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  1. Can someone complete the Rejuvenation Ecylpsian pyramid puzzle for me.  Help would be appreciated!


  2. Struggling with a bug  in Rejuvenation's Eclypsian  pyramid. Cannot proceed with Aelta, Ren and  my character. I feel as if i am  stuck.


    1. DemICE


      if you press A with your main character tehre should be a reset option

  3. Just trapped with my character on the ledge where you enter the main scene. Aerlita a cannot proceed and Ren cannot allow aAelita to proceed. I feel as if my save file is bugged.
  4. I am n Eclypsian pyramid and cannot proceed with the puzzle. Game.rxdata
  5. I am m stuck here and cannot proceed. What am I doing wrong. Caannot procced with Ren or Aelita. Game.rxdata
  6. I have the same problem. i cannot fid the Shared pc file.
  7. How can I use the mod pack to transfer pokemon betweeen Reborn and Rejuvenation?
  8. Is it possible to trade between these two games?
  9. Can someone breed me a dragon dance bagon for online play in Rejuvenation. Game.rxdata
  10. bagon isn't normally in the game but i would like one for online play.
  11. Can someone breed me a dragon dance Bagon in Pokemon Rejuvenation. Game.rxdata
  12. So I beat gym leaders Magenta ad Neo in Rejuvenation, havent o played in forever. What do I do now?

    1. SilverAngelus


      Assuming you didn't complete any story after that battle, the next thing you would do is wake up from Nightmare City and go to the table in the Penthouse Suite that the MC has been staying at and open the boxes to receive the Trickery Badge for beating Magenta and Neo! Afterwards, go outside and you'll encounter Aelita and the story will play forward~

  13. SoI beat gym leaders Neo and magenta a while ago and I have not l played in like forever. Now i am confused on where to go. Game.rxdata
  14. thank you. how can get the mega stone.
  15. So I am stuck doing the magic square puzzle. Can someone figure his out for me Game.rxdata
  16. alaneapen

    super rod

    thanks. talked to simon at the glass factory
  17. alaneapen

    super rod

    I have started Reborn pre Episode 16 ad already completed the Tara being killed story line. However I never picked up the super rod and can't find Simon in the Beryl Graveyard or in his house. How an I activate the super rod event? Here is my save file just in case. Game.rxdata
  18. My id Number is 03461. Is that what yu need or is a specific number.
  19. thank you. Do you wat any pokemon. I just watn a spare whismur or loudred. can we conduct the trade i this thread.
  20. not yet. I can offer a froakie, torchic, bulbasaur, tutwig, squirtle ior mudkip n exchange. or any other pokemon.
  21. Does anyone have a spare loudred I can take. I need one for the emga z ring quest.
  22. So I am suck inside route 4 meteor hideout an I trapped myself by the entrance to the secret room but I cannot get myself , glaceon or esppeom out. Please get me out please and deposit me outside here and into the main area. Game.rxdata
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