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  1. thank you very much
  2. You know that feeling when you want something so bad you'd give up almost everything for it, but that something is impossible for you to get? Feels bad man.
  3. i can give you my draco plate if you want
  4. Im looking for some browser games, preferably mmorpg or something like clash of clans that require low commitment (im a busy guy). Can anyone help out?
  5. When Ceil sent out here mega altria i spammed hyper potion on my charizard until it ran out of pp and struggled to death.
  6. Yall realize that no sleeping means an extra 6-7 hours a day (expanding your lifespan by 40%), not to mention you never run out of energy, so you can just sprint marathons and get gold medals and stuff right? Although having that power would not help my procastination at all lmao.
  7. Ok heres my file, but since its too big i made a google drive idk how this works so I might be doing this wrong lol
  8. When i talked to the blond guy under the stairs that lead up to Obisidia ward from Opal ward, the one that says you've grown alot since you first got your starter, both him and the ice cream vendor just disappear.
  9. i dont know if this would work, but you can go into your data files and see if theres an audio clip for it
  10. i don't think they do, but thats soley based off the fact that when you catch pokemon than formerly belong to gym leaders (corey's skuntank or absol) they come with random iv's
  11. Hey Milli, since you mentioned that you don't have pokerus, would you be interested if I offered some?
  12. Haha i used to be like you when i was smaller, i know that feeling. But really that fear is unjustified you should relax a little more
  13. 5iv

    Sorry for so many requests lately, just trying to prepare for E17 lol Requested Pokemon : swinub Gender : Female Item: Ability : doesn't matter Nature : lonely IV Spread : 6iv perfect With or without Pokerus : doesn't matter Shininess(Normal or Shiny) : normal With or without Egg Moves: yes Other Egg Moves(please specify) : freeze dry, icicle crash Requested Pokemon : machop (i screwed up my other breeding project ) Gender : female Item : Ability : doesn't matter Nature : adamant IV Spread : 5iv x special attack Pokerus : doesn't matter Shininess : no With or without Egg Moves: yes Egg Moves : heavy slam, bullet punch, close combat Offered Pokemon : Eevee Gender : Male Item: Ability : run away Nature : timid IV Spread : 6iv perfect With or without Pokerus : no Shininess(Normal or Shiny) : no With or without Egg Moves: yes Other Egg Moves(please specify) : wish Offered Pokemon : Larvesta Gender : female Item : Ability : flame body Nature : timid IV Spread : 5iv x attack Pokerus : no Shininess : no Egg Moves : morning sun Online ID : GeotheGeodude
  14. yes, i spread pokerus before numerous times
  15. I know, I mean't the pokemon that I suspect are unable to get pokerus dont have smilies or pokerus. The other ones in my party are currently infected and have the pokerus symbol