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  1. Destinyweaver

    Additions and Subtractions

    ........No more League? But...But..But....I wanted to beat it with my Eevees;-; *silently goes into corner and cries his heart out* What's worse is I might've won it if Titania didn't keep holding me back...and Adrienn...and Arclight before I beat him...I is so sad;-; WHAT WILL ME AND MY EEVEES DO NOW?;-; Maybe Pokenation's will be interesting..But I'll have to research first.
  2. Destinyweaver

    Favorite Pokemon.

    If you know me...You can already guess(HINT:LOOK ALL OVER MY TRAINER CARD) But, the question is....Which is my favorite of them all? I'LL LIST THEM IN ORDER 1.Umbreon- I LOVE dark types, I love his indirect tactics for killing everything with Toxic stall, and the sheer power of a Curse set(ALSO, THAT SHINY FORM) 2.Jolteon- Fast paced destruction, cute design 3.Flareon- It's cute to me...AND HAS UNRIVALED ATTACKING POWER....But it suffers from bad defense>_> 4.Sylveon- Bow to your cute, supportive, all destroying Fairy Eevee(THAT SHINY) 5.Leafeon- Grass is a likable type for me, but I prefer Flareon in the physical offensive department....And honestly, I think Leafeon has less of a offensive movepoll compared to Flareon 6.Espeon- A good balance of supportive and offensive play....But Psychic just isn't my type 7.Vaporeon- Not too much of a fan of its design compared to others, don't like water too much, but I do still LOVE it's bulk 8.Glaceon- I don't like Ice, and Glaceon just doesn't seem to work out well when I use it(And it's far outclassed by sylveon as a Dragon counter, btw)...It is kinda pretty, though I obviously love Eevee too, but it really only has it's out of this world cuteness until it evolves. In case you're wondering what else I like....I like the foxes(Zorua line, Vulpix line, Fennekin line), and Ampharos in particular
  3. Destinyweaver

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NEVAR. Here I am, randomly appearing. Now, here I am disappearing for a ludicrous amount of time. I'll predict Vinny too, cuz reasons
  4. Destinyweaver

    Interview Intermission II-- Arc!

    Arc is a a supporter of an Eeveeloution? Hell yeah I'm going to like him all the way. Also helps he likes dragon and dark types, too~ Arc is an awesome leader....I support him. Now if only I could figure out a strategy to beat him in Triples.
  5. Destinyweaver

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    I'm glad that I'm actually in this oneXD In a way, I have been immortalized into this great bookO_O Immortalized...while Raging...PERFECTXD
  6. Destinyweaver

    Rate the avatar above you!

    8/10 Because Fire types are awesome, and Talonflame is a baws to use in combat, but not one of my favorites.
  7. Destinyweaver

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Nope...A random person appeared again> I predict...Someone with a dark type in their signature or avatar shall appear next.
  8. Destinyweaver


    Banned for having the alias of the devil XD
  9. Destinyweaver

    Rate the avatar above you!

    5.5/10 Because....I don't quite understand it either, but it looks nice Blame it on me not watching any anime whatsoever, probably.