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Reborn Map [Full]

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Amethyst    708

Map of the Reborn Region

Reborn City

A massive once-grand city sprawling across the majority of the Reborn region. It was once the center of all operations until mysterious natural disasters ravaged the land. Many died, or simply vanished without a trace. There were stories of some former citizens waking up with no memory at all, or coming to in some foreign land halfway across the world. Shortly thereafter followed economic collapse, disease, and chaos. The region was evacuated- even by most of the Pokemon... until recently.

--Opal Ward

The Main District of Reborn- New trainers, challengers and citizens begin here.

----Grand Hall

A large dome, and the only bulding in the Opal Ward. The Grand Hall is the equivallent of the main chat- a crossroads for all trainers, as well as a great hangout, center of the league, and source of information for travellers.

--Obsidia Ward

One of the largest Wards of Reborn. Formerly the commercial center, the Obsidia Ward has suffered the most from the Earthquakes, since it is not built above ground, but a series of railways, and is since effectively split in half.

----Silph CO

The Reborn branch of the Silph CO was formerly an economic powerhouse, but the HQ, at the divide between the North and South of Obsidia, suffered the most damage. The companies executives were killed or disappeared, and shortly thereafter, the corporation fell to chaos, and then bankruptcy.

----Yureyu Company

Reborn's own business, the Yureyu company was the main competitor of Silph until their destruction. Just recently, as Yureyu managed to get back on their feet, though their HQ also still in disrepair, they successfully opened the Neo-circuit Power Plant, restoring electricity to the city.

----Devon Corporation

Devon sought to expand their operations from Hoenn to Reborn, but no sooner had they just gotten their feet on the ground than did the city collapse. Their financial investments were almost instantly squandered and since then the project has been abandoned. With the rennaisance of the city, the CEOs consider a second chance...

----Obsidia Daycare

A new business, the Obsidia Daycare sits on the edge of Reborn's only park. It's a relaxing place with a curious owner.

----Underground Railnet

The railway leading East runs froms the Peridot Ward through Opal, and finally into a network of tunnels weaving underneath Obsidia. In the past, this served as aquick subway system for the busy commerce of Obsidia, but the lack of ground support was the un-doing of the city. The hollow spaces gave way, tunnels collapsing, separating the North from the South, and blocking off the Chrysolia Region.

----Obsidia Park

A peaceful, but withering park located in the center of Obsidia, and remaining relatively undamaged. ...Some Pokemon may have even made a home here in the time when humans were away.

----Obsidia Slums

Located against Azurine Lake, this area has a fantastic view of the Azurine Region, but was formerly home only to the lower class of Reborn, cramming the people into shacks and the smallest of apartments. From its poor upkeep, something else may have invaded in the time away.

--Grand Stairway

A massive staircase in the north of Obsidia, ravaged by fissures leading up to the Grand Gates of Reborn City.

--Grand Gates

Massive Doors, opening the city up to the rest of the Reborn Region though Aventurine Forest. However, no one has been able to open the doors as the machinery was destroyed in the armageddon.

----Reborn Nightclub

A new construction in North Obsidia since the city's rennaisance, the Nightclub is an exclusive and popular hangout for the most up and coming of trainers only.

--Onyx Ward

The Onyx Ward was a largely residential, suburb-esque Ward, looking over the whole of South Reborn.

----Onyx Trainers' School

The Onyx Trainers' School was once a premier education facility, and has been restored since the fallout. Students are taught everything from the essentials of Pokemon up to the most advanced techniques. The school also hosts a stadium, formerly used by alumni Florinia and student Fern as one of Reborn's gyms.

--Peridot Ward

The Peridot Ward, along with Obsidia, is among the largest Wards of the city, but instead takes an industrial role. The residences here are cheaper, and far less elegant, dotted between railways and factories marring the Azurine Lake's coast.

----Neo-circuit Plant

Yureyu's new installment to the city, this Power Plant replaces Silph's defunct one. Supervision of the Plant was entrusted to Julia, who upon deciding she disliked its factory appearance, boxed the place up and turned it into what was once Reborn's Electric Gym.

----Peridot Station

The Peridot Train Station is the first stop for all incoming trainers to Reborn. Although the railway to the East has been lost and destroyed, the northern route is currently the only effective way in or out of Reborn.

----Abandoned Factory

A large factory responsible for much of the dumping into Azurine Lake. Although the entrance has been locked every since the catacalysm, noise, smog and sludge still sometimes pour forth from the depths of the bulding...

----Mysterious Factory

A sealed factory operated by an unknown company, but still in clear operation. Shady figures slip in and out of the building in the darkness- but just what are they producing?

--Jasper Ward

Like the Onyx Ward, Jasper was once a thriving suburb, but instead lined with the beautiful Malchous Forest. Since the great tragedy, however, the Ward has been ravaged by uncontrolled plant growth, destroying buildings, uprooting streets, and making the area endlessly treacherous.

----Malchous Forest Ruins

The line between the City and the Forest is beyond blurred- as one travels further west in Jasper, the trees, debris and fallen structures weave a labyrinth of timber and stone- which, sadly, has become the only way to traverse the route to access the Beryl Ward.

--Lapis Ward

Among the various districts, the Lapis Ward has suffered the least. Nestled on solid ground against the mountains, Lapis is a newly upstanding area of town, perfect for an upper-middle class.

----Dr.Connal's Orphanage

The Orphanage, for children who have lost and been lost, exists here under the supervision of Dr. Connal, who runs his clincial practice, and Gym duties out of the same location. Similarly, his adopted children, Anna, Noel and Charlotte are allowed to borrow his stadium for their own matches as well. This aside, it is not rumoured that the doctor treats his patients particuarly well...

----Abandoned Gym

A glass green-house gym is left snugly in the corner of the region. Because Dr. Connal chooses to run his gym out of his own building, it has fallen into disuse. Formerly, this was the gym of Shelly.

--Beryl Ward

The highest ward in Reborn, and one of the most beautiful- with breath-taking views of the Tourmaline Desert, all of Eastern Reborn, and clear across Azurine Lake, the citizens of Beryl were among the highest class. However, like the Jasper Ward, much- though in this case not all- of the area has been laid waste by unprecedented floral growth.

----Rhodochrine Tree

Almost over-night, this massive tree spawned in a place where there had been none before. Bursting right through the concrete, it shot up, its branches piercing and roots upheaving buildings, and tearing apart the landscape. Shortly thereafter it was joined by a number of its lesser counterparts, creating the Rhodochrine Jungle.

----Rhodochrine Jungle Ruins

Like the Malchous Forest, the Rhodochrine Jungle is entwined with once-marvelous parts of the city, making extremely difficult confusing, sporadic, and difficult terrain. However, where the Malchous Forest was tame, random growth, a vile presnece looms over the Rhodochrine Jungle, directing vines and roots to the places where they might cause the most damage- almost intentionally...

----Beryl Cemetary

Beyond the Jungle, or by way of a higher pass, the Beryl Cemetary is accessible. It is a relatively peaceful, serene place, compared to the rest of the Ward- and arguably entire region. A young girl is often found visiting her deceased fater here...

----Beryl Bridge

At once a bridge to the mountain area and a massive wall guarding the city from the torment of the Tourmaline Desert, Beryl Bridge is one of the best views in the region, and continues to stand remarkably strong despite the quakes.

----Abandoned Power Plant

Across Beryl Bridge is a small cove in the Carnelian Mountains, where Silph CO once operated the plant that fueled the entire city. Though the plant is functional, since the company's erosion, no one exists to operate it- except, it is said, for a rogue spirit with a beastly grin, who keeps the lights out and the shadows in.

----Abandoned Gym

The former gym of Corey. After his death, Heather occupied the gym for some time before moving to Ametrine City.

--Coral Ward

Right at the coast of Azurine Lake, the Coral Ward is the smallest Ward of Reborn, and the lowest class.

----Coral Pier

The Pier is located in the Coral Ward, providing access to and across the Azurine Lake and Region.

Azurine Region

The Southwest area of the Reborn Region- An area of fire and water. There is little civilisation here, and so it is among the most peaceful areas in Reborn.

--Azurine Lake

Once a gorgeous clear blue lake, the city's dumping, factory pollution and sewer system have poisoned the lake to be inhabitable for most life- even acidic, and dangerous to cross by boat. Though some foul creatures have taken refugee in the murk, the lake, once a source of life, now provides only death.

----Azurine Island

A small, unihabited island in the middle of Azurine Lake. There were rumours of one trainer attempting to re-introduce wild Pokemon to this island...

----Reborn City Sewer System

Underneat the city, and drawing from and back out to the Lake is a network of sewage tunnels leading down from the Celestinine Cascade. It could be traversed by a human- but who would want to...

--Pyrous Mountain

The last remaining active Volcano in Reborn. Few dare venture up to meet it, but for the students of Apophyll Academy, it's a valuable test, training area, and for some such as the former Fire Gym Leader Cal, a stadium.

--Apophyll Beach

The Southwestern shore of Azurine Lake. The beach is dyed grey by the constant ash blowing outwourd from Pyrous Mountain, and stained black by the murk of the lake. To follow the beach north, the ash gives way to sand, but as long as the lake remains toxic, the beach can never know its original peace.

----Apophyll Cave

A small cave at the northernmost tip of Apophyll beach. No one is quite sure what's inside...

----Apophyll Academy

A Training School for advanced students, run by former Fighting Gym Leader Kiki. It is a modest building, as their studies focus on tranqulity, oneness with nature, and mastery of the self. Among her students are Victoria and Cal.

Byxbysion Wasteland

The Byxbysion Wasteland extends for miles beyond the borders of what is considered the Reborn region, but only the smallest part was ever colonised, just outside the southeast city gates. The landscape is covered with an indeterminate filth, along with tree roots, train tracks, and other artifacts seemingly plucked at random from elsewhere in the region. When once the filth was cleared, and structures erected in their place, the citizens returned the next day to find the structures distorted into the waste as well.

--Byxbysion Grotto

Just south from the wasteland colony, a bulge forms in the sludge, leading down, underneat into a cavern where no end of junk can be found. Where it leads, however, remains unknown...

--Wasteland Hideout

Cain and Aya have made this area their frequent hangout, and use the space as their own stadium.

Chrysolia Region

The Chrysolia Region, directly East of the City, is characterised by a lush forest. Once, a railway ran through area, connecting Reborn to the neighboring Region in the East, Mysidia. The railways running under Obsidia provided the main entrance to this area- naturally, now sealed off after Obsidia's destruction. However, rumour has it that the Mysidia Region has been in great decline as well. No one has been able to prove this, because by some mystery the tracks leading there vanished overnight, and appeared throughout the Chyrsolia Forest, scattered about, here and there.

--Lost Train

In the southern most part of Chyrsolia, there is a train. Nobody is quite sure what it's doing there, or how it got there in the first place, nor is anyone quite sure how to do anything about it. And so, in the southern most part of Chrysolia, there will continue to be a train.

--Lost Railcave

With the train tracks scattered about the region, the tunnel leading to Mysidia was lost. However, even those who claim to have found it- the cave with tracks leading into it- report that there is no way through it. The tracks split, going into circles, and invariably one exits right where they entered...

--Tanzan Mountain

A central mountain to the Chrysolia Region. A system of caves runs through Tanzan Mountain, connecting to a secret cove, a secret base, and a less secret pass.

--Tanzan Meteor Base

Not their most discrete of operations, the dastardly Team Meteor has erected a base right in the side of Tanzan Mountain. As for what they're plotting there... we can only guess.

--Tanzan Cove

The hidden side of Tanzan Mountain opens up to a small cove carved into the range. A peaceful lake has formed, along with lush flora and vines dancing up the rock walls. It is a beautiful area, marred only slightly by scorch marks across the stone and ground, ash floating across the lake, and the echo of a forgotten scream...

----Belrose Manse

Built in the ruins of its previous incarnation, in the corner of the cove lies a majestic Mansion. Though the house is owned instead by her elder sister, Laura lives here, and seldom leaves due to the tranquility of the area and her own shyness.

--Chrysolia Pass

Chrysolia Pass runs from Tanzan Mountain right up against the city wall, and is the only route into the region barring the collapsed Railway Tunnels.

--Spinel Town

A small, quiet town separated from the city and city life. The people here have seen little of the the destruction the city has, and live peacefully to themselves.

----Voclain Estate

A mansion owned by Serra Voclain, a former firework in the modeling industry. It has since been in part converted to a gym, and she lives here with her son, Bennet, and adopted daughters, Luna and Gardevoir.

Aventurine Region

A relatively undisturbed area north of the city. It boasts moderate temperature and a calm lifestyle.

--Aventurine Forest

A relatively clean forest compared to Malchous and Chrysolia. Lying just north of the city, it's quick connecting route to the northern cities.

----Chrysolia Cave

In a peak at the south of the forest, the Chrysolia Pass comes to an end, connecting back to the main road.

----Grand Gates

The other side of Obsidia's Grand Gates- still non-functional, making the only entrance to the area through the Chrysolia Pass. Perhaps one day they can be opened.

--Vanhanen Labyrinth

At the southeast of the Aventurine Forest beings a massive planted hedge labyrinth, which leads to any number of dead ends, or...

----Vanhanen Castle

The Vanhanen Castle, owned by Radomus Vanhanen, former aristocrat and adopted father of Luna, current prison inmate on account of fraudulent activities. The castle currently remains empty in his and Luna's absence.

--Iolia Valley

Just further east of the Vanhanen Labyrinth, and decorating the scenery is the Iolia Valley, a beautiful mountainscape, long covetted, from which gemstones erupt from the stones side. Yet, the hardness of the stone and treachery of the cliffs has rendered any greedy travelers' atttempts to harness them futile.

--Agate Town

Though close enough in size to be a city, Agate Town retains a reputation as a simpler life compared to Reborn City. Their life is standard, but colored by the presence of a certain nearby event...

----Abandoned Gym

A Gym sits in the north of the city, currently unoccupied. Formerly, this Gym belonged to the previous Normal Gym Leader, Elias.

--Agate Circus

Right outside of town, a circus carnival is newly planted since the region's rennaisance- providing endless fun to all who would come see it. Among is attractions are the Ferris Wheel, the Mirage-Tower of Doom, Samson the Strongman, the main act under the Big Top, in which Terra works as a clown, a beautiful aerial dancer, and of course plenty of other things.

--Fiore Mansion

A classy mansion overlooking the city and lake, owned by Amaria Fiore. She very rarely leaves, instead choosing to stay in with her lover.

--Celestinine River

A massive river, running under and fed from the Carnelian Mountains. It cuts across the cliffs before spilling into the Celestinine Cascade. Amaria once used the river area to conduct her gym battles.

--Celestinine Cascade

A beautiful waterfall, It spills into the city, feeding the Watershed and Treatment Facility at the stem of the sewer.

--Celestinine Cave

A large cave cut by lava and sculpted by the Celestinine River, leading back into the Carnelian Mountains and interwining with the Ametrine Tunnel. This area is a favorite training spot for Hardy.

--Citrine Cave

A small cave off of the side of the Celestinine River. What it leads to remains unknown...

--Suspicious House

Bordering Carnelia, overlooking Agate Town at the Northeast of the Aventurine Region, a curious house is placed above the cliffs. No one seems to live there, but figures move around at night...

----Glass Workstation

Near the house, a floor of glass panels is cut into the mountain, a mysterious operating station underneath it. A massive M is engraved onto the glass surface...

Tourmaline Desert

A massive desert, sprawling far beyond the Reborn region and endlessly outward. The desert separates Reborn from much of other society, but only this small part, referred to as Tourmaline, is considered part of the region. Through this way is the only lasting entrance or exit of the region- the train tracks running north, outward from the Peridot Station.

--1R253 Scrapyard

But the desert has more train wrecks than train tracks. 1R253 was the first locomotive vehicle to cease function in the Tourmaline Desert. At first, the operators couldn't figure out why the train refused to run. A new reason was provided later, however, as a second trainer, seemingly with no Conductor tending to it, crashed into 1R253, butting both of them from the tracks, and destroying them. Since then, over time, more and more trains have, in various ways, run off the tracks, crashed, or otherwise ceased function in that area. Cars are tossed about like toys by the wind and sand, or sometimes by their own combustion. Unable to remove the trains thanks to the sand rending large equipment useless, new tracks were simply constructed around the wreckage. Curiously, these too were destroyed, as rocks that had clearly not been there before appeared in the tracks as if it had been built right through them. The scrapyard continued to grow. A new set of tracks has been constructed, by conductors are continually wary of travelling the route, and so few trains run between Reborn and the outside. In the wreckage, some creatures have taken shelter- but curiously, the barren spot provd to be a favorite training location for Titania, and she has constructed a makeshift stadium on the sand. Since she moved in to the Fiore Mansion, however, she no longer attends this area.

--Mirage Tower

Further into the desert stands a massive towere that vanishes only to reappear again. There seems to be some connection to a similar tower in Hoenn, but this shines far more majestic.

--Teknite Cave

A cove in the formation of rocks jutting up from the sand. What lies inside is unknown...

--Sugiline Cave

A bulge in the sand itself, leading downward to a cavern of sand. Few have dared to explore it so far...

Carnelia Region

The northernmost region of Reborn, as well as the highest elevated, and most frigid. The region is composed of a range of mountains, often snow-covered.

--Ametrine Mountain

The largest mountain in Reborn with perpetual snow laid across its peaks.

----Ametrine Tunnel

A ground route leading up through Ametrine Mountain to the city. Many parts of the cave are flooded or frozen between the excess water and the colder high-altitude temperatures.

----Ametrine City

A snowy city located high above any other. It is only accessibly by coming through the Ametrine Tunnel.

------House of Whitaker

A building owned by Blake Whitaker, and sometimes shared by his adopted daughter Heather.

----Ametrine Peak

The former site of Blake and Heather's Gym Battles. Since their withdrawal from the league, it sees little use.

--Calcenon City

The lower half of what was once a single city. Owned by the Yureyu company, this half was always previously regarded as inferior, but with the collapse of Labradorra, is now the stable economy.

----Calcenon Gym

Rock Leader Hardy continues a long-standing place in Calcenon, occupyiung the city gym. He has an excellent reputation with the people, both in battle and out.

--Labradorra City

The upper half of what was formerly known solely as Calcenon. The area now known as Labradorra City was purchased by Silph CO before their collapse to wrestle power away from Yureyu. With superior funding, Labradorra quickly became a high-class society. Since the armageddon, however, Silph CO no longer supports the city, and it has fallen into disrepair. Nonetheless, its reputation withstanding, a number of strong trainers linger around Labradorra on their way to Victory Road, and as it deloves from upper-class into a slum, it becomes a fierce battle ground for the higher-tier of trainers.

----Abandoned Gym

In the corner of Labradorra rests a gym that is no longer in use, but was once under Terra's control. How Terra ever fit into an upperclass society is beyond all who visit.

--Victory Road

North of Labradorra, the entrance to Victory Road is vanguarded to ensure that passing challengers have at least 16 badges.

----Charous Pass

The second leg of the journey after passing through Victory Road. The road leads to Charous Pass, which in turn takes the challengers into to the core of...

--Charous Mountain

Charous Mountain is the final piece to Victory Road, the last test for challengers before the reach the Hall of Champions. Only the best of the best make it this far, and even that's not guarunteed. The mountain's exterior hosts a massive dragon statue overlooking Reborn, a stadium, and the Hall of Fame. Just before one reaches these, however, is the...

----Hall of Champions

Trainers are allowed to rest, recover, and then they meet the Champion. Once, Lin held this spot, but as she fell from grace, a new champion emerges...

----Hall of Fame

The winners, forever enshrined atop Charous Mountain, their souls to look out across the conquered Reborn with the eyes of the dragon.

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Inuki    28

"Similarly, his children, Anna, Noel and Charlotte"

That explains a lot. I don't see any balloons or carousels on his building, though. There must have been a mistake

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Amethyst    708

Clarified that part- *adopted children.

The circus most have stolen them.

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Inuki    28

Still, explains their behavior.

And dammit Terra/Samson << >>

Will's gonna be quite the amazing person if he can minecraft all of this, though

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Noivy    1


If Radomus' castle is empty...

Oh, uhh dont mind me, Im just planning somethings.

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Amethyst    708

Just a generic Dragon. Iirc they had generic ones inside the BW 8th gym, so it shouldn't be too Farfetch'd for there to be a statue of it outside instead. >>

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Godot    76

Ame!!! can i have my Hall of Fame statue kicking Ikaru's in the shin?

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Will    5
Will's gonna be quite the amazing person if he can minecraft all of this, though

If I could stay on for any more than a minute at a time, that is... ;;>>

Also holy Jesus Christ in heaven, this map is amazing. My brother even looked over my shoulder to see it and said that it was awesome and he hates most everything Pokémon.

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chuckles    0

it says under Victory Road that people need "at least 16 badges." i'm wondering now if there will be even more than that but with option to not go after them....i mean like you put in 20 but people choose sometimes because they only need 16(or maybe only 16 can actually be won because of choices that are made) i don't know if you used misleading words or you are actually planning something involving more than 16 badges, but as always, i'm excited.

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Amethyst    708

Keep in mind that these descriptions are extremely dated- and at this time there was not a game planned.

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