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  1. Lek


    Hellooo there welcome welcome, enjoy the stay and glad to have you Enjoy our complementary gloves and custom made scarf so u wont freeze to death waiting the next update That being said grab a hot cup of coco and enjoy
  2. Lek

    Still never figured this out

    Change the weather to windy and bada bing bada boom you got yoursel a new tool
  3. Lek

    dr jenkel battle

    I believe that's the new event in version 11. After you defeat Venam Karina takes you to dr Jenkel to fight him and the mushrna, instead of him calling you to test out his new experiment. So If u already have played through that point I dont think that you can do it anymore
  4. Lek

    Looking for a Solrock

    Sure no problemo
  5. Weeeeellp been a while, I finally woke up from that 1 year nap and I am amazed by the progress that Rejuvenation has made in the meantime, started the game from scratch again for the 8th time and I couldn't help but say: wow this is even more awesome. During the time I played It, I did think of a few features that would make it even better for example: what they did in Reborn where your eggs get directly transported in the pc and such. So in this thread I would like for everyone to add their thoughts on anything that should be added. I don't want for the dev's to spend their time to please us more then they already have so this is more of a list of suggestion's that hopefully dev's will notice and if they have the time and if they want to, they could hopefully add. By the end of the day its just a good way of getting everyone's thoughts on stuff that they would like to see come to life well urrr so to speak
  6. Wow.... Just Wow This game is a masterpiece.... By the end of it I gained massive respect for Keta and learned of his endeavors R.i.p Ket... Keneth Hope u find your way back to Taelia
  7. Its been a while I have to say... Its been a year since the last time I logged in this site But I feel happy knowing that much hasnt changed =D THANK YOU JAN for all your hard work <3