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  1. Ampharosite (at the top table inside the interrogation +Aggronite (end of the area after defeating the Aron-line multi battles, undertaking the Railnet Sidequest from the Grand Aerodactylite (area up from the Agate Circus entrance, Rock Climb needed) Lopunnite (inside the secret room from the Director's Office B1F - Gible Nest Area+Medichamite (down the middle basin)
  2. First where is the medichamite? Is it in the room with the arceus statute or the gible. Where do I find.the rest of these megastones.
  3. I think you have to use the application on the aqua members and on Archer.
  4. I used the lostelle video.
  5. its very difficukt t follow bt i will try one more time.if not, i will reply here.
  6. I know Ithis seems very lazy but can someone solve the GIM puzzle for me and stop right before I interact with the computer to get goomy. I cannot solve the puzzle by myself. Thank you. Game.rxdata
  7. I cannot load my save file. I get this error which is shown n the screenshot. Game.rxdata
  8. How do I remove or change my signature picture.i Pput one in a long time ago but I cannot edit or acess it.

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      in the top right under your name there's an option for account setting, go there then click signiture

      if your talking about the profile pics the smaller one in the bottom left has an image icon and the background one has cover photo in the top right to change it

    2. Kunisada


      Thank you so much, i was also looking for this.

  9. Which Reborn mod pack do I use to change IVs of any pokemom if already cught. Could someone offer me assistance on how to do this like a tutorial or video.
  10. alaneapen

    New ditto

    Thank you. Which one should I use or should.i use the general reborn modpack.
  11. alaneapen

    New ditto

    I know I have already received a ditto before but I did not save before and got a diito with sucky IVs. Is it possible to edit it's IVs, trade me a new ditto or catch one more.
  12. Where is sugiine cave in relation to the scrapyard and the Oasis. I am confused and would like some basic directions.
  13. I cannot acess the dar basement within Agate city in order to acess the Chariizardte puzzle, t is locked. And I cannot seem to do the puzzle without it. Game.rxdata
  14. I cannot access the basement, my game may be bugged
  15. I still have troub;e even with the guide. I would appreciate it if someone completed the puzzle for me.
  16. Can someone complete the puzzle fr me r guide me through what to do. This puzzle is impossibly if there ane no notifications on where to go.]. Game.rxdata
  17. I am on right now but let us find a another way if you cannot login.
  18. I can't be on now so can I organize one later
  19. Can you be on at Wednesday at 10:30 am EST NYC time. Will have a decent IV bagon by then if you want
  20. Perfect, which pokemon do you want
  21. I am looking to trade for a snivy. I have all the other starter Pokemon o trade for it or any Pokemon that you may desire.
  22. Can anyone post a picture or screenshot of the puzzle results. How can I actually input the puzzle in Charlotte's gym?
  23. How can I access the dark basement in Agate city to get the pattern and then how can I access the back of Charlotte;s gym. Youtube really doesn't help explain this.
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