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  1. Archangel vs. The Councilor Thomas's discs were designs specifically to handle explosions by absorbing energy from the attack to launch themselves away, so they made no attempt to resist. However, Nastasia's ability was too powerful to redirect easily, and it took all of Thomas's power to rein in his mech, preventing him from performing a proper follow up. It looked like Nastasia had won that exchange. But looks could be deceiving. "That was quite impressive." Thomas said, speaking to the crowd, "Tell me, would all of you like to see me do the very same thing?" The crowd announced their opinions in a jumbled mess of voices with no distinctive answer. But the Councilor's mech knew the voices of their hearts, and a clear result was found. "The ayes have it." Thomas announced, "And I have you, Archangel." One of Thomas's disc's launched out again, but it was different this time. Faster, moving unpredictably. This was a real attack, not one for show. The disc easily moved into a close range, glowing with energy. "What was that you said?" Thomas mocked Nastasia smugly, "Oh right, I remember. Holy shroud of retribution, release!" An explosion identical to the one Nastasia had just created spread out around the disc, threatening to bring Nastasia down with her own unique attack.
  2. Archangel vs. The Councilor The same instant Nastasia snapped her fingers, the discs spin slowed. It was almost imperceptible, the crowd wouldn't notice it, but Nastasia caught it. And it was enough to tell her thay what followed was intentional. The explosion sent the discs flying apart in opposite directions. But it was not a wild flight. No, the discs arced towards Nastasia in a pincer attack, using the momentum from her explosion to multiply their speed and power. And this was not all, from the cloud of smoke she had created, two more of Thomas's discs appeared. The tore along the ground vertically, kicking up sparks and dust as they approached. This second attack was even less threatening than the initial strike, it wouldn't even dent her armor if it hit. All Nastasia actually had to worry about from a combat perspective was the pair of discs arcing at her from opposite directions. But combat wasn't quite everything she had to worry about. Valkyrie vs. Finale The dust began to clear, allowing Grima and Artemis to search for each other in the fog. Artemis wasn't surprised to see Valkyrie strafing towards her, and it wouldn't pose any problem. The array of mines covered her easily, a direct approach from any angle would be dangerous. Once again, she let lose with her mortar, hoping to bombard Valkyrie into submission before the mines even came into play. "What a worthless fight." Artemis announced, "You refused to back out, but you're not even giving me a challenge. Why are you even here? If you don't have the skills to win, you shouldn't come to the battlefield."
  3. Archangel vs. The Councilor Thomas took note of the energy his opponwnt directed towards the crowd. It was apparent that she had been warned of what he could do. But that wasn't all, even through the fog it was impossible not to pick up on her charisma. Since she knew what was going on, there was no reason to hide his abilities for an opportune time. Instead, it would be much better to make his move as quickly as possible before she could circumvent him. "Yes, let's." He answered, immediately sending two of his disks flying towards her. They orbited around one another, the electricity holding them together flashing wildly as it arced between the spinning disks. The attack was not a particularly powerful one, putting momentum towards the spinning took away from its forward momentum, but it was still enough that it wouldn't bounce off his opponents armor harmlessly. The crowd was mesmerized, of course, such was the intent of his action. Hiroki Watcher chuckled, though Hiroki was definitrly not in on the joke. It wasn't a wholly illogical answer, in fact it probably made the most sense given what she knew. But that was always the thing, they never knew. If any of them would just stop to think for a second, they'd realize that what Cardinal was doing was an impossibility, that something else must have been going on, and that they needed to look deeper if they wanted to stop her. If Cardinal's actions were taken at face value, the gods' plan was an excellent solution. Create someone powerful enough to challenge a god, defeat Cardinal, and Nil fades away. But it was such a superficial plan, it didn't even account for the possibility that Cardinal was never the god of Nil to begin with. And now Hiroki would finally see the truth of the matter, far too late for anyone to change the outcome. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but that answer is wrong." Watcher told her, "The correct answer is ten, though seven or fourteen would have been an equally correct response." Watcher flicked his fingers again, and another portal like the one that had brought Hiroki to him opened up beside him. "You can contemplate why on your way to meet Cardinal." Watcher said, not so subtly telling Hiroki that their time together was done. Valkyrie vs. Finale Valkyrie's reaction was impressive, it took a lot of cool to react reliably to such a wild attack. Though Grima's mech was slow, Artemis took a while to regain her balance after the throw, so she was only just barely ready in time to meet Valkyrie's charge. "No thanks." She said, her voice a mixture of anger an confidence. On of her arms moved around to her weapon, but rather than grabbing it, it reached inside the morter tube. The shell it pulled out was cast towards the ground between Finale and Valkyrie, just far enough to not damage Artemis but still close enough to knock her backwards, kicking up a cloud of debris in the process. Artemis was sent into a backwards somersault, used her mech's arms to spring even further back at the end of it, and landed as far away as she and Grima had started. It wasn't a perfect maneuver, now that the wall was at her back, she wouldn't be able to do it again, nor could she perform another back throw should her foe manage to get that sort of momentum towards her again. But Artemis didn't plan for either of those things to matter, she would batter her opponent into the ground before they even got close. As the debris and fog blocked her view just as much as her opponent, she didn't have the ability to open fire on her foe, Artemis once again pulled out the mine layer, intending to place mines between herself and Grima once more. Melee level 6 bonus used Astra vs. Supernova A stroke of luck. Supernova diving underneath him actually guaranteed Adam the opening he wasn't sure he'd get. Bow all he had to do was execute. Sorry Amelia. He thought. She'd be mad that he'd even attempted this, but it would be wrong for him to not give it his all. Phase punching was just the first step, a beta technique built using a poorly understood theory. There was something more beyond that, something Adam would never have attempted in a million years. "Well, I guess this is a million and one then." He chuckled to himself. Adam's mech vanished from around him, momentarily leaving him exposed as he fell. It reappeared again almost instantly and arcs of shadowy lightning flashed around it. Once more it vanished, but this time Adam went with it. The place Adam vanished to was truly a land of nothingness. He could not sense anything, it was like his mind and body had been completely separated. He almost panicked, but his willpower overcame his fear and he thought as quickly as possible. If Blink could survive his nothingness, then it was at least possible. He steadied himself and tried to reach ou with his senses. It was hard to explain, but even this nothingness felt like it existed, which meant he had something to feel with. It didn't take long to realize that he sensed a warm sensation. It was behind him, where Supernova had been. He didn't know what it was, but he knew who. And so he willed himself to pass behind that warm feeling. It didn't feel as though he was moving, more that the feeling was moving instead. Regardless, he knew that Supernova was in front of him. He opened his eyes, not having even realized he'd involuntarily closed them, and as he did so the real world snapped back into view. He'd done it. From Tai's perspective, it was as if Astra intently teleported from one location to another, like the speed glitch Tai had used earlier. But there was in fact, something entirely different about this technique. Before his mech had properly reentered reality, Adam outstretched his arms so that his hands were inside Supernova's back, fusing the mechs together when he fully reformed. On top of this momentary intagibility, Adam had maintained his momentum upon exiting subspace. Using that, as well as every last ounce of strength he could muster, he yanked Supernova downwards, activated his ability to remain in place, and sent the two of them into a wild spin. His armor was nowhere near heatproof, and Supernova's heat threatened to melt not only his hands but his entire mech. But that was the plan. His humans hands were in agony, he might have been safe but he still felt the pain as Supernova's energy tried to burn them off along with his mech. He only had to hold on for a few moments before Astra's hands melted free of Supernova and sent the fire mech careening towards the ground at unfathomable speeds, but those moments were moments of raw pain. There was no way it was enough. Even if Tai did absolutely nothing to defend himself, the amount of damage Supernova would take was nothing compared to the damage it's proximity had caused to Astra. Adam's mech was a half melted hunk of metal, the limbs there hadn't melted off entirely were fused in place. There was no possibility for him to fight any more. But that in itself was a victory. For the first time in his life he could truly say that he'd given it his all. And so, as the last gasps of his consciousness faded with his mech and his limp body fell from the sky, he had only one thing to say to Tai: "I had fun."
  4. Hiroki Hiroki's demand gave Watcher pause. It wasn't every day someone spoke so directly to him. And for her to use the same words as that madwoman, it struck him as poetic. He actually felt tears well in his eyes before he stopped himself. "There are some answers that must be worked for." He said, "If you can answer a question of mine, you will have your own answer. So tell me: How many Planes are there?" It was a simple question with an obvious answer, but anyone could tell from the fact it was being asked that the obvious answer was incorrect. No, the answer was the number at the core of everything, and the number that would soon come to represent Hiroki herself.
  5. Astra vs. Supernova Adam wanted to protest that he was already beyond saving. If he lost here, then it would all fall apart, and he didn't have any chance of winning, it was a given that Supernova's next attack would decide the battle. But something made him stop. Why did it have to dscide the battle? Had he really given up already? No, he couldn't. Not because of his responsibility, but for his own pride. There was a time for humility, he'd learned that the hard way, but nothing made now that time. There was one thing he could try, though the likelihood of it working was virtually none, it wouldn't be fair to himself or his opponent if he didn't do it. And so he raised his arms in a defensive posture, braced himself for the incoming attack, disengaged his lock, and plummeted towards the ground. Valkyrie vs. Finale Artemis was almost caught off guard by that move. It was certainly reckless, not the sort of thing you'd expect from such a design. Unfortunately for Grima, reckless wasn't going to be enough. With no way to change her trajectory, she was unable to avoid Finale's arms reaching out to grab her shield and using her momentum to redirect her around Finale, into the minefield. Artemis didn't let up either, immediately unleashing another volley of mortar fire towards Valkyrie the instant it hit the ground. Hiroki "This is the world I was born to, and the one Cardinal currently inhabits. It's quite the lovely sight." Watcher ignored the important question again, "Though nowadays it doesn't look much like this. In fact it's impossible for anyone to survive there for more than about seventeen seconds, not that time still has any real meaning there."
  6. Hiroki Watcher shrugged, "Nothing really, I'm just passing the time." he said. The world changed again, now an extremely strange looking plane covered in some kind of green plant that looked like a carpet and with a strikingly blue sky straight out of a fantasy world. "Here's the thing:" Watcher extended the back of his hand towards Hiroki, "According to the rules, you and Arcturus can always force an endless battle against me. But it's been a long time since I was beholden to the rules." Watcher flicked his first two fingers three times, beckoning. Obeying his command, the energy within Hiroki burst forth, flaring out between them in a burst of raw power. And then it shrank. Growing increasingly small, Hiroki's power floated over to Watcher and settled above his hand, small enough that he could place it in his palm if he wanted. Hiroki felt as though a part of her had been torn away. "If I wanted, I could take your power right here and now, you would never again be able to create more energy. That means no mech, no star powers, none of it." He shook his head, and Hiroki's power floated back into her, growing again as it returned, "You asked why I made Cardinal what she is, and it's simple: I have already succeeded as the destroyer, and I wish to create a hero who can undo my actions. Cardinal trusts me, I'm like a father to her, but I have every intent to betray her, ensuring your victory and the safety of Tempest."
  7. Hiroki "It will be some time before you are able to fight again, let's go for a walk." Watcher completely ignored Hiroki's question and began walking away. There didn't seem to be any choice but to follow. The white void slowly began to turn pitch black around them, starkly contrasting Watcher's white suit. "I told you that everything Arcturus said was true, but I withheld something." Watcher said as the white void finally vanished entirely, dropping a curtain of blackness of Hiroki's eyes, "You see, you cannot trust a word I say, and indeed Arcturus was mistaken about something." An explosion tore through the space around them, the shockwave threatening to send Hiroki flying away from the nothingness she stood on. A bright blue light now illuminated the blackness, a star had appeared next to them. "There are rules that govern this universe, four elements whose influence can be accessed by manipulating our very souls. These elements signify an endless cycle of power, and each cannot usurp their place in the cycle." The star turned purple and began to flicker, Hiroki didn't understand what this meant, but she knew it had fundamentally changed. "These elements are also paired, which allows the cycle to reach an equilibrium. Most important for this equilibrium is energy, which is capable of creating balance with light, the element of destruction." The star changed again, now not so much a star as an orb of pure white. Under this new light, Watcher himself seemed to glow. "You see, light can never defeat energy, and so as long as these two powers remain balanced, there can be no destruction. This balance is a fundamental rule of the reality we inhabit. I believe Arcturus told you of this relationship, correct?" Watcher went silent, apparently finally listening to Hiroki as he waited for her answer.
  8. Hiroki Arcturus smiled reassuringly as Hiroki entered the portal, but his face turned to grimace as soon as she vanished. He was confident in her ability to fight, but first she would have to navigate whatever lies Lucifer laid before her. "You really should just learn to ask for help." he muttered to himself, "It would save all of us a lot of trouble." ~~~ The world flashed white as Hiroki stepped into the portal. A scene faded in before her, discolored slightly but still easily recognizable: a much younger Hiroki, hurt and frustrated as her opponent stood over her triumphantly. It had been her very first fight, an absolutely humiliating loss. Her younger self stood and looked towards her with a blank stare. Everything else faded away again, leaving her floating alonw with herself in this white void. As she floated there, she suddenly realized that she has switched places and was now looking on herself in the present. No longer a defeated child, but one of the strongest warriors in all the Planes. "Congratulations." a man's voice tore through the silent abyss from behind her, the other Hiroki vanishing in the same instant. He walked out and turned to face her, a young man with dark skin, brown hair, and ocean blue eyes that seemed to look through her just as the portal had. "I'm sure Arcturus already told you about me, and I should warn you: absolutely everything he said was completely true, no doubt about it."
  9. Valkyrie vs. Finale With two thirds of the area around her now covered by a minefield, Artemis had reduced her opponent's approach options to one. All she had to do now was keep up the attack until even Valkyrie's defenses couldn't handle any more. Switching her weapon back to mortar mode, Artemis began raining fiery death on her foe once more, this time with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Hiroki Arcturus was patient as Hiroki reeled. This was a responsibility far too large for anyone to bear, truly she was handling it better than most. "I am just a warrior." Arcturus told her, "I have done many great things in my time, but making great choices is not one of them. But sometimes a warrior such as myself is presented with a choice that can't be ignored. We have to make these choices, difficult though they may be, and we may never know in the end if the choice we made was correct. "If you must have my advice, then I will say this: Whatever Watcher wants of you, do the opposite." Hiroki heard a cracking sound behind her. A jagged white line had cut through the air, distorting the world around it. Slowly, it opened, forming the shape of an eye floating sideways. Looking at it made her feel invisible, as though it could see right through her. "That was quicker than expected." Arcturus remarked, "It seems you've received an invitation."
  10. Astra vs. Supernova Adam hadn't expected himself to do what he did, let alone Supernova to accept his request. So this whole situation was quite the surprise. But even surprised, he didn't hesitate or stutter. "I don't understand why you're here." Adam said, "The way you fight, you're not doing this for anyone else. You can't be, because you're giving your all to defeating me. And if that's the case, why are you part of this battle where you and I are just pawns for someone else? "I have a proposal: let me take your place. If I fight for Nil, then you can fight against me to save the world. Not for the sake of another, but for your own. Because if the world ends you won't be able to keep fighting." It was an absolutely ludicrous proposal, one that would only make sense to the most childish of people. But at the end of the day, the childlike passion for he fight was what had brought them all here in the first place. Some of them had lost sight of that, some, like Adam himself, had no choice but to give it up. But maybe Supernova could still escape, he could fulfill the responsibility of participating in this foolish tournament and be free. And if that possibility remained, Adam couldn't help but offer it. He only wished he could still take that route himself.
  11. Hiroki "You would most likely know him as Watcher, though recently that's become a bit of a misnomer with how much he's been interfering." Arcturus explained, "He believes it his duty to take on the evils of the world so that heroes may rise and drive humanity forwards. It is his machinations that lead to Cardinal becoming the False God of Nil." Arcturus chuckled. It really was something, this scenario Watcher had built. Arcturus only hoped that Hiroki would find the right path where he had failed. "There is no help left for me, I have already failed. The responsibility now falls to you, you must choose the path that will save the world. My intent is only to give you all of the information so that you can find the right answer." He sighed and sat himself up better, looking Hiroki in the eyes, his gaze softer than expected, more like that of a parent than an enemy. "The following are the facts: Watcher will always take the side of evil. Watcher has convinced Cardinal to obey him. Cardinal is the only one who can defeat Watcher. And most important: Neither of them can defeat you." Valkyrie vs. Finale Going around, a typical response. The mines remained stationary as Grima moved to avoid them, but Artemis took the opportunity to launch yet more discs. Oddly, however, rather than creating another defensive screen, Artemis chose to lay the next set of mines behind her, leaving the path between her and Grima wide open for an approach.
  12. Hiroki Arcturus was worn out and in a good deal of pain, but now wasn't the time to worry about himself. There were much greater things at stake. The worry on his face was clear, even through his pain. "Congratulations." Arcturus said between rasping breaths, "Unfortunately, celebration will have to wait, there is much I need to tell. I wanted to save Cardinal from herself, but I made a grave misstep. I assumed she was alone, but He's been manipulating her from the start. Not even that boy coming all this way for her was enough, He has convinced her that she can't trust anyone but Him, not even her own heart." Astra vs. Supernova Adam saw the attack coming, but with his mobility reduced as it was, dodging normal wasn't an option. He didn't have time to think of a plan, his opponent was going to hit the attack if he stopped to think. Instead, Adam let his reflexes take over. He could have used the same technique Tai had earlier to dodge, but he felt in his heart that such a thing would be wrong. He could feel the passion is his opponent's attack, and his own rekindled passion refused to let him run away. Instead, his reflexes did something completely unexpected even to him. "WAIT!" his cry rang out across the field as Adam outstretched his hand to tell his opponent to stop. The word was more than a plea, it was his raw desire. Tai would not so much hear it as feel it, a heartfelt request for the Nova Strike to be held back, if only for a short while. Reflex bonus used (OOC: technically you can go on with the attack, but I'd appreciate if you played along for a minute) Valkyrie vs. Finale Artemis narrowed her eyes behind her mask. Such a complex response with such little time to react, her opponent was good. She considered switching things up again, trying to test the limits of Grima's skills. But that was enough experimenting, Artemis had a good sense of how her opponent could fight, and had a simple solution to the issue. Her gun rearranged itself again as she lofted it back above her head, turning into a sort of disc launcher. It fired out several of these discs, which proceeded to float in a defensive screen between the two combatants, lights on the top blinking bright blue at regular intervals.
  13. Astra vs. Supernova Another sudden attack from Supernova, but a punch was something Adam could react to. He let go and moved his arm in the direction of the punch, reducing the force of the impact as best he could and managing to reduce what could have been a broken arm to just some smashed armor and a melted gun. A good hit from Supernova, but not nearly as crippling as it could have been. Withiut his jetpack, reorienting himself towards Supernova after the attack took some effort, giving Tai plenty of time to assess the situation. When he did manage to sort out his bearings, he returned to his previous strategy of peppering his foe with gunfire. This time was a little different though, as now he was hanging upside down from his center. Hellfire Knight vs. Arcturus Arcturus laughed, though it was barely more than a squeak with how worn down he was. Neither of them had anything left to fight with, yet they both completely refused to back down. He had faced down far stronger opponents than Hiroki, but never one who could match his willpower. Not even the pumpkin witch could reach this level of complete lunacy. Arcturus wasn't sure of the outcome if they kept going, but it didn't matter anymore. Hiroki had earned this, he would not stand in her way merely to assuage his own ego. "Very well." Arcturus conceded, tossing Stillbirth aside, "Yukimura Hiroki, you have beaten me." The great warrior slumped to the ground, causing a couple more chunks of his armor to break off as he went down. Feebly, he gestured for Hiroki to come closer. Their fight was over, but he still needed to warn her of the choice she would have to make.
  14. Valkyrie vs. Finale As soon as she had successfully forced Grima into a defensive position behind her shield, Finale switched tactics. Her weapon was once again appended to her back and without skipping a beat fired off a volley of mortar shells towards the pinned Valkyrie. The last of the spread fire had just barely dissipated when the first shell dropped, leaving Grima very little time to react. Astra vs. Supernova A feint, and one Adam had no way to anticipate. In an instant he went from complete safety to intense danger. A direct hit to his jetpack would be pretty bad, but there was no way to avoid it. He would just have to use it then. Accepting the hit, Adam trigger the jetpack sf full power just before the impact, causing it to explode violently. The resultant force combined with the impact of Supernova's punch to flip Adam's mech around its center at an extremely high speed, allowing his arms to come up for an attempted grab at Supernova's leg. If he got a hold of it with either hand, he would immediately target the knee joint with the guns on the other, intending to disable it with his ability. Hellfire Knight vs. Arcturus It was certainly beautiful, that was for certain. Finally exposed in her full glory, Hiroki's final gambit was truly breathtaking. A cloak of energy, burning away the world. Arcturus smiled, he knew she had it in her. He flicked his fingers, destroying a small chunk of his gauntlets to attack his sword, sending it spiraling through the air and back into his grasp. The sword glowed bright blue once more, and he swung it for what he was certain would be the final time in this fight. His blade met Hiroki's onslaught, and a burst of of energy pulsed across the arena, incineration the dog in its entirety. His feet scraped against the ground for purchase as Hiroki a pushed him back, but found nothing. His heels met the wall, and still her Assault pushed against him. Everything he had went into his counter. His gauntlets began to glow with energy as he added them to his attack, but they quickly burst from the excess energy. The heat was cutting through his barrier, peeling at the exposed skin on his hands and face, but he still refused to back down. With a shout of pure determination and the last reserves of his strength, he pushed back, deflecting Hiroki away from him and ending her attack. For anyone else it would have been too little too late. Arcturus barely stood, his arms were both scorched and the entire right side of his torso was now exposed. Yet he still stood, and he leveled his sword towards Hiroki. "Yield." he demanded hoarsely, the very act of speaking nearly causing him to collapse then and there. For the first time in many, many years, Arcturus's body was exposed and it was possible to see the burn scars that covered it in its entirety. This was not the first time he had been on the brink of death, and he had never once backed down from a truly strong foe. The burns he held were a testament to not only his resolve, but also the resolve of those he stood against. He had shot meteors from the sky, conquered countless foes from beggars to kings and even his own brother, and even Lucifer could do no better than a stalemate against him. Hiroki was truly a powerful and valiant individual, and that was exactly why Arcturus refused to give in against her.
  15. Astra vs. Supernova Adam shrugged within his cockpit. He could potentially catch Supernova if he built up enough speed, but it would put him at some risk. There would be time for risk later, right now he had a much simpler answer. Adam outstretched his arm and fired the machine guns on his wrists, sending a spray of bullets towards Supernova. At this range the attack wouldn't be very accurate, but since his foe's armor seemed specialized towards heat, Adam expected that the few hits he would land would still put some pockmarks in Supernova's armor. Hellfire Knight vs. Arcturus Hiroki's attack landed easily, pelting Arcturus with a barrage of fire as he fell towards the ground. Even with her firepower as depleted as it was, she still managed to do severe damage to his armor. If she could have fired her main cannon, she likely would have won the fight right then. Arcturus hit the ground hard but didn't stay down for long. He rose to a kneeling position, breathing heavily. Yet despite how tired he clearly was and how trashed his armor looked, he didn't seem concerned in the slightest. In fact, he was grinning. "I̶̧̛͠ţ͟͜҉'̨́̕̕s̨̛͡ ̡̨̨b҉̡̀͞͠ȩ̷͜͝ę̸̷͝n͘͘ ̧̨͟a̢̛͘͟ ̨l͢o̡̨̕͟͡n̢̕͢͡ģ̴̛͟͟ ̨҉t̵̡̀í̢̕͝m̕͝e͏̷͘͝ ̀͜͢͏s̷͞í͘͘n̸̡͢͟c̸̵̀̕ȩ̷͞҉ ͘҉͞s̷̛ó̢̕͜m̛ę͠o̸͜͏̴n̵̢e̢͘ ̢͟p̵̵̡̨͝u̷̸͝s̸̡̀͞͞h҉͏ȩ̛̕d͝ ͡͠҉̧͞m̷͝e̶̶̕͟͜ ̢t̡̢h̷̴̛͡í̵̵̛s҉̡͡ ̕͜͏͏f̵̧̨͜͝á͘͝r̸̷͠͡.̀͘͘" Hiroki blinked, and Arcturus was gone, only half a memory of his presence in front of her remaining. It didn't take long to figure out where he had gone, as Hirokivs entire mech rapidly began heating up starting at the back. Arcturus was standing behind the Hellfire Knight, his palm resting against the mech's back and rapidly channeling energy into it. Heat warnings were going off all across the mech and Hiroki couldn't get her controls to respond. "The power of stars is within you, I believe it always has been. This is the power of energy, and the fire of a leader. With it, you are powerful enough to destroy darkness, and even hold light in a stalemate." Arcturus said, ever cryptic, "Yoyr shell no longer remains, so cast off your fear and stand proudly as yourself. Only then will your full potential be realized." A Hellfire Knight shaped crater smashed its way into the wall ahead, giving Hiroki a warning of what was to come. A split second later, Arcturus shoved her and she was sent careening across the arena at a blinding speed. She crashed into the wall, perfectly filling out the crater. The energy that had filled her mech discharged as she hit the wall, destroying most of her armor and exposing its internal structure. It was a miracle it wasn't completely obliterated. Most of her remaining weapons, including her main cannon, were gone. It seemed that just about the only thing she had left was a half-functional ability to move.
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