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  1. You could give for example packs of Wings (e.g. 40x Genius Wings, 128x Muscle Wings...) as initial rewards. That should help a bit. Basically items that help finetunig EV's or aid in breeding initially, and perhaps the higher-up bosses could give items like the Red Orb? You could even start a quest through there for Mega Ray, by rewarding an item that (after some stuff) makes the Move Tutor able to teach Dragon Ascent to Ray. Just a suggestion, tho
  2. Just drown the game with pesticides. That'll kill them, right?
  3. I passed my final course, am going to obtain my degree in three weeks time! ūüéČ

    1. doombotmecha


      That's amazing! Congratulations!

    2. laggless01
  4. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. That sounds like a lot of work to juggle to me, and I am finishing my master thesis Good luck with those things :)
  5. Well, given that it's a mystery to many how much effort these legendary quests require, I can't blame people for having a hard time to form a reasonable understanding of the time it would require to finish the remaining postgame. I can only assume each legendary quest is a massive effort, but whether the seemingly slow progress is due to its deceptively small appearance on the progress bars or other stuff happening behind the scenes is unknown to me. Perhaps this could be communicated more clearly to temper expectations on said release date?
  6. laggless01


    Banned for not using a crazier face of Senku for your profile pic.
  7. In Rejuv, finding a decent wild Budew is actually that hard... Also, good to know about the Galar-update. If they did so for a strong narrative reason, it might not have gotten such backlash. I mean, Brexit analogies and whatnot...
  8. Given the development update, I believe Ame.exe has crashed Wait...what did I miss? Some updates regarding Sword/Shield at E3 must have slipped my attention....
  9. Given the new trailer for gen8, it is regrettable we won't see Kaiju-pokemon battles in Reborn...it would be a massive ***** to animate, program AND incorporate in the story...
  10. Isn't that Pokemon Red adventure's selling point? I think Reborn is somehow more...consistent storywise.
  11. The dev team be spitting more bars than a chocolate factory. Good riddance.
  12. Could be cut off right before he does (Flowey-style). Reborn's health bars always seem to "jump" the last bit, which is quite large for a level-5 mon.
  13. Not what I intended to say. Check Juice's comment. If it comes out shortly after (like a couple weeks), that could be the best scenario if Gen8 turns out a bit underwhelming. Not a desirable scenario, but not impossible either.
  14. Reeled back a little due to the surprise. Also if it is released in six months, that might put it past the Gen8-release date. That might not be a bad thing.
  15. Some Distortion World/Regular world puzzles would be cool, as one overwhelms the other...
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