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Traducciones, intercambios, batallas, mods, y mucho más. Un grupo creado especialmente para las personas de habla hispana.
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  2. "Set up" Ok for this term, i believe you are looking for a translation that means a preparation of some sort, so i would go with Preparacion o Configuracion (As a noun) "Sweep" Sweep should be translated as "Barrido" a sweeper is commonly used in spanish as the english word, A Sweeper is a "Barredor". "Support moves" I would translate this one as "Movimientos de Utilidad" or "Movimientos de Soporte". "Stall" To stall would be translated as "Retrasar" or "Hacer Tiempo". "Utility Pokemon" This could be simply said as "Soportes". "Wall" I think this one is used as a Tank
  3. You're absolutely right. I was thinking of using anglicisms for a moment, since many pokemon communities also use those to talk, and it's perfectly normal. But as you said, that can be seen as a lazy translation (since that's the very core of the anglicism concept). That's why we tried to adapt some words, actually, there were several sentences that said something like this: "puedes barrer con el equipo contrario" or (in the case of the set up) "mejora tus estadísticas en combate para vencerlo". I think we can work out with those for a moment. Thank you all for your responses, and if you want
  4. First of all, thank you very much for translating Reborn. I know of people who could not play the game because they were not confident enough in their English to be able to enjoy such a text-heave game, so it is great that this is getting done. Now, this said, the main problem with these terms is that you are trying to translate words that only exist in English. For many games, since all the metagame discussion happens entirely (or at least mostly) en English new words are created that only exist in that language, and so they do not have a translation to other languages. If we take
  5. Para Pokemon con movimientos especiales siempre es bueno que sepan Paz Mental, ya que incrementa el Ataque y Defensa Especiales; lo recomendable es que tambien tengan un valor de defensa y velocidad altos, para asi al usar dicho movimiento, puedan durar mas en batalla y tener mejores resultados
  6. Yep, you definitely gave me some ideas, thank you so much. If anybody else has some ideas, specially relating to "Set up" (moves like Dragon Dance or Spikes that can be "stacked" to produce beneficial results), I would be really, really, really thankful.
  7. Hola, voy a intentar ayudar pero hay algun termino en el q no he reparado nunca la verdad (no se si esto deberia estar escrito en ingles o español la verdad) Set up. Me lo salto porq no estoy familiarizado con este termino Sweep. Si te digo la verdad entre mis amigos es muy comun hablar de un pokemon q actua como "sweeper" o hablar de "sweepeo"(cuando usas danza dragon por ejemplo), sin traducir el termino en sí. Como substantivo "sweeper" trata de reflejar que el pokemon se emplea para acabar rapido con rivales, asi que yo creo que lo mas preciso seria tratarlo co
  8. Hey, it's me again with some translation shenanigans. So, you know some common terms that exist in the Gaming world. Tank, sweep, Cleric, you catch my drill. However, there's a catch, and that is because those terms are sometimes related exclusively to the English language. Things like Set-up, stall, support moves are not that common in the Spanish language, because, if you try to translate them, then all the sense made in the sentence is lost. For example: "all you need is set up and take him down". If you were to read this line normally you would think "oh, so i have to use a bun
  9. Hahah thanks, I thought it was also something Lumi could come up with, SUPER Pokémon, like Eve designs it but it is her sister, iirc the beneficiary of the project, who names it.
  10. "I need a hero, i'm holding out for a hero, till the end of the night" And right there, Kithas appeared as the hero of this translation project. THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!!
  11. I gave it a thought and maybe going by the simple way we could make it about S.U.P.E.R. pokémon, lol, going by Sistema Unificado Pokémon de Energía Redundante? It's just an idea hahah feel free to change it. It could be also kept the PULSE denomination in english
  12. Hey everyone. The title says it all. It's highly important to find an important translation to the 'Pokemon Ultimation Link System Exaggerata', so i want to know your ideas about a good spanish acronym ^~^
  13. Pokémon Reborn ha sido una joyita desde el día en que salió a la luz... -Tiene una historia que te cautiva desde el primer momento. -Cuenta con personajes entrañables con los cuales te podrías llegar a identificar, y no solo eso... También te hacen sentir compasión o insensibilidad al enterarse de su pasado o sus objetivos. Realmente te pone las cosas en perspectiva. -Los líderes no son autoridades significativas ni mucho menos... Son personas con un pasado, con una historia que contar... -La dificultad es despiadadamente salvaje, y cuenta con un sistema tan ingenioso (com
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