time of posting, sorry
  11. There's a notepad file in the game folder named megastonelocations that lists where all the mega stones are, but also Charizardite X isn't in the game (which is also mentioned in the notepad file). I don't like that Charizard got two mega evolutions while all other starters with megas got one and Mega Charizard X just seems like fanservice to me so it doesn't exist in Spork.
  12. I enjoyed reading the Mew idea. The game development reason for some of that is player convenience (players using HMs so a move slot doesn't need to be used for a Pokemon, being able to change gender if wanted without needing to start a new file), but I think it's cool that you've thought about this from an in-universe perspective, and I always like reading about peoples' ideas for how things happen or the backstory of their player character (which is also one of the reasons I gave the player choices on where they're from and what their parents do).
  13. Oh, if it's with RPG Maker, that would still work, yes. I just deleted it from Pokemon learnsets but not the move itself from the game, since changes aren't retroactive. So if something is removed from the game, that wouldn't remove the move/item/etc. from people who got it from before it was removed. So deleting Sky Drop itself when someone could have it on their Pokemon might cause a paradox/error and I didn't want to risk that. Since the move itself still exists in moves.txt, it can be accessed in RPG Maker. The Halloween Espurr overworld sprite placements were fixed thanks to Apro. I'm happy people are enjoying the Holiday Pokemon and being able to play as them!
  14. Huh, I'm not really sure then. The only thing I can think of is if you had an earlier reupload of ep 8 and I removed it in a later reupload of the episode, but I thought I removed Sky Drop when ep 8 was first released. Or maybe that's some script section I'm not aware of or forgot about where Sky Drop can still be taught.
  15. Something I just realized, did your Pokemon know Sky Drop before ep 8, and/or did you get the TM before it was removed? I deleted it from Pokemon learnsets but I didn't remove the move itself from the game, because I didn't want to risk causing game-breaking errors for people who already taught it before it was removed from learnsets. Edit: it seems like you thought of the same thing as me; that's correct
  16. Sky Drop was removed from the game several months ago for this reason. I also rechecked just now with control + F in trainers.txt and pokemon.txt and there are no mentions of Sky Drop, so you might be running an older download of the game.
  17. This is a really cool background, and Fairy is also a type I've associated with Sierran before! If I gave canon teams to the Spork protagonists, I always pictured Frank to have Arcanine, Sierran to have Clefable, and Spade to have Ludicolo.
  18. I'm currently working on the shiny Honedge line with review/feedback from Steffi. So far Honedge is complete, and progress for the shinies is on hold right now until tonight at 5-7 PM EST. I used this as a reference pic:
  19. This wouldn't change anything difficulty wise with your modifications, but for the next reupload, something I'm working on is revamping the shiny Honedge line. When this is done, Kayla's Aegislash will be shiny, and nickname will be changed to Annie. Kayla's Pokemon are nicknamed after characters from the fighting game Skullgirls. Annie didn't win the vote to become a playable character but she is canon and popular, and Honedge line will have colors of her outfit, hair, and sword. When the reupload is done/change is made would you be willing to update your trainers.txt file with this change? I wanted to revamp the shiny Honedge line because I realized around a week ago while in the Battlers folder that shiny Aegislash has blood markings on it, which I thought was way too dark for atmosphere in Spork. I thought it was maybe a shiny copied over from Reborn, since Essentials doesn't have any Gen 6 Pokemon sprites, but looking in E18 folder shiny Honedge line is different, so maybe they were changed in Reborn too. Either way, as said it wouldn't change anything with difficulty, but was wondering if you'd be okay with updating it once the change was made. This is the only change made to trainer battles for the next reupload. Also, I did look at some trainers in your document and was impressed at all the changes; a lot of thought was put into it!
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