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  1. Eevee is at Aliora Meadow which is an area between the 3rd and 4th gyms.
  2. That's very nice! I like how she has an ice cream, and Buneary being on her head is cute! Thank you for making + posting this! Spork 8 is the most recent/completed upload, correct.
  3. I was recently going through and updating some NPC overworld sprites, where the overworld and trainer sprites didn't match (meaning the overworld sprites had different hair colors, outfits, etc. than the trainer sprites). In Gen 3 it was more common for overworld and trainer sprites to have different outfit and hair details, but in later generations they become more accurate to each other, and now match completely. I wanted them to be more accurate to each other in Spork too. The overworld sprites I edited are: Lady, female Martial Artist, Ace Trainers, Tourists, Pokemon Rangers, Maids, Simulations, and female Swimmers. It's possible in the future I might adjust the shades on other sprites too, but these were the ones where the hair color and/or outfit colors were completely different. Here's an example with the new Simulations: (credit to Steffi for removing the headband present in the female Simulation base overworld sprite) In the case of the Ace Trainers, I decided to recolor both the overworld and trainer sprites to have the colors of the ace flag: Originally I wasn't going to post again until the next reupload with an explanation of all the updates then, but I felt like the above might have merited a post on its own since I wanted to use screenshots to show some examples, and there's also another issue I wanted to mention: It's recently come to my attention that a few people have been downloading Spork through another website, pokemonromhacks. However, the page seems to have been made when episode 4.5 was the latest release and not updated since then, as that's the episode the links on the Spork page there lead to. I know of two recent cases where someone downloaded from there and didn't realize that the links on that site are for an older episode. There's also a couple errors on the page: This is both correct and incorrect; Spork is completed in terms of main story and postgame but the page seems to think that Spork was completed as of 4.5 when it wasn't. 4.5 went up to the 13th gym. I also remember the last time I viewed the page when it was describing the game it used "his" when referring to me, when it should've said her, though I don't see this text when looking at the page now. I kept previous episodes of Spork up on mediafire after newer episodes were released for nostalgia, but I didn't imagine people would still actually be able to access those links because I didn't anticipate them being posted elsewhere. It kind of reminds me of how some people are still downloading Rejuvenation V10 from the "Other Games" page on Reborn thinking it's the latest version, because while the page isn't meant to be accessed anymore, it still shows up in Google results. So I deleted all the older episodes from mediafire. My hope in doing that is that people who find Spork through that site, when finding out the links don't work, will look for another download and find their way here instead, where they'll find the most recent episode. Although looking at the page again now while I'm posting this, it seems like they might have uploaded ep 4.5 elsewhere: so it's possible deleting the older episodes on mediafire won't change anything. I did test the above link and it took me to a sketchy page on a site I've never seen before and Norton gave a "SPAM BLOCKED" popup on my laptop, though I don't know if that's because of the site itself or because fangames are known to sometimes give false positive readings for antivirus systems. Basically, the only links that can be trusted to be up to date are the ones in this thread. Ones anyone else uploads elsewhere may or may not be (and I wish that site would've asked me first if they could've made that page and posted those links. I would've said no if they asked and if I knew I'd be mildly distressed thinking about people downloading 1 year+ old episodes on a possibly sketchy site that doesn't even have all the information correct)
  4. Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying Spork! I didn't know about the Ditto issue, and I'll fix it tomorrow. Thank you for letting me know. The shiny backsprite alignment issue has been fixed for the next reupload thanks to Steffi. The next reupload will probably be soon but I think there's a few more graphic updates Steffi is working on + I'm adding a few things to the game too. For future reference there's the bug reporting thread here ^^: https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40538-spork-delicias-delicious-dreamland-bug-reporting-thread/
  5. Reuploaded with a fixed oversight. Delicia could cross the bridge before getting the Parasol power from Castform in Dreamland. (both mediafire and Google Drive links have been reuploaded)
  6. Sorry, I should have linked the guide. This guide was made for Reborn but works with all Essentials/RPG Maker fangames: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/
  7. There isn't an in-game way to set them; I know there are a few games that have items that do that but I don't know how to make them. However, if you send me your save file I can set your EVs and IVs to whatever you'd like them to be. (it might take around an hour for me to be able to since my laptop is restarting because of a Windows update and dinner is also soon, but I'm willing to when I'm able)
  8. DOWNLOAD LINK Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XxMUwj6vR1qNPsy7r5jivUhUMg4DCQfs/view Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jjf31w1fffv3q64/Delicia+Return+to+Dreamland.zip
  9. WINTER I've also updated the Summer screenshot a few posts up, since some characters have received updated sprites. Palletite and Steffi made new sprites for Delicia + Felicia''s parents (+I gave their dad sunglasses), Belinda, Belladonna, Stryker, Ryoko (directly behind Delicia in the summer and winter screenshots), as well as some different sprites for DDDL too for what some the characters looked like years before Spork! All of the updated sprites look amazing and I'm thankful to Palletite and Steffi for making them! TRUE ARENA People who've played the Kirby games might be familiar with this concept. Some of the Kirby games have postgame modes called The Area and True Arena, which are basically boss rush modes. The True Arena here will be the same. You'll battle every character from Spork as Delicia, including Delicia herself. The reward is the password for a new area in the next reupload of Spork where you can endlessly shiny hunt event Pokemon that can normally only be obtained once. The True Arena is an optional area that can be done at the end of Return to Dreamland.
  10. The story is complete. There will be more reuploads in the future with map + graphic + other updates.
  11. Those are postgame legendary sidequests. The Happy Hot Springs one (Moltres) requires you to do Mesprit's first, and the Classic Park cave one (Genesect) requires you to do the Battle Frontier grand opening first. For more information, see the "legendarysidequests" notepad file in the game folder.
  12. Did you use the Up-Grade on the Porygon like an evolution stone? That's the intended way to evolve it in Spork.
  13. Even with the correct filenames in Graphics -> Battlers, there are some Pokemon that don't retain the shininess of their non-mega form. (I don't remember if it's some or all, actually. I think some, but it could be all) I'm unsure of why this happens. I became aware of this I think around 2 years ago while playtesting, but I forgot about it until you mentioned it which is why it wasn't included in the known bugs list. If you're able to replace the non-shiny Mega Gengar sprites with the shiny ones by having the shiny ones use the file name of the non-shiny ones, you may be able to have a shiny mega Gengar that way.
  14. SPRING Since the Forest of Feeling has been completed for Enigma's map revamp project, I used the revamped version in Delicia's Return to Dreamland. I wanted Spring's announcement to be this not just because of the Lymonade performance but also to show the new Forest of Feeling. I'm not finished with the events on this map yet. I'm in the process of doing the interview, and I set the event placements for the performance. I'd also like to thank Solviera for making the candy Ampharos backsprite! In Spork, it doesn't have a backsprite since only Delicia has it and it isn't obtained by the player, but here Delicia is the player. The reason Delicia's Pokemon aren't nicknamed and her Ampharos is male in the screenshot while female in Spork is because I'm not sure how to specify nicknames, genders, etc. when giving the player Pokemon, and I also think the character limit on nicknames is shorter for the player than it is for other trainers. but canonically/through gameplay and story separation all of the nicknames still exist. (and the Volcarona isn't nicknamed because it doesn't belong to a trainer) Similar to how in DDDL there were a few maps that had a move relearner, in Delicia's Return to Dreamland every map where Delicia battles has a move relearner NPC along with an NPC who gives Delicia all the TMs her Pokemon can learn for free (this NPC disappears once you've gotten the TMs). edit: also
  15. Hi. You're on episode 4.5 and the most recent episode is 8. Umira's gym was the ending point for 4.5; you would need to download ep 8 to continue. I can tell without needing to download your save file because Carol's sprite in that screenshot is the placeholder sprite she used to have. (and because there have been others in the past who were on ep 4.5 too who mentioned this without knowing there was a newer episode or that they needed to update)
  16. I'm glad you enjoyed Spork! The Christmas Slowking issue is known and is listed in the bug reporting thread; at this time I'm unsure why it happens or how to fix it.
  17. Reading this made me happy, especially the parts about the game being everything you wanted to experience and how you still played even after the save file issues. Im glad you enjoyed Spork!
  18. I'm happy you enjoyed the game and appreciate that you took the time to read all of the Data Vault! SMOOTHIE SUBUNIT + SONG + REAL NAMES Lemon + Lime subunit name Lymonade song name Spring Sprites Orange + Strawberry subunit name Sugar Rush song name Caramel Carousel Cherry + Blueberry subunit name Wild Berry song name Fruit Punch real names: Strawberry's is mentioned to be Hana in Spork, because Palletite used the idol Hana as a reference when making her sprite. Idol research for the others' names was done in April , before Delicia's Return to Dreamland was thought of. Lemon's name is Ami, after Horikawa Ami Orange's name is Raina, after Oh Hye-rin (stage name Raina) from After School and the After School subunit Orange Caramel Cherry's real name is also Cherry, after Cherry from Happy Platinum Lime's name is also Lime, after Lime Grape's name is Jiyoon, after Jeon Ji-Yoon from 4minute Blueberry's name is Sakurako, after Tanio Sakurako from Himekyun Fruit Can (who Orange was originally going to be named after, but I learned that Himekyun Fruit Can also have a fruit theme like Smoothie, and Tanio Sakurako's fruit is blueberry) Nosy Nosepass will interview the members of Smoothie in Delicia's Return to Dreamland where their real names will be mentioned, but aside from that they'll always be referred to as the fruit. Similarly, Frank/Sierran/Spade will be called Apple/Raspberry/Watermelon while performing with Smoothie for consistency.
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