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  1. Lek

    Changing difficulty

    K. Good luck with that again If it ends up failing again message me and we can come up with a strategy =)
  2. Lek

    A Far Too Belated Introduction!

    Forget to add the adress? XD Welcome dude u seem like a very friendly guy No longer will u lurk
  3. Lek

    Changing difficulty

    Hmmm you dont have a fairy type? A thing I usually I do with overpowered pokemon: I put them to sleep with hypnosis and grass whistle and weak them like that bit by bit or use those extra turns to revive/heal the other pokemon in your party
  4. Lek

    Favorite not so popular pokemon

    klefki and scraggy while its not hurting on popularity its not on everyones 1# go to fighting type and litwick Not exactly the most underused pokemon but meh they should be even more popular on my opinion
  5. Lek

    Reborn Quiz

    Got 60% Shelly club yuuus XD
  6. Lek

    Audino trainers on v10?

    Idk about the Audino trainers, since I am playing through the game again I am still not sure buuuuut in the other hand I believe there are usually some trainers taht u can fight in the gearen lab... Good luck
  7. Lek

    Changing difficulty

    There isnt but honestly I beat Souta with flying types of my own, so u know fight fire with fire. If that doesnt work electric types do seem to do the trick. Good luck
  8. Lek

    Stuck on Corey

    I would suggest getting a mareep
  9. The four lights mentioned in the light prophecy and the 4 darknesses in the shadow phrophecy... Who might these lights/darknesses be? Heres my theory: in the light prophecy it says 4 lights will save us bla bla bla 4 lights not born by man. That means only certain people can fit the bill there: Aelita-the reincarnation of Vivian, Melia- just a hunch seeing her powers, Player- because it turned out that our mother was a ''doll" so were not exactly human and also Souta mentioned upon defeating him that its important to become stronger soon , and the 4th one I am not that sure about but Nim?-reason for that is because in grand dream city she is referred to by this guy as a It... ( couldnt remember his name XD ) In the darkness prophecy: 4 darknesses will destroy reshape the world in their own image, 4 darknesses born by man. More people fall in this category and my guesses are: Madame X- of course at this point shes a given but who knows honestly with this antagonist, Gardevoir/Indriad- put these 2 in the same category but I feel that theres still hope for Indriad-(have a bit of a soft spot for him, because you know his wife was kinda murdered in front of his eyes..>), Cassandra- honestly reshape the world in their own image, she has already done that but in a smaller scale. Gray area: This group contains a group of people who's role I am still not sure of: Crescent- the black and white justice system she has, scares me a tad but she falls in the same category with Tiempa/Spacea.... And Kanon possibly the biggest head-ache characters because I am not sure of his future at all: he might go bad he might go good all I know is that he HAS to be related to Erin come on people their so alike. Have any theories about this yourself's? I would be glad to hear about it =3
  10. Lek

    Just curious

    My favorite pokemon have changed over the years: From Garchomp to Gardevoir to the overused Charizard-(was late on that party) to Mewtwo to many others But for the moment Mimikyu is my favorite, cutest little guy ever and his typing just YES
  11. Voted dragon before, then I saw u already did one soo my vote is fairy =P
  12. Lek

    level grinding

    In the grandhall usually there are trainers u fight that give u exp and decent cash for their level More specifically the woman that gives starts a double battle with you, and since its a double battle more exp! Hope it helps =D
  13. Came up with an idea! Surround shades gym with salt, and thats that hahaha... Jokes aside everyone is forgetting a key factor in the backstory of Shade At Lapis Ward in pokemon center a man tells us the tale of another man that fought Shade and bit by bit turned to a replica of Shade himself The people eventually called this person: Savage.... So where does this Savage fit in this puzzle? And if hes such a Savage why cant he do stand up and roast the hell out of some people, hmmmmm ever though about that??? Important question left and right ,
  14. Lek

    E18 Theorizing

    Knowing this game's plot. I am sure that Amethyst is gonna make us choose something awfully hard, example example of this (To defeat Lin, Amaria has to be taken out) But one thing that I am still not sure about is Lin's relation to the player, because in all of her screen time she has been able to dispose of us easily, yet she didnt.... Meaning Lin is either: related to the player, needs us for some reason- (possibly that reason is for our "glow" as said by Anna), or if were going deep on this sh.t she is a time traveler much like a certain *cough *cough Madame *cough X... As for Anna I still dont know were she fits in the puzzle but no doubt she has a big role in the end plot, also Noel's doll is also a pokemon, so Anna by that logic must have Jirachi in her possession, and that my friends is a no joke power. But then again its all just a theory until proven otherwise