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  1. The memory items are for Silvally. Silvally's type and the type of its move Multi-Attack match the type of the memory it's holding.
  2. I set your Bolaii Progress variable to 1 and saved in the Rap Battle House in front of Cherry. Game.rxdata
  3. From what you described, it sounds like you entered the BCC before you're supposed to be able to. Did you interact with the entrance of the BCC from the left or right as opposed to in front of the ranger? It hasn't been reported (and for future reference there's a bug reporting thread), but I'm aware of its existence if you entered from the side because I accidentally did it myself once. This is because of the tiles to the left and the right of the entrance being passable; if I set those tiles to nonpassable in the tileset than there'd also be a noticeable amount of the empty space/sand near the tiles not passable, because the actual part of the building for those tiles only takes up about half of the tile space: If you send me your save file I can set the Bolaii story variable back to 0 so that you can go through all of Bolaii that you missed. Instructions on how to locate your save file if needed: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/ this guide was made for Reborn but works for all RMXP/Essentials fangames.
  4. From that description, it sounds like the male player character, Frank (attached overworld sprites). I know that with the Holiday Pokemon and the Pokemon Center Pokemon, you can have more than one control switch active at the same time. For example if you turn into Adventurer Cradily, and then speak to Dreamer Musharna to become them without switching back to human by asking Adventurer Cradily again, the game will think you're both Adventurer Cradily and Dreamer Musharna at the same time, because both control switches are active, so there can be overlap issues. But if I understood the issue here correctly, you're switching to the wrong human player. I tested myself with Adventurer Cradily just now and picking the non-binary option, and correctly became them, so that's strange. I'm not really sure why it's happening as I wasn't able to replicate it, but some possible solutions to change back are: -If Spade is in the Pokemon Center, you could speak to them to change into them (if you've already done so once, Spade disappears, but if you haven't then you can speak to them) -You could try changing back through one of the other Pokemon Center or Holiday Pokemon if neither option works, I can try changing you back myself if you send me your save file.
  5. Gave Drifblim max HP EVs and IVs, and also gave a shiny Roserade that I put in the shiny PC box. For giving your Breloom Drain Punch, I didn't see a Breloom in your party or any of your boxes, and I looked at your Pokedex and it didn't have the Poke Ball for caught next to Breloom's entry. Did you have a Breloom that accidentally got released somehow, or did you mean for me to add one from scratch? randomizer: someone asked if I was going to make one in December 2016 and linked a thread from Pokecommunity that had scripts for randomizer mode. At the time it was something I considered (but wasn't a strong consideration or priority, more of a mild interest/possibility). I looked through the thread and there were mostly people saying it works but also a few bug reports so I got nervous, and I later lost interest. Game.rxdata
  6. I just checked the PBS file and the evolution method for Umbreon seems to be correct (HappinessNight) so I'm not really sure why that's happening. IIRC nighttime would start at 8 PM. But if you send me your save file I'll change the Eevee into Umbreon for you. (the post above yours has instructions and a guide link for locating your save file if needed)
  7. Do you mean like having multiple save files each with a different team? If so, you can, and you don't need RPG Maker. You need to go into your PC's C drive -> Users -> your PC name -> Saved Games -> Pokemon Spork and in the Spork folder in Saved Games there should be a file called "Game". Change the name of the file, for example to something like Game1, and the next time you open Spork you'll have a new file which will be added to the Saved Games Spork folder. You can go back to your original file at any time by changing the name of the second file and then changing the original file's name back to Game. I'm not very good at explaining things, and I was going to find a video guide for how to find save files and such in Pokemon fangames in case it'd be more helpful to watch it being done, but I couldn't find the video I usually link people to. But there's also a guide on finding your save file on the website, here: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/ This guide was written for Pokemon Reborn but works with all fangames made with RMXP/Essentials. Do you remember any details about what the error message says? I haven't heard of an error like that, but if I'm understanding correctly, you got it when a wild encounter initiated in the grass? For the shiny Roserade, if you upload your save file here (using the instructions I wrote or by following the linked guide) I can give you a shiny Roserade; you can also specify the nature, EVs, IVs, moves, etc. that you want and I'll give them. @1.7 chance that's the percentage of the shiny rate; that's about as much as I'm able to explain since I don't know math beyond basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (and even some of that wouldn't be easy for me if I tried).
  8. I'm glad you got it to work! And sorry about you needing to download RPG Maker; it probably would've been quicker and easier for me to reupload and then change Venipede's ability on your save file for you, but I was burned out on reuploads so I was hesitant to reupload again until something major is added/updated (which would be the Headphones Badge graphic that Steffi is working on, and the map remamps that Enigma is doing). But I've changed the Venipede line's hidden ability to Speed Boost for when the time comes for the next reupload. The shiny rate is around ~1.7% as mentioned in the FAQ.
  9. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! About third abilities: although in this case, since Venipede's hidden ability in the PBS in Quick Feet instead of Speed Boost, I'd need to edit the PBS file and then reupload the game. e9ucnjwijxw23-9un cvij ndskma I was really hoping I wouldn't have to reupload again until the Headphones Badge graphic and/or map revamps were complete, especially since all the download links are up to date now. I apologize for this but I really don't have the willpower to reupload at the moment or maybe in the near future at all It's possible if you have or are able to get RPG Maker you could fix this from your end by changing that part of the PBS file from Quick Feet to Speed Boost, opening the game in RPG Maker, selecting Venipede from your party screen, going to "Debug" (an option that appears if you're playing in RPG Maker/debug mode), going to ability, and then changing it to Speed Boost.
  10. Groniack is correct, you need to talk to everyone at least once (including Meda and Brutus even if you've already done the double battle by speaking to Ivan, and Litwick after Felicia brings it out) and the story will automatically proceed once you do. Also, this question is answered in the FAQ.
  11. Reuploaded: -added this dream I had as a sidequest, which is the new Tapu Fini quest -changed the Terrakion quest; it starts in Technicolor Forest just south of Mable's treehouse and features Grape, Meda, Arnalda, Kayla, and the Infant Tree Infantry -added Petilil Prairie, which is between Umira and Giggly Grasslands (the gate that previously went to Giggly Grasslands now goes to Petilil Prairie, and Petilil Prairie leads to Giggly Grasslands). Barker's house (locked until after post-Champion story) is here, and his postgame rematch was moved from the Gentleman's Club to the backyard of his house. You also meet Barker's family in his house -on the subject of Barker's family, made some corrections. Previously it was said that Barker had two daughters, and a recently added Data Vault entry mentions that Barker's personal life is based on a shady businessman from Cerri that wears a pumpkin mask. I happened to be looking at an old conversation, and I remembered wrong. That businessman doesn't wear a pumpkin mask, "he's more of a tree", and he has a daughter and a son, not two daughters. I don't know how old his children are, but Barker's children are around older teens-young adults -also updated some dialogue from the Game Corner encounter with Barker the postgamerematches and legendarysidequests notepad files have been updated with this information (updated/added Game Corner Barker dialogue)
  12. I'm glad you're enjoying so many parts of the game! I always appreciate when people take the time to explore and notice the little details like the text on the TVs and trash cans. I also did my best with the Gym Leaders to give them personalities and have them appear outside the gym, since I also find it boring when they're only there for badges and never appear again with not much known about them. The nickname themes were actually added recently, in ep 8. I figured that since most people IRL name their pets, that people in the Pokemon world would name their Pokemon too. I did consider that people wouldn't know which Pokemon would be coming next but decided I still wanted to do it, and it was fun coming up with nickname themes. The wiki has the characters' teams though if you ever need that information! You can also search character names in the trainers.txt file in the PBS folder to see their teams.
  13. It isn't; this is mentioned in the megastonelocations notepad file in the game folder. Basically I see Mega Charizard X as just fanservice, and I don't approve of Charizard getting two mega evolutions while the other Kanto starters (and other Pokemon that get megas aside from Mewtwo) get one. Therefore in Spork's universe Mega Charizard X doesn't exist. (no disrespect intended to people who do like it, it just isn't in Spork for those reasons)
  14. I'm happy you're enjoying the game and the Holiday Pokemon feature! Swoobat does have a heart-shaped nose and I forgot to consider that when planning the Holiday Pokemon. I think I went with Starmie because of the area. An Espurr with donuts is cute to imagine!
  15. That isn't where the Astral Observatory is. The Astral Observatory is to the north of Umira. When you surf, you should see three gates, and the gate to the right leads to the Astral Observatory.
  16. Reuploaded Spork: -added Snorunt Village, which is to the north of Norall Mountain, through a new entrance/opening in the mountain, Pandora appears in Snorunt Village after the post-Champion story -Steffi fixed Pandora's walking animations -changed Meda's nickname theme to flowers. The new names are Cosmos (Noctowl), Hawthorn (Blissey), Blossom (Sawsbuck), Poppy (Snorlax), Jasmine (Miltank), and Lavender (Audino) -added a new statistics/demographic part of the characters section of the Data Vault, which lists each character's age, birthplace, favorite color, favorite season, favorite food, and nickname theme -trainers in the Battle VR now give BP when defeated -when the Soap Room is mentioned, before it was said that only Ceolis, Ivan, and Peach are allowed access; now it says that Meda is too -at Crystal Caverns after getting the Mega Ring, when ICSW is explaining about Pandora, she also now mentions that her Froslass and Pandora's Froslass are sisters (which Pandora's Froslass also mentions at Snorunt Village) also reuploaded DDDL with the fixed Pandora walking animations
  17. I'm glad the controller works! Maybe you'll have the same luck with the lottery as shinies! iirc the shiny percentage is around ~1.7%.
  18. Thanks for the information about FN; I didn't know about that. I'll look for the FN key tomorrow/later today (currently 1:47 AM) Steffi/Punkeev (art assistant for Spork) was able to play Spork with an Xbox controller and made a post here explaining the process: https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21393-pokemon-spork-episode-8-smoothie-delicias-delicious-dreamland/&page=67&tab=comments#comment-822352 That's a very adorable picture, and I'm happy replying made your day better! (and congrats on the shiny Yungoos!)
  19. Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos are my favorite Pokemon, so reading this made me really happy! Sorry about you losing all that progress. I know the numbered f keys have certain functions like that in Essentials, like resetting or registering key items, but they've never worked for me because those keys do different things on my laptop (f5 = registering key items, but for me it changes my laptop screen's brightness), so I might not have been able to provide caution or know how to change them. For speedup, alt is the button that speeds up the game, and you can press it again to return the speed back to normal. I'm glad you were able to find shiny Mareep again though! Oh, Delicia actually isn't my self-insert ^^ although she is my favorite character. I do have a self-insert but she's met late in the game; her name is the same as my username on this forum. I originally was going to keep this secret until it was ready, but @ your last sentence, I'm still working on more content for Spork, and your post made me so happy that I'll post screenshots.
  20. I checked Serebii and Weavile learns Knock Off as a muve tutor move. Move tutors are at the Battle Frontier during the postgame, and you can exchange BP for learning moves.
  21. Reuploaded fixing a tile passability error where the player was able to walk through the walls in a room in the sewers. Map380.rxdata
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