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  1. In Rejuv, finding a decent wild Budew is actually that hard... Also, good to know about the Galar-update. If they did so for a strong narrative reason, it might not have gotten such backlash. I mean, Brexit analogies and whatnot...
  2. Given the development update, I believe Ame.exe has crashed Wait...what did I miss? Some updates regarding Sword/Shield at E3 must have slipped my attention....
  3. Given the new trailer for gen8, it is regrettable we won't see Kaiju-pokemon battles in Reborn...it would be a massive ***** to animate, program AND incorporate in the story...
  4. Isn't that Pokemon Red adventure's selling point? I think Reborn is somehow more...consistent storywise.
  5. The dev team be spitting more bars than a chocolate factory. Good riddance.
  6. Flygon is a good option (keep it Trapinch until it learns EQ by level-up): it gets Rock Slide, EQ and has 100 base speed, which can be enough if trained well enough. Pranksters with Rain Dance work wonders as well. Or you could go with a bulky Trick room mon to eat the hit and turn the battle on its head.
  7. Could be cut off right before he does (Flowey-style). Reborn's health bars always seem to "jump" the last bit, which is quite large for a level-5 mon.
  8. Not what I intended to say. Check Juice's comment. If it comes out shortly after (like a couple weeks), that could be the best scenario if Gen8 turns out a bit underwhelming. Not a desirable scenario, but not impossible either.
  9. Reeled back a little due to the surprise. Also if it is released in six months, that might put it past the Gen8-release date. That might not be a bad thing.
  10. Some Distortion World/Regular world puzzles would be cool, as one overwhelms the other...
  11. If the developers want to be really gnarly about it, they could refer it to as to why you can't visit Kalos...might kill off their British market somewhat, but it would be a bit funny. Given that wolves are extinct in Britain, and they were rather uncommon on coats of arms, I'd think dogs would be more likely than the former (plus the Victorian era originated quite a few 'dog breeds'). But who knows? Maybe it's based on Nordic mythology (as it was quite influential, given that even the royal family are descendants of the Normans, which were descendants of Vikings). I just hope they don't make it too easy. And that they don't implement the Let's Go-stat mechanics. But the game being on the Switch makes me quite excited if the latter doesn't happen.
  12. ^This. Just trying to plan ahead for such an event. It is merely speculation though. Commander's suggestions are probably the best way to go. Back to topic: if Ame wants a sadistic Victory Road puzzle, she can just redo that magic square puzzle, but have to fight a pokemon every time you want to make a move. Or just throw every puzzle up until then together and mix them in a glorious clusterf...
  13. There are a couple things. First one of them is Rejuv. I doubt it will be finished before Reborn, so if the site gets wiped who knows if and where that will be finished (it started to get really interesting this episode). Same goes indeed for all the others. I'm mostly afraid that I'll miss the release and won't get a chance to play the finished versions of any of these games (including Reborn) if it comes out at a time I'm drenched in work and deadlines, 'cause that happens sometimes. Second, if the site would get axed, it would mean a lot of people (which are not on Discord server for reasons, for example myself) might suddenly lose contact with the community. Sure, worrying doesn't really lead to any benefits for me, but I'm just hoping things will be alright for everyone. Anyway, thanks for the reassurance, Commander.
  14. I don't like bringing it up, but given Uranium's history, I'm worried Nintendo will take down E19 once it comes out as the game will be 'complete' then. Not sure what to do if that happens.
  15. A this point, you could say that about playing it as well (not complaining). I do wonder if Ame adds a twist to this final gym, or if she goes for straight-up ball-busting difficulty. Or both.
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