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  1. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva gave Zeta a thumbs up and a reassuring smile. It really did fit her well - if they hadn't met her in 08, then Kalva would never have known that this mysterious girl had been born of the Nexus and was not in fact, a cadet. He wrote up a sign, "It's called a uniform, it's like what everyone wears so people know what group you are from. It's a little uncomfortable at first, but you'll get used to it." Quina, after correcting Kalva's mistakes on the notebook, mulled over the reasons why they were sending cadets, newly graduated cadets, into what could be thought of as the frontier of exploration. Yes, it was out of a mishap, and Zeta would ultimately feel more comfortable going with the first people she had met...but it was still a curiosity.
  2. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis shook off all the dust from the Boom Town Express's jubilant finishing blow, and considered the options. Though it was true that this god-like being had very clearly shown malicious intent towards them, Wyvis suspected that he was not in good consciousness to make those specific decisions, as per indicated by this strange transformation he had just undertaken. It would be unwise to give this new Cu his entire trust, but it would also be a waste not to use this opportunity. He asked, though with a little reserved voice, "Say, do you have information on the other members of your cohort? This 'bastard' would be commanding quite the army."
  3. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva woke up in the rickety old tent that he set up last night, the morning sun flicked on in the sky like a giant lamp. His eyes squinted open, the sun shining directly into his eyes through the tent fabric. He never really got used to the sun being flicked on and off suddenly like so. He felt a soft warmth beside him shaking his arm, and knew that Quina was awake already. Quina usually slept in a separate bed because of Kalva's terrible sleeping habits, and usually woke later than Kalva. Kalva guessed she might have had trouble sleeping last night. Good morning Quina... He hugged her briefly before sitting upright and putting on his running shoes, gathering things for the day. Would they have another outing? He didn't know, but in any case, his A-comm was not be missed. He checked the time. It WAS morning, and quite far into it at that; he must have been rather tired after the adventure, he normally woke up rather early. Or perhaps it was the new surroundings? Quina gave him a quizzical look, a somewhat concerned gaze. It was fine Quina, it was a quiet night. I slept like a komala. Nothing to worry about! Kalva reassured her with a smile, and though Quina returned the gesture, her concern didn't quite subside. Oh, you worry too much Quina! It really was fine. With Quina in his hoodie, he stepped back into the house. Kalva noticed many of the other humans active already, including the girl Kalva met in the mysterious nexus and the vice president accompanying her. Hmm. He really should have woken up earlier. Kalva gave Zeta a wave from afar, and turned to a smell wafting through the air. It was bacon and eggs, but also a sweet smell of berries somewhere there as well. He skipped past the eggs and bacon (though he made sure to thank Emmanuel in any case; it was certainly kind of him to cook breakfast for them!) and opened the fridge, digging through the assortment of food. He put a handful of berries in a large bowl and added a bunch of vegetables to it, though he made sure to not include any spicy fruits in (last time Quina tasted an Enigma berry... well, she couldn't focus for hours!). Then he popped open a juice box and poured it into the bowl like milk to cereal, putting some more chilled lum berries to preserve the chilliness. At last - a berry salad! Well, it wasn't terribly complicated, but this was one of the limited recipes Kalva knew. Kalva placed the bowl on the kitchen counter next to Emmanuel's bacon rolls in case other people wanted to have some. He turned back to their guests, and waved them forward in an inviting gesture.
  4. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Melina (49/83) Melina uses Self Heal [Heal self for 1d6+17] Constitution: 8 + 2 Resistance: 3 + 10 Dexterity: 0 Intelligence: 0 Strength: 3 + 2 Synergy: 8 + 2
  5. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva blinked and rubbed his eyes. Oh. Well, they were at a house. Kalva had phased out for the rest of the trip, it seemed. His mind had been wandering back to the days he was back in 02. Well...his memory of it was a little blotched. He could remember the times when he slept out with all his friends in the dump, coming back home to Mum's face creased with worry and relief. He could remember when he managed to find some 'old world' junk from the piles and managed to sell it off to a manic down to the south west. He remembered the time, or times rather, when his father crashed into his room and - Then his memory ended there, an abrupt halt. Like his brain short-circuited and the film just stopped. There were a few instances where he felt like he had blacked out like that. Well, it was too deep to go into memory trips now! He had now to settle down into the new house. And hey, a new house! This is our house? Wow - this is so large, so clean! The house was at least 5 times as big as the hovel back in 02, and without rattatas, leaky roofs, even television! Though the Academy had its own little luxuries, having an entire house for just a few Cadets... that certainly felt different. It was curious how the Aether Foundation was so willing to give an entire house to a group of cadets, but Kalva certainly wasn't going to turn it down! Kalva turned to give thanks to the kind driver Rob and sort-of-mean-but-still-actually-kind Betani, but he had missed their departure whilst he was staring at the house in awe. Oh. He'll have to catch up with them later. In the meantime-! He sent Quina out of the Aetherball and excitedly showed her the new place they were gonna settle into, though both of them were very careful not to smudge the pristine walls. Didn't want to mess up the cleanliness already, did they? Quina! This is amazing! There's 2 floors to this as well! Kalva ran through the rooms and explored the lounge so fast, it would have seemed like he had used Agility and was jumping around all over the place. After having a rather enthusiastic and rapid tour of the house, Kalva was back in the lounge, looking rather curiously at the holographic TV.
  6. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis (85/90 Blood) [Power Bond + Crimson Power on Silef - Increase DEX and RES by 10 for 2 turns, increase RES by 3 for 1 turn. Expend all blood.] Stats: CON - 4 RES - 9 SYN - 0 INT - 9 DEX - 2 STR - 11
  7. My feedback on Rejuvenation

    Hello everyone! Name's Pigeon, long time lurker and got introduced to Rejuvenation by a friend a while back. Binged on it and have completed up to the end of V9. I must say, I really enjoyed playing the game and I can see a lot of time and effort has put into this. Though I can't say I'm an expert in fan-games and in no way think I can match the quality that the Devs can produce, I've got a few things to say about Rejuvenation, both good and bad. Err, and spoiler warning too. First of all, the aesthetics. I must say, I am pretty impressed by the pixel art designs. All of the characters look natural both over-world and battle sprites, and the music, sprites and other little details such as shaking screens and flashes really make for a immersive experience and hooks people in the story. I especially like how the artists handled the blizzard and action in the Frost Dimension - the snow, crumbling tower and the explosions at the end brought out the desolation and power of the angry ice lady. There were some derpy times where the game glitched and decided to throw pixels all over the place, but otherwise the game's aesthetic design make for a nice support. Secondly, difficulty. The difficulty curve in Rejuvenation is handled rather nicely. Venam doesn't pose too much of a challenge to deter the newcomers, but still gives a nasty jab to people who think on main game difficulty. The natural curve of difficulty of slowly learning the ropes like field effects are consistent throughout the game, and this is assisted by anti-grinding like level caps and breeders. The game is also not only about having the biggest numbers, and contains fields effects which allows unique strategies that are mostly slanted to the boss but still poses a fair chance to the player too. There are some difficulty spikes like Angie who spams Cold Truth, but for the most part the natural progression of the difficulty is handled well. Thirdly, game mechanics and features. The vast amount of side quests is what impressed me - even more so, the fact that the side quests interacted with the main plot-line and had their own little arcs over several stages of the side quest. It made the world feel like one organic world with characters interacting fluidly, rather than just a bunch of misfits on one big quest with a bunch of small quests from a bunch of random strangers. And the Help Centers were a fantastic way to allow the players to keep track of the side quests and complete them in progression. Fourthly, the characters. The characters are all quite developed and each have their own unique motives and personalities. When I was playing through, I could understand why Venam would steal the Charizard, or Ren want to play hero so badly. The game kind of has a LOT of characters, and though the main characters are definitely Venam, Melia and Player, the huge cast of side characters sometimes left me confused on where I had seen the character and what relevance they had in the previous encounters. It might be just a personal preference, but fewer side characters or just occasional reminders on who they were would be good. Finally, the plot. I've said lots of good things about the game before, but this is where Rejuvenation stumbles on. Individually, the small plot arcs are quite sound and have their own sense of closure. But the progressive lack of explanation for a lot of the mysteries that goes around in Rejuvenation made me feel quite confused and alienated. First, we had the question of who is Melia/Marianette? Throughout the whole story we don't quite get an explanation for who she is and what significance she has. Then we get characters kind of dropping off their own plotlines like the Side Quest 'battle me plz' lady and Nim/Lorna. We have Madam X and Crescent who are vital characters and yet we don't know their motivations and actions. We have Saki's amnesia, the fake Player, Puppet Master and people turning to stone still unresolved. Some mysteries are good, but left too long unresolved it can create confusion, frustration and alienation. This is forgivable for now, since the game isn't quite complete yet. But the Devs have quite a lot of questions to resolve in the upcoming installments. There is also a problem with the player's role in the story. The story is undoubtedly settled around Melia. The cover has her, the artwork has her, all the main characters have a link to her, Team Xen wants her, the team of time travellers recruited her, she has some kind of psychic power... and obviously she has had a lot of character building. She also drives most of the game plot, leading the group of heroes into battle. But where does the player fit into all this? Sure, they go around fighting people and beating gyms, but so could anyone else. The player could have easily been replaced by Melia herself, or not been there at all. Whatever the player does accomplish, like stopping bombs or finding the Rift book is marginalised and never really accredited to the player. The question of 'what makes the player so special' isn't really extrapolated and the player is mostly just a bystander or side-kick that occasionally jumps in, defeats goons and grunts and the rest of the plot flows on without them. This does improve a little by the end of V9, but still could do with a lot more work. Overall, the game is enjoyable for its gameplay and dynamic world, with lots of different battles to enjoy and different quests to play through. However, the game does stumble on its story aspect and could do with a bit more player integration. All of this is of course just an opinions of an observer, and none of this is really conclusive, especially since the game isn't technically finished yet. I do sincerely hope that the Devs do well in their development! ~Pigeon
  8. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis (75/90 Blood) [Basic Attack on Soldier D (Soldier E if D goes down) for (4d4+11) damage and gaining [Damage] blood] Stats: CON - 4 RES - 9 SYN - 0 INT - 9 DEX - 2 STR - 11
  9. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis (50/90 Blood) [Bloody strike on Soldier B (Soldier C if B goes down) for 1.25(4d4+11) damage and gaining 1.5[Damage] blood] Stats: CON - 4 RES - 9 SYN - 0 INT - 9 DEX - 2 STR - 11
  10. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Melina (71/83) Melina uses Sacrificial Heal on Kino [Take 21HP damamge, heal Kino for 21HP. Gain first strike from Triage perk. Decrease Kino's all active cooldowns by 1 from Hasten skill.]
  11. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis (50/90 Blood) Wyvis braced for impact, a red rune hovering over him to guard against the forthcoming shockwave. Meanwhile, his prayer stone glowed as it gained mana to heal his team members in the aftershock. [Heal on Edmond, Magnum, Silef, healing for 1.5(1d6+9) HP and increasing RES by 3 for 1 turn.] Stats: CON - 4 RES - 9 SYN - 0 INT - 9 DEX - 2 STR - 11
  12. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis (50/90 Blood) [Wyvis uses Basic Defence, taking 1/2 damage from all sources next round] Stats: CON - 4 RES - 9 SYN - 0 INT - 9 DEX - 2 STR - 11
  13. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege

    Melina (71/83) Melina uses Mass Heal on Enma, Dackly, Halley [Heal all targets for 10. Gain first strike from Triage perk] Edit: [Enma has all active cooldowns lowered by 1]
  14. [IC] TotMV:G^2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster

    Wyvis [51/51 HP, 20/90 Blood] [Basic Attack on Cu, dealing 4d5+11 damage and gaining [Damage] amount of blood]
  15. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Engineer. Got it. I'll most definitely forget that later, but I'll try to remember. E.G.N - wait, no. E.N.G.I.N.E.E.R. Kalva watched the Sleepyspray with great interest. He saw those 'repel' bottles in the scraps piles he was familiar with as well. Actually, Flint, a Rockruff that came through their place every now and then carried one of those 'repel bottles' around as a form of dummy toy. He and Quina tried to tell Flint it was unhealthy, but Flint insisted. And now to see a human be able to modify it into something useful! It was fascinating really. Kalva thought of all sorts of ways that Cathode could invent stuff out of scrap. Their family was the sort that picked through piles of refuse to find something useful to sell. Over time, they had collected quite the stash of old time gadgets, broken equipment and junk. Perhaps Cathode can make something useful out of those things? Though, Kalva thought sadly, their part of town wasn't quite the safest. Maybe later. Kalva's face lit up when Cathode offered to modify the Aether Ball. He brought up his pen and paper to write a thank you, before he found himself being pushed surprisingly far. Kalva was rather thin and short for his age, but Cathode was pretty strong to push him over so easily! Kalva kind of laid on the seats with a surprised face, blinking a few times to comprehend what had happened. Did he do anything wrong? Did he accidentally offend her? Was he in trouble? When Pokemon pushed him over so abruptly, he assumed that they were playing tackle with him. And the last time a human pushed him over was when...no, of course not. His Dad was gone and Cathode was another Cadet of his age! And hearing Cathode apologise profusely - it was wrong of Kalva to even be reminded of that time. Kalva sat back up and picked his pen and paper back up and half bowed in apology, got confused on what he was apologising for, then waved with an awkward smile to show that he understood. He got up his pen and wrote, "its alright misteaks mistakes happen thank you for offering to help me :) "