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  1. Wyvis knew most of who Edmond described. Though not meeting them directly, Wyvis could piece together several conversations that floated around and link name to appearance. But as Wyvis started off, he saw each of them walk towards the meeting spot. "Well, there seems to be no need, for they seem to already be approaching. "There seems to be quite a variety; a mixed ensemble, I see!" Though he had a few times went out to the Outer Realms before, never had he had the opportunity to see people from so many different walks of life come together. "I am sure we will prevail if we collaborate."
  2. Kalva kept relatively silent through much of the conversations. (Well, he was always silent. But he made no attempts to send messages out.) In fact, he was getting rather worried. Gina was a good instructor, and someone who genuinely cared for her people (though many failed to recognise this from her rough outset). But now it seemed, from her rapturous efforts, she might be turning people's opinions away from her? Perhaps he must alert her of this. She was wise, he assured himself, and would change her ways if she realised was making a mistake. And as for Betani... well, Nee looked like she trusted Betani. Kalva judged people on how they treated pokemon, and despite Betani acting rather...unsavoury to Gina, Kalva thought there would be some reason for Nee to believe in Betani. And that meant Betani was a good person at heart. Kalva sat on the bus at the front, switching focus to the grand sights of the city. Kalva had been to the city a few times before, but never had he stopped being impressed by the wondrous sights. The buildings were all glass and so shiny! And the roads were so polished and clean! Kalva heard 'comfier homes' and 'Aether balls' in one sentence and immediately slid over to Cathode's side. He first used sign language, temporarily forgetting that no-one here knew sign language, and switched to writing. He had to spend a little time writing the message up, because much to Kalva's dismay, regulations required him to return Quina into an Aether Ball earlier. "thats so cool wear where did you get one"
  3. "I am a Reaver, a blood mage, if you would." Wyvis explained. "I will be able to support a battle group through healing and empowering attacks with blood magic, provided that I have enough blood on field to manipulate." It was rather strange to describe himself as a Reaver directly. In Stravaga, Reavers were feared, hunted and killed. If anyone self-identified as a Reaver, it was either they ran out of drinks and had a death-wish, or was fake. "Outside of the battle, I am able to -" Wyvis' mind span several cycles trying to find the least conspicuous skill as possible. His memory was getting overcrowded again. "-administer traditional medicine and other few bits and pieces here and there." Wyvis smiled. "How about you? You seem to come from another realm entirely particular from mine."
  4. Wyvis noticed Leon looking rather distracted "...very well. I wish you luck upon your duty, wherever it might lead." Left arm ribbon. When memories stacked up upon one another, it was easy to recognise patterns. Humans, it seemed, was doomed to repeat their past mistakes. And even though all individuals were different, all were the same. Wyvis had seen behaviours like Leon's countless times. A memoir of a dead person. Perhaps a lover. Perhaps a family member. Perhaps some sacred duty forsaken. After all, Stravaga was a bruised world, and losses were frequent. Wyvis had plenty of chances to know that a loss had happened to a person when he saw one. Despite this, Wyvis said nothing. It was to be asked later, when perhaps there were less at stake. Wyvis took out a small bottle and took a swig, feeling the alcohol pumping through as he moved through the crowd to greet his strike team. He approached the man named 'Edmond', who seemed to be calling in the Berserker team. "Hello! Wyvis of Nivinuxis, at your service. It appears that we shall be in the battlefield together."
  5. "Thank you kindly, it was a name given to me after much deliberation. I am sure my parents would have been pleased to hear that." Wyvis opened his mouth to reply, but his memories came back like a tidal wave. His companions? List them? He could list thousands and thousands, every race and every age. He was to list only their first names, then they would only be standing around for a few hours. Wyvis instead decided to list the most prominent, recent companions. "Well, there's Lukas of the Dragon Peaks, black haired swordsman, though I doubt you've met him. Francis of Irunia, an interesting white haired assassin. Melina of Runiem, I believe she helped you in the last battle. Visrii of Kyosis, a mage with red hair. Katalia of Panceval, she is a warrior from the east." Wyvis then turned to the new plan proposed by LOTUS. Hmm... strange. It was unlike him to simply follow the instructions of another. But recently, he felt a little off, the memories of the old coming back to him time and time again. Was it fatigue? He could not say. Perhaps what he really needed is a change of pace, instead of the countless years of sewn secrets and singular blinding purpose. To be free of purpose...that was a thought for another time. "Hmm...may I suggest I am put on the team on the offensive? I believe I could be more use out there as well."
  6. Wyvis Wyvis had not been paying attention at all. Rather, he was kind of in awash in the great banks of memories he had stored for over the countless years. As the other realms would say, he 'zoned out'. That was until someone snapped him out of it. "Oh, hello, Leon! My name is Wyvis of Nivinuxis, a Sunlight Guardsman. I'll be sure to pass on that message, and I should say, we are always glad to help." The last survivor, for all he knew. She must survive. Wyvis involuntarily squinted at this intrusive voice, but his face quickly turned back into his still friendly face. He went back to examining this new person, who seemed to be rather awkward in his speech. Did it have a deeper meaning? He could not say, but it strangely reminded him of the time he visited the prisons back in Runiem. The stench of guilt, so they might say... "Hmm... Leon. It seems familiar to me, I heard your name before. Say, have you visited the lands of Stravaga once? Or perhaps you have met once of my accomplices from those parts?"
  7. Character: Race: Vanians
  8. Quina watched Mason carefully. Though he did look friendly, she still felt like there was a sinister precedent behind that smile. She tugged again on Kalva's hoodie to gain his attention, then looked to Mason in caution. Kalva tilted his head in a little confusion, then smiled gently. I'm sure you're worrying too much Quina...we've had our run-ins with humans before, but surely the Vice President would have our best interests in mind? Quina felt a little frustrated with Kalva's unrivalled innocence. If anything... he should be the one who should be wary of anyone who resembled a father-like figure. But Kalva's starry-eyed view upon the world seemed to make him have an unshakeable belief in the people he knew, and sometimes even people he didn't know. Well...she reckoned it was her job to keep Kalva safe, and keep on watch for ill wishes. After all, it was Kalva who had protected her since, and such would only be repaying a fraction of the debt she owed to Kalva. She continued to watch Mason as they were introduced to the human they faced before. Betani. Kalva met Betani's remark with a frown. Gina was certainly not a 'lousy woman'. She had earned her place in both her prowess in battle and leadership in the Academy. And, he surely knew, she was a better human than 'Betani'. Betani was mean and pretentious. But what threw Kalva's judgement of Betani was her pokemon, Steenee. Steenee was polite and apologetic, and from their last encounter, she tried to stop fighting once she knew they weren't trying to fight. Plus, Betani listened to Steenee's request not to fight was well, so showing Betani did listen to her pokemon too, a trait which Kalva held to high regard. Kalva decided to give Betani the benefit of the doubt and assume she was a nice person, just with a harsh style of speaking. He gave Steenee a friendly wave and a smile to show that all was forgiven. Kalva realised that he forgot Steenee's name. Perhaps he should be the one apologising?
  9. Dang. So I can't get Ralts? Whelp, time to play through the game again... Err, just to make sure I don't skip the event this time, can you please tell me the general point in which the Kyogre event occurs?
  10. Kalva noticed Cathode having a little hard time with so many humans gathering around her. He could understand that it was uncomfortable when people suddenly gave him so much attention at once. So he decided to give her some space and was content with a little wave and a shy smile from afar. Quina shifted around in Kalva's hoodie. She could sense something vaguely sinister around the parts, though it was hard to pinpoint where. She could feel something bad had transpired in the room, like the smell of rotten eggs. Quina felt cold and hugged Kalva a little tighter.
  11. Hello! I've completed the main story so far in V9, but I'm having some troubles going through the Help Plaza and others. Firstly, I've done the quest with ANA, but I can't find Jenny I'm supposed to find now. Secondly, I've been trying to get a Ralts since the start, and I've been told that I need to defeat Kyogre first. Where can I find it? Lastly, I found this card hey shard when I was exploring the Darchlight Caves. What does it do, and where are the others? Cheers
  12. Heya! I am up to the part in Grand Dream where you need to have a nightmare. I've talked to the lady who sold the medallion, but the guy keeps saying, 'I want to, but it looks cool.' How do I convince him to give it away? Edit: Never mind. You just buy it. :v
  13. Gotcha. Cheers. Another question, where's the breeder to train up my pokemon? All my guys are underleveled and Venam's giving me a bad time.
  14. Kalva smiled a little awkwardly, and asked no further. But needless to say, what they were saying was quite odd. They insisted they couldn't read peoples' minds, and yet the only way they could have known he was trying to 'message' them was if they could read his mind, or at least receive psychic inference. It was a direct contradiction. In addition, they mentioned something about in a 'previous life' but... then they said they have not reincarnated except for Alakazam... needless to say, these facts didn't quite add up. Were they trying to lie about something? If they did have psychic powers, then why would they try to hide it? And could they be trusted, if they were willing to lie to them...? No, Kalva assumed himself. They must be good people. Otherwise Gina would have mistrusted them, and Gina has never gone wrong before.
  15. Anyone know where the Help Center is in Grand Dream City?