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  1. [IC] BNWL Day 1: Traces of Petrol

    If only I had not performed so horribly against basic viruses, we would have been the first to obtain the key. Mirona thought bitterly, performing simulations in her head and marking faults in her tactics. "Hey, now!" Axel patted the pad after he jacked her out. Though he couldn't hear Mirona's thoughts, he knew her well enough to tell. "It wasn't so bad, we got some cool loot and -" "That wasn't the objective, Axel." Mirona's voice volume dropped to a whisper, but it still carried an annoyed tone. "We have no clue what these other Battlers want from the Ghost Navi. We need to get the keys first for ourselves." Axel sniffled, obviously not convinced. "Well, they don't look half bad!" He said aloud with a broad smile. "Anyway, point is - you've done remarkably well, and we still had a fun time, right? Plus, I'm sure we'll get the next one - we're gonna be like, the best after all!" "I - very well." Mirona responded with a huff of resignation. Her criticality was no match for Axel's naive enthusiasm. "Okey, let's go then~!"
  2. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva sat on the floor, placed the towel on his lap and Quina on top of it, so her position was slightly elevated and she wouldn't choke on the Soft-Boiled egg. With uttermost care, Kalva periodically fed her the potion, giving her time to rest. He was in no way a professional, but it was apparent he was quite experienced. He looked up in alarm at the peril the woman was put in. And she was hit directly with the dark wave attack as well! He placed the egg down temporarily to message Terry. "do you know where she is taken to"
  3. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Julius "Mright." Julius murmured, hardly paying attention to the drone. His head was buzzing with other thoughts, namely questions about Proditor. Two curious eyes peeked out underneath the book cover, nervous to ask a torrent of questions but too scared to voice them. Momentarily, he forgot about Proditor's psionic abilities. Which planet did he come from? Does it look like Earth? Why did he come to Earth? Did he have a cool spaceship? I thought aliens were meant to be little green men. Is he going to eat my brain? No, that's zombies, not aliens. Why is he named Proditor? Did he do something bad? Is alien society different to ours? Julius' mouth opened and closed silently, unable to articulate the thoughts into questions. But still, Julius' eyes stared with such intense curiosity that even someone without psionic abilities would notice the heat of his gaze. Visrii Master seems to have a deep mana pool. Good. "The enemy seems extremely resilient to my elemental attacks and," Visrii added as he observed the werewolf regenerate its wounds, "it seems to also possess a powerful regenerative ability. This may mean that Reignition might be the only option, however I will delay the use of such technique as long as possible." Extended separation with Master risky. However, enemy seems to be using mana in excess and inefficiently. Longer battle may be beneficial. Visrii continued to analyse the situation methodically as the Berserker continued to speak, namely searching for the enemy Master. Enemy claims their Master is not present. With such collateral, this may indeed be the case. Then Visrii caught sight of a shadow, high up in the rain. A bird? In this rain? And with such shocks, all lifeforms would have normally evacuated by now. There was something about the bird... If the Master had no way of being with the Berserker without being damaged - then it would make sense to either use a familiar to watch from afar. Even if it wasn't the Berserker's Master, it wasn't Visrii's either. Visrii raised his hand up into the air, and with a brilliant flash, lightning struck at the bird's position. With that sorted, Visrii opened his mouth to speak. The longer he pulled the battle, the better - but he needed to balance time and not letting this beast a free pass to his Master. Visrii's calm voice cut through the rain with clarity. "Beast, make no mistake - you are far from the most profane being, and I far from a hero." The blade of Visrii's halberd shone as he brandished it across at his opponent, the crystal hidden within pulsating with malice. "But you have no conviction but your instinct, and you have not sinned for anything but your hatred. You are undeserving of an honorable fight, let alone an honorable death. But if you stand within my duty's way, then so be it." Orbs of seething fire, undeterred by the rain, suddenly gathered itself and erupted around Ashnard, carpeting the area with explosive force.
  4. [IC] BNWL Day 1: Traces of Petrol

    "Moving to encounter target." [Right x4, Up, Right x2, Up]
  5. [IC] BNWL Day 1: Traces of Petrol

    "Entering a new area." Mirona reported. [Down, Right, Down, Right, Down x 4, Right x 2]
  6. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva retracted his hand as Terry edged away. He had seen countless Pokemon do this - but in 02, they were out of fear, trauma from past abusers. Terry was something different. It, too, was fear - but Kalva felt as if it was a fear of oneself. Guilt from a past sin, and fear of doing it again. And now Terry was in a trance. ...if there's a way to break someone out of a trance, there was one thing. Remind them of who they are. He sent a message to Terry's A-Com, then, striding toward to Terry, Kalva gripped Terry's arm tightly and showed him Quina's Aetherball. The message said, "you are a nurse please help me heal her"
  7. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Julius "So like a spaceship?" Julius murmured. The room gradually looked like a futuristic alien cruiser, looking strikingly like something that popped right out of a sci-fi book. He looked at Proditor, examining the exotic helmet and robe with intense curiosity. He was rather big for a human as well. Wait - that means... "Y-you're an alien?!" Julius exclaimed, jumping back at little, then realised that he might have offended the Servant. "Err - I mean - there's uh, nothing with that - yeah, just, um - I just never have met an alien - an actual one." He rambled over, trying to emphasize that he didn't mean to come across as rude. Julius hastily got out the book he had intended to read. "I'll just, you know, get to reading." He opened the book (upside down) and buried his face into it.
  8. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva stood bewildered at the situation, trying to comprehend all the dialogue being shot back and forth. Take her away? Promotion? Suspended? Kalva half-raised his arm to stop whoever was taking the patient away, but instinct told him that if he ever did - there would be consequences. After all - Quina wasn't with him; and whoever was taking the woman was authorised by the Head of Aether. He helplessly was brushed to the side as the woman walks out of the medbay. Wait - green? "That's why you went here with me. You got a promotion." He turned and tried to find the familiar face under the hood. Betani? But the figure was already gone. Kalva turned to the remaining person in the medbay - Terry. "A trial will await you...we can't let a dangerous person...your past is still with you..." But why? Terry was a good person - he had helped the cadets in the 08 mission, he was a nurse who helped treat Pokemon and he even supported them in the battle with the Core through Clarence. Kalva could tell Terry was agaited. The facial expression, the body language, it signaled desperation, helplessness and perhaps even guilt. Was it because of the same reason as Gina? He approached Terry and gently touched Terry's hand to get his attention. Kalva looked at Terry in a genuinely sympathetic expression. The brown-red eyes told a silent message deeper than words. I trust you. But it also asked the question, What's wrong?
  9. [IC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 Second War

    Julius Julius watched in awe, lips slightly parted, as the room shifted and transformed before his eyes. He had seen many different forms of magic on his attempts to find his own element - but nothing looked anything like this, or as powerful as. "Wow, this - this is awesome!" Julius said at length, "how do I learn-" A shimmering orb orbited in front of him as if to remind him of his element. "Err, nevermind." Julius said, pushing away the ether out of his vision. Well, now that they established a base of operations they were playing a more passive approach to this war. Admittedly, he was half-relieved - he wasn't quite looking forward to the possibility that he might have summoned a Berserker and ridden straight to battle, but he had been paired with a more cautious, methodical Servant. It didn't exactly detract from the fact that they were in a WAR, but hey - at least the learning curve wasn't as steep, right? Plus, there was an additional benefit of having time to train. He was just stepping into some more advanced manipulation before coming here, and luckily he did bring along some very old books on ethers. He dropped down the small pack he had carried to take them out, but decided to watch the progress of the room's transformation a bit further first. Visrii Visrii did not waste any time after his blade had first struck. Indeed, his opponent was fast - but Visrii was faster. Still carrying all the momentum from his downwards strike, he used his weapon as a pivot to swerve out of the way of the Beast's thrusting attack to swing around and deliver a swift kick to the head, then phase-stepped away in a flash. Appearing on the roof of a crumbling nearby building, he analysed the reaction of the Beast. Damage minimal. Lightning proving consistently ineffective. Heat suppressed by rain. Standard soldiers would have been effectively ripped apart by the sheer electricity by now, but the Berserker hadn't taken any damage at all. It was either the Berserker had such physical capabilities that it simply overpowered the electricity - or worse, his enemy was also a user of lightning. One of Visrii's elements were resisted and another was less desirable with the heavy rain. Tch. He slain many scores of beasts, but not against one with such resistance to lightning. He could use the Void straight away and power through the battle- but he had to be conservative with mana. Chaos with such power was a powerful mana drain - even during his time as a Champion he had to be precise with its use. "Master, how strong are your mana reserves?" He inquired his Master to gauge the possibility. Visrii's attention shifted to the enemy's Master. If he slayed the Master, then the Servant would be very much weakened. His own Master was evacuated - but where was his opponent's? As he searched for the enemy's Master, Visrii took out yet another crystal - this one sparkling with malice - and affixed a glowing crystal on the Axiom blade, slotting it into the modified groove. This time, he readied himself for the Berserker to rush him down as he continued his survey.
  10. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva walked down to the medbay, holding tightly in his hand Quina's Aetherball and looking for the counter. His lack of experiences going medbay nearly got him lost, but following the signs he found his way. As he walked down the white halls, shoes squeaking a little each step, his thoughts drifted to the girl that was attacked during their battle with the core. It only occurred to him now that he never caught her name. She looked like a part of the Aether Foundation but not an operator. Certainly, she helped them during the battle - she was a friend of them, at least. Kalva recalled seeing her being transferred to the medbay along with Terry. Perhaps while he waited for Quina to be treated, he should visit her and Terry to check that they weren't hurt badly? Terry's voice interrupted his thought, making him look up sharply, locating the source as straight ahead, in the medbay. Take her away? Terry's voice sounded urgent, pulling Kalva's walk into a run. Whatever it was, he needed to be there.