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  1. After years without a 3ds, I have finally returned to project Inkay. 448 to 483 to upgrade my female the final time. Now it's just a waiting game

  2. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Princess "Don't thank me, it was his idea." Princess directed Grima's gaze to the photo of her husband, "Would you like another glass of tea? I can only do that so often, so it will be a little while before I can send you on your way." Tai Tejfidh raised an eyebrow when Tai mentioned Cardinals death, though her expressions didn't seem to quite line up with what he'd expect, so he wasn't sure why. "So long as you're certain." she said with a shrug, her existence beginning to fade entirely from Tai's perception, "From this point on I will sustain and guide you. I'd rather you ignore my presence, but I did agree to answer more questions under less urgent circumstances, so I won't be upset if you call on me." Tejfidh vanished completely, and Tai suddenly found himself back in the snow. He was standing outside a building not unlike the one he had just been inside, but significantly more crumbled. He couldn't quite explain it, but the world seemed smaller, he felt certain that if he walked a little ways, he could find his way back into town. Hiroki The name Arcturus managed to force the gods' attention from the altercation with Blink onto Hiroki. Whether or not that was a good thing was unclear. Lord and Seeker dismounted the table and returned to their seats. They seemed to have taken a more professional appearance for Hiroki, but their unwillingness to look each other in the eye belied the lingering tension. "It seems we have an empty seat," Lord gestured to the chair that Hiroki assumed to have sat Blink, "If he left you with anything else, we need to hear it. Even if not, you probably deserve to be in here anyways." "What are you-" Gryffin started to ask. "She can sit with the other failure, as far as I'm concerned, she's not one of us until she gets her Plane back." Lord replied, apparently trying to spark a fresh debate. Gryffin rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair, miffed but unwilling to respond. "You can't just unilaterally declare her seat void, let alone give it to someone who isn't even a god." Queen protested, "I don't like her either, but it's not your descision alone to make." "I'm inclined to agree, especially when Wine is still too ill to break the tie on disincluding Sain." Bear chimed in, though he continued his response in a surprising direction, "But Amelia won't be back, and she has backed Hiroki in the past. I think it would be fair to consider the Hellfire Knight as Blink's representative, and I think Amelia would be okay with that." Seeker nodded, "I'm not happy with your choice to offer the seat without any discussion, but Bear is right, Blink would be fine with Hiroki sitting in for her." "That's fair enough, I suppose. I'll accept it as well. Gryffin?" Queen agreed, though he still seemed unconvinced. "I was going to say, 'what are you talking about?'" Gryffin said with all the passive aggressive might a teenage boy could muster, "I don't know what this Arcturus thing is. But yeah, I'm fine with the Hellfire Knight borrowing Blink's spot." "Right, then it's decided." Lord pointedly chose not to apologize for her actions, "Hellfire Knight, you may temporarily assume Blink's seat at the table. Please tell us if Arcturus left you any other memories, and then I'll explain exactly what he is for the uninformed."
  3. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Sharp Sharp still wasn't happy, but Platinum's response was enough to remind him that they ha a goal here, he needn't let his personal feelings get in the way. That is, until Lexi spoke again. "So, are you not Sharon?" Lexi asked innocently enough. But Sharp was already seeing red. "Say that name again and I'll have your tongue." she threatened, deadly serious. An high ptiched yelp escaped Lexi. "S-sorry, sorry. I'm really bad at names, I didn't know. Can, can you tell me your name?" "Sharp Aker." Sharp said flatly, still burning with irrational rage. He continued to glare at Lexi, who merely squirmed, until a ringing sound cut through the tension. Both Sharp and Lexi turned to Platinum to see if she would answer her phone, which graciously deigned to distract them from one another. Lilith "Hello." Lilith's greeting was barely more than a whisper. She recognized them both from camp, though she didn't really know who they were. She would have preferred to be alone with Arturia. She trusted Arturia. Miss Katherine? Lilith didn't know why, but she didn't like that idea. But.. Maybe it was necessary. If she didn't go, Arturia might not be able to keep her, and then she'd just go back. She didn't want to go back. "Alright." she agreed, "but, um, what about the-" Lilith cut herself off, glsncing nervously at the other two, "What about the milk?" It wasn't all that important in the grand scheme of things, but Lilith had been looking forward to experimenting with the formula she'd remembered. On the off chance it worked, it would help Arturia protect her. And even if it didn't, they could at least have some fun making it together.
  4. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Hiroki Adam looked sufficiently admonished, and merely hung his head as Hiroki brushed past him to leave the room. She would have just enough time to regret her decision as she walked down the hall to the room the gods had occupied. Upon opening the door, Hiroki would immediately be met but the clamor of several people trying to speak at once. It was impossible to make out what anyone was saying, but at the center of it all were Blink and Lord, who were so caught up in their argument they'd managed to climb up onto the table. The room was more of a family dinner between bitter relatives than a meeting between the rulers of the land. A loud smack brought the shouting to an abrupt end. Blink's voice weakly cut through the silence, "Take that back." It was more of a plea than a demand. Lord touched her cheek gingerly and looked genuinely shocked, even impressed, at the audacity of Blink's slap. She didn't seem to have a response for Blink, and she certainly didn't seem to be in a mood to take anything back. "I said take it back!" Blink screamed, raising her fist to strike Lord again. But rather than Lord, Blink's fist met with Seeker's stomach. Seeker seemed completely unfazed, and said very calmly, "Let it go, Amelia, before you cross another line." Blink looked utterly shocked and betrayed, but only for a moment before anger took over again. She spat at Seeker's feet and shouted, "That's for every goddamn one of you!" Before sticking her middle finger up and storming out of the room, nearly barreling over Hiroki in the process. There was silence, and the gods seemed to finally pick up on the fact rhat they had a visitor, but none of them seemed willing to acknowledge Hiroki. Instead, Bear broke the silence, "You didn't have to say that." "Of course you would take her side." Lord sneered, "I only told her the truth." "No, he's right." Seeker turned to face Lord, "I know you can't stand her, but you could at least try to be a little sensitive to her past. That man is the absolute last person Blink would work with. I suspect you're second on that list now." "I don't care about her past." Lord said, her calmness clearly forced, "It only makes sense if the coup is fake. It happened too quickly, Blink wouldn't retreat without a fight unless she had an ulterior motive. And now we have twice as many Planes to worry about." Seeker shook her head, "Her ulterior motive was probably to focus on defeating Aries, not holding a fight against him and the tenth completely on her own. And Aries taking Envy is good for us. Defeating Aries on his own turf would be virtually impossible, Wrath is practically impenetrable, but now he has to split his efforts so he can hold Envy as well. We don't have the time to lay siege to Wrath, but taking back Envy is absolutely feasible." Lord seemed at a loss for words again, and silence descended on the room once more.
  5. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Lilith Lilith heard a voice reach into the darkness that surrounded her, stirring her awake. It was a comforting voice, one that made her feel safe in a way she hadn't felt since she was a small child. "Mommy?" she asked groggily as her eyelids slowly opened. But when Lilith finally laid eyes on the person standing over her, she remembered what had happened. Her eyes immediately shut again as tears started pouring out of them. She jumped upright and wrapped her arms around Arturia before the older girl had time to react. Though Arturia might have thought otherwise at first, there was no malice to the action. "Thank you." Lilith said between sobs, "Thank you so much." She continued bawling into Arturia's chest for quite a while before she finally released the hug. She kept crying even after she let go, but her tears were quickly fading.
  6. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Adam Knowing just how much stress Swag was under in normal circumstances, Adam wasn't surprised to see him break down under the added pressure. Not surprised, but still terrified. Swag could spit in the face of someone twice his size and force them to back down without a fight, if he was at the end of his rope, they were truly in dire straits. Nastasia's nudge seemed to remind Swag of where he was, and he quickly restored his composure, but he didn't return to his full stature and it was apparent that he was still hurting. "Adam." was his only response to her introduction. He didn't have any interest in sorting through his grievances with the other competitors with anyone but them, so having her directly call attention to the fact that he was still standing wasn't something he appreciated. Hiroki's question was welcome as a way to bring back their focus, but Adam didn't want anything to do with the answer. "Not it." he said quickly, "I'm not going anywhere near that room right now, and if you want to keep your heads you should avoid it as well." If Swag had snapped, there was no doubt that the rest had at least cracked. At this point even Bear might be struggling with the weight placed on his shoulders. Adam didn't even want to imagine what it would look like when the other gods found out that Arcturus was their opponent.
  7. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai Tejfidh nodded, "Your reservations are fair, I will do my best to answer quickly. "I do not gain anything from inhabiting you in particular, I typically have several hosts active at any given time. In general I do this because I have nothing better to do, it fulfills my boredom and I enjoy helping others. I can tell you more when things are less urgent, if you want. I'd prefer to recede to the passive relationship I have with my other hosts though. "As for your second question, I know her gender because I latched on to some of your recent thoughts when I first entered. I like to get a general idea of the people I'm helping, and it's usually a good idea to check that they aren't a criminal that has been fairly exiled. I can't read your mind under normal circumstances unless it's something you willingly share." Tejfidh smiled happily, and it seemed genuine. Considering the situation, it was actually a very odd expression, and it was hard to judge exactly what part of her explanation made her feel like smiling. Whatever the case, the movement caused her hair to flop back into her face, and she had to brush it aside again.
  8. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai "It's not my time, you're the one dying." the girl responded, still sounding a bit annoyed, "I should introduce myself, I'm Tejfidh, one of the beings you would call an ancient." The girl stood and her clothes, which up until this point didn't even exist in Tai's perception, materialized as a long grey robe, the folds of which she used to perform a curtsy alongside her introduction. She then sat down again and Tai's perception of her outfit vanished, it reminded him of the feeling of being watched he'd sensed in the earlier room, he knew something was there, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to focus on it. When he thought about it, he realized that all details about Tejfidh except her face and hair were obscured to him in this way. The only things he clearly understood of her were the things that he was directly interacting with. "Since your kind can only exist in one Plane at a time, you can't navigate accurately, so I've made myself available as a navigator. In some cases when I notice someone who will die without my help, I try to coax them into becoming a host, as I did with you." Tejfidh explained, "This is the first time I've encountered a host who has already been inhabited by another. She doesn't seem to be here currently, but I needed to ask if the vacancy was permanent. Once you accept my help, I'm here to stay, she'll never be able to return. If you're okay with that, I can lead you to safety."
  9. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai Throwing aside the curtain anf his caution with it, Tai barged into the second room that had warned him away. It was an empty box of boring walls, with a young girl with pale, slightly bluish skin sitting in the center. The girl brushed aside her shoulder-length blonde hair and yawned, her golden eyes pouting at Tai. "What took you so long?" she asked, "I don't usually give my hosts audiences, so it's pretty rude to keep me waiting. I even marked the important doors for you."
  10. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Sharp The study rooms were more along the lines of study cubicles, only large enough to hold a small plastic table and the occupants of four chairs. Platinum and Lexi would arrive to find a large chunk of the table already covered in art books with a few mythology books scattered between them. Sharp was surprised to see Lexi, but saw nothing wrong with a third member of their little study group. "Hello, Miss Lexi." He greeted politely. "Hi, uhh... Sharon?" Lexi responded. Sharp didnt mind the uncertainty, and would have only been a tad annoyed at Lexi using his first name, if not for the rage that he was filled with towards the name Lexi had chosen to use for him. His face went stone cold and he looked at Platinum to ask, "Why is she here?" With any sense of cordial attitude forsaken.
  11. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Princess Princess sat back in her chair. She felt a sense of relief, but also a twinge of sadness. A part of her had hoped that Victoria was reaching out to her. She stared wistfully at the photo of her family on the wall nearby. Her choice was the right one, she was sure, but she still felt a deep regret. As Princess's thoughts wandered further, they came back around to Grima. How would Victor have handled her visit? Princess was certain he would have at least warned the girl of what she was going to face when she left. As she kept staring at the photo, it started to seem like Victor's eyes were judging her, telling her to do the right thing. "Okay, okay, you win." she relented. Princess stood up and grabbed the sword from the table, swiping it through the air in a swift downwards slash. A purple rift appeared in front of her, opening up to reveal a surprised Grima as she stumbled through it back into the parlor. For a moment the rift remained open, showing the exterior of the house Grima had been walking away from before zipping shut. "I apologize for the sudden return." Princess said with a short bow, "My conscience insisted that I ensure your safe return. Aries is already in the process of shutting down the trains, you won't be able to leave this plane normally."
  12. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Lexi "Oh, that's alright. It's nice to run into you again, it's been a little while." Lexi smiled at her friend. As luck would have it, Lexi's books were on the same topic as Platinum. "Arr you doing an essay on Layo too?" Lexi asked, "We could study together if you want."
  13. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Kindle For the second time, Arturia avoided telling Kindle who this "friend" was. Perhaps it was just stubbornness, but then she mentioned being out in the woods, making her and her friend the closest girls to the scene of the incident that hadn't died. Kindle intended to probe further, but was halted by Kaede's apology. She sighed, it wouldn't be right for her to simply ignore something like that. "I suppose if you're going to be like that, I'll be a little more honest with you." she said, "Frankly, the church has no idea what happened. Due to diplomatic issues with Mother Opium, we've only just begun this investigation in earnest. I came here first because I thought you'd be the most cooperative, not because I suspected you. I apologize for my own aggressive tactics, I'm used to dealing people who are already known to be guilty and just need made to admit it. "With that said, your friend has given me reason to be suspicious of her, and I intend to come back and interrogate he further, once I have a better understanding of events as a whole. Until then, I leave her in your custody. Please ensure she remains available for questioning, Ustole Kaede." And with that, Kindle exited the room. She didn't intend to simply let Arturia slip away, but she'd give the girl a little breathing room. At least until she could get ahold of the relevant medical records.
  14. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Platinum In a rush to quickly gather as many books as possible, Platinum turned the corner into the stacks far too quickly and without looking ahead, causing her to barrel directly into another girl who was carrying a stack of books almost as tall as Platinum. As would be expected of such a situation, the other girl was knocked onto her behind and the books were flung everywhere. The girl gave a surprised yelp, but managed to recover quickly when she recognized her unintentional assailant. "Oh, hi Miss Platinum." Lexi Aislin greeted Platinum cheerfully even as she winced a little from her wounded buttox. Sharp Being very familiar with the library and how it was organized, Sharp knew exactly where to look for the books. But he needed to reserve a study room, and he liked the librarian, so he headed over to the front desk first. He was surprised to find that the woman behind the counter was someone entirely new. Sharp had to do a double take, because for a moment he thought she was a boy. She was very short and looked Southern. She was wearing a short blue dress that was a little too big for her, so she kept having to tug the shoulder back up. Whenever it slipped Sharp could see that her arm had quite a few stitches in it, though it looked like they'd largely finished their job. As Sharp approached this new face, she looked up from the book she was reading. A bubble of gum emerged from her mouth, but instead of popping it she just took a finger and shoved it back inside. "What can I do for ya?" she asked, her accent slightly hinting that she might be from Nayo, though with OI close to the border it was impossible to be sure. "Um, if it's not too rude of me to ask, what happened to Mother Terrace?" Sharp asked. "Had to retire. Something about broken legs. I'm sure she's fine." the woman answered dismissively. "Oh, I see." Sharp wondered how someone could so casually remark on something like that, but decided to ignore it, "Well then, Mother..?" "Makaylin Argos, but none of that Mother crap. I ain't much older than the rest of you, Miss Makaylin is fine, or Miss Argos if you gotta be formal." Sharo blushed at Miss Argos's crude language. It was anything he hadn't heard, but hearing it from an authority figure in a formal setting was disquieting. "Miss Argos, I'd like to reserve a study room for my friend and I. And then I'd like some helps finding texts and scholarly writings about ancient historical accounts involving the goddesses." Sharp didn't need the help, but he wanted to see if this strange girl actually knew her way around the library. "Done, number 3, lemme know when you're done." She put a bookmark in her own book and got up, "This way." Miss Argos led Sharp towards the stacks, but didn't go anywhere near the history section. Instead, she led Sharp to an aisle dedicated to ancient art. "Wait, art? Why here?" He asked in obvious confusion. "The history stuff is all filtered. Not outright censored, but funding doesn't go to anyone who doesn't parrot the church's version of events. You could get books from Nayo that are better about that, but they haven't been free of church influence until pretty recently, so you won't find much information yet. "But art is different. A lot of ancient cultures shared their stories through pictures and their religion through charms and stuff. So by looking at it, you can get an unfettered view of what they believed. The analyses written are freer too, because people get upset when the Church doesn't fund things related to art, even research. That's why there's an entire sub field of archeology dedicated to it." "Wow, I had no idea." Sharp said in honest amazement, "Thank you Miss Argos." "No problem." Miss Argos shrugged, "History is up near the front, same with religion. Aisles 2 and 5 for ancient religious practices and mythological stories, respectively. This is the best, but you can still find some relevant information up there. Let me know if you need anything else." Sharp nodded and the two parted ways. 2 and 5 were exactly where he would have looked, of course. It seemed Miss Argos was extremely knowledgeable. Sharp felt bad for judging her on her abrasive attitude.