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  1. Favourite Pokémon ! GO !

  2. Amazing thank you so much! Can't wait to play more of this, loving it so far
  3. Hi i just started playing this game and am really enjoying it so far, however I just tried to use teleport to get back to Cianosa and I think it broke the game. I accidentally quicksaved in this abyss - could someone put me somewhere normal inside the city please? Thanks Game.rxdata
  4. Ok perfect thanks for letting me know! And thanks again for fixing the save files.
  5. Hi sorry it's me again and the same problem has happened but with a different crustle. Both times this has happened I was able to use sleep powder on a crustle the first time it emerged, but I left the route and went back to Agate Circus before moving it successfully into a hole. Then the second time I came back and the crustle came out of its hole it was frozen like this and I couldn't interact with it. Is this something that has only happened to me, or do you think I should post in a bug reporting thread? Game.rxdata
  6. Hi I can't interact with the crustle shown. Game.rxdata
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