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  1. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Lexi "Oh, that's alright. It's nice to run into you again, it's been a little while." Lexi smiled at her friend. As luck would have it, Lexi's books were on the same topic as Platinum. "Arr you doing an essay on Layo too?" Lexi asked, "We could study together if you want."
  2. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Kindle For the second time, Arturia avoided telling Kindle who this "friend" was. Perhaps it was just stubbornness, but then she mentioned being out in the woods, making her and her friend the closest girls to the scene of the incident that hadn't died. Kindle intended to probe further, but was halted by Kaede's apology. She sighed, it wouldn't be right for her to simply ignore something like that. "I suppose if you're going to be like that, I'll be a little more honest with you." she said, "Frankly, the church has no idea what happened. Due to diplomatic issues with Mother Opium, we've only just begun this investigation in earnest. I came here first because I thought you'd be the most cooperative, not because I suspected you. I apologize for my own aggressive tactics, I'm used to dealing people who are already known to be guilty and just need made to admit it. "With that said, your friend has given me reason to be suspicious of her, and I intend to come back and interrogate he further, once I have a better understanding of events as a whole. Until then, I leave her in your custody. Please ensure she remains available for questioning, Ustole Kaede." And with that, Kindle exited the room. She didn't intend to simply let Arturia slip away, but she'd give the girl a little breathing room. At least until she could get ahold of the relevant medical records.
  3. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Platinum In a rush to quickly gather as many books as possible, Platinum turned the corner into the stacks far too quickly and without looking ahead, causing her to barrel directly into another girl who was carrying a stack of books almost as tall as Platinum. As would be expected of such a situation, the other girl was knocked onto her behind and the books were flung everywhere. The girl gave a surprised yelp, but managed to recover quickly when she recognized her unintentional assailant. "Oh, hi Miss Platinum." Lexi Aislin greeted Platinum cheerfully even as she winced a little from her wounded buttox. Sharp Being very familiar with the library and how it was organized, Sharp knew exactly where to look for the books. But he needed to reserve a study room, and he liked the librarian, so he headed over to the front desk first. He was surprised to find that the woman behind the counter was someone entirely new. Sharp had to do a double take, because for a moment he thought she was a boy. She was very short and looked Southern. She was wearing a short blue dress that was a little too big for her, so she kept having to tug the shoulder back up. Whenever it slipped Sharp could see that her arm had quite a few stitches in it, though it looked like they'd largely finished their job. As Sharp approached this new face, she looked up from the book she was reading. A bubble of gum emerged from her mouth, but instead of popping it she just took a finger and shoved it back inside. "What can I do for ya?" she asked, her accent slightly hinting that she might be from Nayo, though with OI close to the border it was impossible to be sure. "Um, if it's not too rude of me to ask, what happened to Mother Terrace?" Sharp asked. "Had to retire. Something about broken legs. I'm sure she's fine." the woman answered dismissively. "Oh, I see." Sharp wondered how someone could so casually remark on something like that, but decided to ignore it, "Well then, Mother..?" "Makaylin Argos, but none of that Mother crap. I ain't much older than the rest of you, Miss Makaylin is fine, or Miss Argos if you gotta be formal." Sharo blushed at Miss Argos's crude language. It was anything he hadn't heard, but hearing it from an authority figure in a formal setting was disquieting. "Miss Argos, I'd like to reserve a study room for my friend and I. And then I'd like some helps finding texts and scholarly writings about ancient historical accounts involving the goddesses." Sharp didn't need the help, but he wanted to see if this strange girl actually knew her way around the library. "Done, number 3, lemme know when you're done." She put a bookmark in her own book and got up, "This way." Miss Argos led Sharp towards the stacks, but didn't go anywhere near the history section. Instead, she led Sharp to an aisle dedicated to ancient art. "Wait, art? Why here?" He asked in obvious confusion. "The history stuff is all filtered. Not outright censored, but funding doesn't go to anyone who doesn't parrot the church's version of events. You could get books from Nayo that are better about that, but they haven't been free of church influence until pretty recently, so you won't find much information yet. "But art is different. A lot of ancient cultures shared their stories through pictures and their religion through charms and stuff. So by looking at it, you can get an unfettered view of what they believed. The analyses written are freer too, because people get upset when the Church doesn't fund things related to art, even research. That's why there's an entire sub field of archeology dedicated to it." "Wow, I had no idea." Sharp said in honest amazement, "Thank you Miss Argos." "No problem." Miss Argos shrugged, "History is up near the front, same with religion. Aisles 2 and 5 for ancient religious practices and mythological stories, respectively. This is the best, but you can still find some relevant information up there. Let me know if you need anything else." Sharp nodded and the two parted ways. 2 and 5 were exactly where he would have looked, of course. It seemed Miss Argos was extremely knowledgeable. Sharp felt bad for judging her on her abrasive attitude.
  4. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Sharp Sharp jotted down a note for Caliko and Esyllt before following after Platinum. He arrived at the library shortly after, and immediately went into research strategy. "I think there's two things we should look into during our research." he explained, "Layo mysticism looks at the godesses in a different way, so we should study that more. We should also look at ancient accounts of the goddesses, see if any suggest similar ideas to those from the south or connect to how Tressa or Kelaey's power worked. "I suggest we each take on subject, gather as many books as possible, and then meet in one of the study rooms to read and discuss. Which subject would you prefer?"
  5. Takosher

    [IC] ANKL. Part 2

    Kindle "Your cooperation is appreciated." Kindle sneered at Arturia's snarky response, "I have three questions to start: First, there was a cataclysmic event that resulted in a large crater, at the time you were all in a field nearby. Were any of you involved in this event? "Second, have any of you encountered anyone blasphemously claiming to be one of the goddesses? "Third, Arturia, who is that unconscious girl and why did you carry her back to your room?" As she asked her questions, Kindle moved a bit away from the window and seemed to relax slightly, though she still scratched her chest in an unsettling manner.
  6. Takosher

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven "Not much of a victory, we didn't even win." Rust answered, her frustration more than evident, "But what's done is done, even if it was stupid. We'll just have to do a better job of preventing a fight next time." "What if the next person we encounter has a more malicious reason to challenge us?" Veronica asked. "Well, I'm not gonna shy away from a fight." Rust said, her attitude becoming a little more positive, "We're from the DWMA, taking the souls of those who have turned to evil is what we do." "Thats more like it." Veronica smiled at her partner, "This was regrettable, but we can't let it keep us down." "You should probably get going." Rust told Haven, "If you want to survive this place you'll need to fight, and you don't seem especially evil so I'd prefer that fight be with someone other than Veronica and myself." "Indeed," Veronica added, "I hope we can be good neighbors, even in this trying land."
  7. Takosher

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Sceleratis Mayu looked a little confused by Sceratis's extended hand, and it took her a minute to realize she was expected to grab it with her own. "A demon hunter?" she repeated, her grasp of the concept apparently as weak as her handshake, "That's a weird thing for a magical girl to be. Is it hard?" Haruka "Elemelians are disgusting otaku perverts." Twoearle answered firmly, not a hint of self-reflection in her voice, "They're the members of Ultimagill, an interdimensional menace that goes around stealing the attribute energy of entire words and turning them into boring places devoid of creativity and happiness, all to fuel their depraved fetishes."
  8. Takosher

    [Interest Check] Shatter

    The world has changed, there's no longer an internet, guns are barely used, airports are reserved for military purposes, and for some reason everyone is driving electric cars. As if that wasn't enough, nobody else realizes that anything has changed. Most people think you're a lunatic, a crackpot conspiracy theorist. You might even start to think they're right. But the reality truly is that the world has become something different, and only you and those like you, those that remember, are able to set things right. Also you may or may not get time-related magical powers, I'm not sure yet If anyone is interested please post below letting me know. I'm looking for 3-5 players, and will post an OOC with more details, better structure, and a character sheet if I get enough interest. Feel free to poke me on my Discord for more information before then
  9. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai Finally passing through the warning curtain, Tai was met with a particularly shocking sight. A large room housing a device that he knew all to well, yet far larger than he ever could have imagined. Towering over him in the center of the room was the reactor core of his mech. It wasn't currently active, which was good because the heat would have incinerated him the instant he stepped through the curtain if it were. Across the room there was another large room with an observation window looking over the core. It seemed likely that the controls for the device were in there. However, none of the exits in the core room seemed to lead to it. Princess Princess cleared her throat. "Those glasses aren't cheap." she calmly prodded Grima, no accusation in her tone. She didn't say anything more to try to keep Grima from leaving, after all, she really did want to be left alone. The world wasn't hers to save, and Victoria's wars weren't hers to fight. She'd already learned the hard way that she wasn't meant to be a hero, that demon had put her squarely in her place. She was just a woman who happened to be good with a sword, nothing more.
  10. Takosher

    [IC] TTG Chapter 5: Wrath

    Tai As it turned out, the curtain wasn't ajar because of someone passing through, but rather because the room beyond was missing a piece of the wall. The entire room was cold and unwelcoming, and there didn't seem to be any other exits from it. A dead end, and a chilly one at that. While Tai was becoming freshly acquainted with the bitter cold, he heard what sounded like a scream from behind him. Not so much a scream of terror as a banshee-like screech. It was clearly coming from the danger curtain attached to the intersection. He got the distinct impression that if he didn't confront it head on, whatever was making the sound would sneak up on him when he was distracted. Swag "There's not many details, but it seems like it was a coup that Aries joined with out of opportunity." Adam answered Morgan. He apparently chose not to sit, well aware that he was unwelcome at the same table as Hiroki. "Then there's a chance they aren't actually aligned in their goals." Swag said, "If so, Hiroki may be right that it's not an issue." Swag didn't say it yet, but he actually thought this might work to their advantage. Aries was virtually unbeatable on his own turf, but if they could challenge him in Envy while he was still trying to secure it, then they might be able to actually win. Sarah would come to the same conclusion, she was good at this sort of thing. When the time came, he was certain she would have a winning strategy prepared. She was Lust's unconquwrable general, after all. He didn't realize it, but tears had started to run down Swag's face. The overbearing god in the room was utterly obliterated as a broken man took his place.
  11. Takosher

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Nova (vs. Veronica, turn 3, Clash) Although her foes were putting up a good fight, Nova knew that she was going to win. Their power was certainly strong enough to overcome hers, but they couldn't match her speed in powering up. It was unfortunate, they seemed to be a really good pair, it wouldn't be much fun to tear them apart. Nova recalled how she had first gotten to this place. A victory, but at the cost of her life and the lives of several people she cared about. She liked fighting, but she wasn't sure she was still a fan of winning. If only she'd listened to Parsley-sensei when he tried to stop her, she wouldn't be at risk of hurting more people. It was too bad that this world was so deadly, she would have liked another chance at fighting. With a sigh, she cut off her energy output and let her opponent's attack overwhelm her. She gave them a smile as she went out, thanks for giving her a good fight. Nova forfeits the clash, she takes 3 (44-43+2-0) damage, killing her HP: 0/5 Dice: 4, 2, 3, 1 Magic: 7 (9*80%) Veronica and Rust (vs. Nova, aftermath) Though they were pushing themselves as far as they could, Rust and Veronica knew they were soon to be overpowered. It sucked, having their second chance blown away by an overzealous neighbor, but they had both been pretty resigned to just dying outright before they ended up here. Yet suddenly, Nova's beam was gone and Veronica shot forward, I'm paling the girl through the stomach. It was so unexpected that it completely shattered the pair's resonance, not that it mattered at this point. With a smile of gratitude, Nova vanished from existence, in her place floating a soul. Veronica returned to her human form to ask the obvious question: "Why would she do that?" "Pay it no mind." the response came from Nova's elderly familiar, "She simply didn't want to ruin an enjoyable fight with a sad death." "Well she failed." Rust replied with a shake of her head, "She didn't have to be our enemy, she was just so impulsive." "Indeed." the old man agreed, "Impulsive, reckless, a bit stupid at times. But far from heartless. She'd appreciate that you found her death saddening. And she'd hope you use your winnings well." he gestured to the soul. "Uh, that's a human soul, I really shouldn't..." Veronica said uncomfortably. "No, it's fine. That's just this world trying to accommodate us, it just represents her gemstone, eating it will add hers to yours." Rust explained. "You're sure?" Veronica asked. "I'm sure." Though she was still apprehensive, Veronica trusted Rust. So she took the soul and swallowed it. As soon as she had, Nova's territory began to shift and change, merging into their own. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to stick around." the old man brought attention back to his presence, "I'm a bit more keen on being alive than my student was." "Can we do that?" Veronica asked. "Sure, just consciously allow me to be part of your territory. You have almost total control over it, right?" "I guess." Veronica closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment before saying, "I think I did it?" Nova's land vanished completely, fully integrating into Veronica's, but the old man didn't vanish, so it seemed Veronica was successful. An awkward silence followed as nothing more was necessary to say. Veronica and Rust recover 4HP and 3 Mana Dice HP: 6/8 Dice: 3, 3, 5, 2 (need 3) Sceleratis The girl sighed and uncrossed her arms, her face softening significantly. "Apology accepted." she said graciously, "I'm Mahou Shoujo Tanpopo☆Mayu, the frog is my fairy, Moriya. If flying is difficult then feel free to land, just watch your step and try to stay on the bigger vines." Haruka As expected, Twoearle still seemed unconvinced about Kyubey, but nonetheless nodded when told not to accept any offers from the creature. "Well, it's pretty clear that we're supposed to be fighting our neighbors, but I'm not sure how well that will go." Twoearle answered Haruka's awkward question, "I designed the tail gear to fight elemelians, Dark Grasper's glasses gear was a struggle to defeat even with three. If only Mister Souji were here, I'm sure he would find a way..." Twoearle trailed off into uncertainty.
  12. Takosher

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Sceleratis The proprietor of the vines glared up at Sceleratis with her arms crossed. "Couldn't have done that the first time?" she said, her tone matching the state of her arms, "Hurting the jukai causes disasters in the real world. This may not be the way the jukai usually appears, but when people's lives are at stake it's better safe than sorry."
  13. Takosher

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    (OOC: Will doot the fight later today/tomorrow) Haruka "Why would I do that?" Twoearle asked, clearly surprised at Haruka's animosity, "He's so cute and precious! He's even got these little twintail things, he'd make such a good mascot for Mr. Souji." There was a momentary twinge of sadness on Twoearle's face when she mentioned the name, but she didn't let it last long. It seemed pretty apparent from Twoearle's demeanor that nothing Haruka could say would convince her that Kyubey was anything other than an adorable pet. The buxom girl seemed pretty headstrong, or maybe completely oblivious. Neither would make her easy to reason with.
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