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  1. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    All this arguing and bickering. What, sizing each other up? Swearing and death threats? It's like I'm back at the Crimson Talons. Prudic wasn't usually this quiet, but he deemed the situation quite applicable for silence. Lyra's calling out of their collective error didn't anger him too much. To be honest, he had faced worse when he was running off burning libraries. But what did annoy him the most was that Elysian had paused for so long before pulling out a piece of evidence. He really could have pulled that in the first place instead of letting others be called names and threatened. Seriously - was he just stalling purely for dramatic effect? Does he think he's some sort of hero in a story or something? All in all, he just sat at the back and quietly waited till either Lyra stopped acting like a headless Ekans and started talking, or Elysian could get out of his hero complex and they could finally start to do something. To him, neither Lyra or Elysian was acting any better than others. Lyra was not acting like a scholar and clearly not telling the truth, and Elysian was not acting like a general and exposed his team to a bunch of unnecessary evils. Children, both of them. Though Prudic didn't like the kid called X, he did agree on one thing. This whole business was a time waster; people were dying out there and here they were, talking philosophy and bickering with insults. Maybe I'm better off reforming the Crimson Talons...but I'll stick around a little longer. Maybe this will get better.
  2. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    Prudic remained silent for most of the philosophy course on Avalon. All this talk about what constituted of happiness and whatnot. It was rather pointless in the end, really. When tough tides turn and faith is challenged, only truth of their own beings could guide them. Even with a thousand words and lesson, it was up to one's own decision to react to their circumstance. In essence, advice and doctrines could only take you so far - in the end, people will always fall back to instinct, what they truly believe in. In the end, despite it all, you're still you. He was surprised, however. Despite him developing his own moral code, it sounded quite like Avalon's in a lot of respects. However, Prudic insisted on becoming strong. Not just strong enough on the physical sense, but strength against corruption. Strength to protect whom they loved. Strength to fight against the odds. Strength to take the higher path and win regardless. Strength to determine one's own fate. If one became strong, and became strong enough to become the very best, then no-one could ever ignore them. He didn't vocalise any of this of course. After having philosophical doctrines forced upon him for so long, he wouldn't dare doing the same horrible thing to someone else. He would leave the talking and bickering to the others. As for the 'Divine Feminine'... First off, could really have used a better name. He was reminded of his second in command, Pat-Cho. She was a Pachirisu with an attitude. He didn't quite know why he chose her as his second, but he was glad he did when he first stumbled as a commander. He was at a vulnerable moment, and he could turn to no-one but the little rodent beside him. "Pa-pat - please - I can't do this... I really can't..." "Listen carefully to me, Prudic. I wancha to find your head." *sniff* "yeah...?" "And when you find them... DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!" She was...a little unhinged. But she was nurturing, in her own way. After her little advice, he propped back up and managed to hold a steady grip over the Talons. He owed much of his successes because of her. Nurturing, huh? Perhaps, with a dash of irony, Pat had been following the Divine Feminine all along and never realised it. I wonder how she's handling her job...
  3. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    "Dark is strong against Holy, Holy against Dark... kind of like a cycle, isn't it? Light will obliterate the darkness, and darkness will always keep seeping back - they cannot exist together, but neither can they exist without each other." Prudic commented. Perhaps, then, they are living in the Age of Dark, a light extinguished. But if it was a cycle, they will soon return to the Age of Holy, and back to Darkness after that. Man, now I'm starting to sound like some kinda monk. But belonging to neither Light or Dark, what was he? He was serving the agents of Light for now, but what would happen if situations changed? What would he do then? Shut up, internal monologue. Don't need to pester myself with that sort. One question did hang in the air, however. Did Elysian know of his 'technique'? Elysian seemed to be assured that only Dark could counter the Holy, but there was yet another type, albeit temporary, which could also cripple the Holy. He, without a better name, developed 'Faithless Pierce'. Normally, Steel and Holy would hit each other fine. But by disrupting the holy energy the Holy types used, he had developed a way to pinpoint their source of power and cripple them drastically while doing amplified amounts of damage. It was a product of his hateful obsession in the years as the Crimson Talons leader. Though he was proud that he was able to invent a way to cut down entire armies of Holy types, he later regretted, among many other things, giving his army a weapon to destroy the few Holy paladins whom remained. But if he revealed the presence and knowledge of this technique, would he be persecuted for it? It was a sick decision that troubled Prudic, looking at Elysian with rather unintended intensity. Well...there was only one way to find out. He approached close to Elysian when he looked comparatively free, and in a half-whisper said, "Elysian, I'll need to talk with you a little later, preferably in private."
  4. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    "Sure, the Lucario folk are pretty good at detecting lies," Prudic said to the Lucario, "but you don't need to Mind Reader to see a crook." And I would know. "What, psychic locks, illusions and essentially forcing us to ask the librarians themselves to view history? Besides, if there's one type that can lie and get away from detectors like you is Psychics. It's all pretty damn shady." But if they were manipulating histories like Shirou claims...then what of Albitar? It would be no problem if such a story wasn't real...but if it is... Prudic felt very vulnerable. No, he didn't believe in prophecies at all. They were such ominous sounding words that delinquent old people made to get attention. "In any case, I'd hope whatever they're saying is a lie. I'd rather believe in a pacifist Doublade then what I heard."
  5. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Quina didn't like to do this as much as Kalva - but now she had to battle, and analyse this situation critically. Wailord had just Dived out of their vision, surprisingly fast for whom she had thought to be incapacitated. Perhaps it wasn't Wailord who was attacking them; it was the crystals controlling Wailord. She was far too weak herself to mount an effective assault against Wailord, but perhaps even by simply stalling they could deplete the crystal's energy and put Wailord to rest. That meant she had to dodge Wailord's attacks as much as possible - even one hit from Wailord's attack would knock her and any of her teammates for sure. She noted quickly that the whole place was a large 12 meter circle. As long as they kept strafing at the right time, perhaps they could avoid Wailord's Dive attacks. She wasn't particularly fast on foot, but Teleport will be fast enough. With the help of Flash and/or Sleep Powder, they may be able to land a few attacks or two. She attempted to fathom where Wailord was psychically, then readied to Teleport out of Wailord's attack. Kalva understood what Quina was trying to do. Bait for Wailord-no-the crystal's dive, and dodge every time with Teleport. But this plan couldn't drag out. Not only would Teleport eventually drain Quina out, but all the while, Wailord would be tearing herself apart. No - he must end this quickly, for Wailord, for Quina and for his friends. There must be a way... Kalva held up the A-Comm above his head like a flashlight, illuminating the area in part and looked for a way to end Wailord's rampage early. Perhaps a loose stalagmite to drop?
  6. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    Well, crap. Messed up again, didn't I? Prudic mistakenly overreacted with the monk's roar, spending so much energy (and 5 coins!) to just make a fool of himself. "Yeah, uh, err, sorry about that, uh, I guess." He said awkwardly, scratching his head. Impulse yet again had taken a course on his life. He clinked his head on his shield. Damn it, damn it, damn it. Why can I fix this? Why haven't I grown out of it yet? In the seat of control, Prudic was ruthless and cold - all he had to do was to growl and look intimidating, and then relax whenever he wasn't with his grunts. But now that he had given the seat up, he still hadn't fully known to react now. He sighed, tired from his useless effort, and entered the library again. He should stop dwelling on it. He followed Pa back into the library, who was now talking to Lyra and desperately trying to get the kid to apologise. Actually, he had a nagging feeling he had seen Pa somewhere before this group was founded. And that kind of roar. It wasn't something that he would expect from a monk. There was pain deeply rooted in him. Well...it's not exactly something he was going to pull out. He was just a swordsman, not a damn psychiatrist. He should just go talk to someone else. After that mistake, he couldn't afford to bother Pa again. He approached the Bisharp who was seemingly leading the entire event, eyeing the blushing Lucario with peculiarity. He didn't exactly have better things to do right now. Perhaps he'll just wait around till another order is given out.
  7. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    >Deleted< [[Looks like I misinterpreted a post! Sorry about that.]] TL:DR - Prudic jumps the gun and teleports Pa and himself outside to mitigate damage.
  8. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    Sigilyph seemed to blink and stare intently at Prudic for a second, like someone seeing a familiar face but not quite remembering exactly whose face it belonged to. Prudic readied himself for the usual reply, but Sigilyph seemed to shrug it off and simply stated, "5." What, now he had to pay for a bedtime story? Prudic was tempted to just wave them off and search for it himself, but he couldn't be bothered. Prudic pulled up a fiver from his pouch, handed it over and leaned against a nearby pillar as the Sigilyph started its retelling of the history of Aegislash. "The Aegislash were not a true race. They did not come to natural being - rather, they were made. Synthesised to be a vessel, a prison." Prudic frowned. He had never heard of this before. "What do you mean?" "Several decades ago, there was a great shadow that laid upon the land. A monster that lead a rebellion of the Dark and Dragon, the self-proclaimed King, Albitar the Terrible, leader of the Heralds. Despite the mighty armies of Avalon, this calamity slew many score of Pokemon, warrior and civilian alike. The skies were perpetually filled with smoke and soot, holy grounds soiled and defiled. These were dark times. However, with Avalon's grace, Albitar the Terrible was driven back. Despite the odds, Albitar still struggled, and continued to break out of capture. Eventually, the scholars devised a plan to seal him away. With the use of a mighty forge, a prison of sword and shield was made, powerful enough to seal away a soul for all of eternity. Once inside, the soul would become 'reborn', losing all their memories but retaining their fiery spirit. As long as the sword and shield was one, and as long as the seal was unbroken, the soul could not be killed either. Once this was complete, Albitar was imprisoned into the Aegislash and Albitar's terrible reign finally ended. Such similar methods was devised to imprison the most devious of criminals, and was employed in battles as vanguards and defenders, as a chance at redemption. With the power of their former selves, they were a powerful weapon and combatant, and were loyal to the end. Eventually, opinion changed about the imprisonment of criminals, in part due to frequent displays of Aegislashs' heroism, and such methods were abolished. Remaining Aegislash was free to reproduce on their own, and they were integrated into society as one of the natural kind. Prudic was creeped out by this whole affair. "So it was basically a brainwashing tool." Prudic wasn't sure he was comfortable with the idea, but said none more about the sort. "Well, thank you for the history lesson." He waved the Sigilyph off, but it maintained its gaze at him. He looked up at the flying librarian. "What?" "You carry the dormant shell of an Aegislash." "How very observant of you." Prudic retorted, getting annoyed at the librarian who was now flying in his way. "There is one last piece of the story." The Sigilyph added, intent on telling him. "When Albitar was sealed, he is said to have laid a curse upon Avalon. He said that one day, one wielding the blade of his prison will rise up against Avalon, best him in combat and defeat him, ending Avalon's reign. I pray that it will not be you." Prudic unwittingly gulped at the ominous message, but then smirked in relief, "You do know this one's dead." The sigilyph hovered for a while, then said, "...very well. Believe it so." As the librarian hovered away, Prudic felt the weight on his back become very heavy. It was just his feelings, right?
  9. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    Prudic was silent for much of the time others were busy...socialising. Normally, he would have jumped in front of the group. But years of drifting had made him a little more reserved. Impulse was mostly horrible, if he was speaking from experience. It could take 5 years climbing up, but only a second to fall. He instead decided to take out a root from his pouch and munch on it. All this discussion about Avalon was tiring, to be honest, and he had grown a habit of consuming leaves and root while he was about the Pangoros. To be perfectly honest, Prudic was quite uncomfortable with Avalon's teachings. After all, was it not the teachings of Avalon that took away his closest friend? And the rejection of this doctrine that he had terrorised the region and flew a flag of vehement hatred? To Prudic, he lived strictly by his own code. If it fit the teachings of Avalon, then it was a mere coincidence - but Prudic did what he believed was right, no less, no more. To live by the words of a god was to live a lie, and to live by the rejection of it was a lie also. No gods, no demons, no angels, no prophets - just mortals. He was to rule his fate with eternity and a blade. He looked around at the psychic emporium. The sense of irony was again, strong here. A mere 5 years ago, he had pierced this place's mark with a crimson-white marker, planning to storm and burn this place down. After all, it was one mere emperium in midst of dozens whose ashes he had crushed under his foot. Now, he was here to preserve this place's knowledge. Prudic was just surprised no-one bothered him through security. It was either he had faded into insignificance after his resignation, or simply not an acknowledgement at all. Either way, it was nice to be welcomed into a library for once. He noted the peculiar Mawile listening intently to the Sigilyph. Something felt off about her. He felt an instinctual alarm bell ring, but decided to turn deaf to it for now. What did it matter to him, anyway? If she was nuts, then he was pretty sure someone would have put a leash on her already. He strolled further through the Sigilyph library, awkwardly nodding at the passing librarian to get their attention. Well, it wasn't like walking was going to get any information. He asked the first question that came to mind. "Hey, what do you have on the history of Aegislash?"
  10. Pokémon Catharsis [IC]

    Man, get a load of it. Prudic was hanging at the back of the group, slipping in a little late, but not too late to see the spectacle of a catastrophe of the meeting. He wore a white eyepatch over his right eye and the his left was looking over the others in mundane amusement. Criminals, thugs, crazy cultists, and some guy already threatening to spill blood. Scraping the bottom of the barrel already? Prudic snorted at the irony of the situation. If they wanted me to help save Avalon's ass, then they're really desperate. He was beginning to regret coming over here in the first place. He could have raised much more in the time of even walking here, and this didn't particularly sound very... promising. He'd have much more of a dandy time finding Avalon alone instead of working cogs and nails with - Prudic's good eye slid over to the guy threatening people - the kid. Then again, Buddha and preacher over there sounded reasonable enough. He balanced his options, scratched his head and grunted. Then again, may as well. It's ALWAYS the rag-tag bunch of idiots who miraculously save the day in the end. And hell, I'll fit right in. "Name's Prudic, just your generic grunt with a sword." He shrugged, with a trace of a sneer. "No tragic backstories to brood over, unfortunately. Ready to kick some ass when you are."
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  12. Pokémon Catharsis [OOC] (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Nooooooo I'm late ; _ ; I heard that the sign ups are going to be re-opened after first event... if so, may I join? I'm a HUGE Mystery Dungeon fan
  13. OOC: 6013 Void Rangers

    Hello, just a small note to say that I am dropping this RP. Though it was entertaining to create my characters, the slow pace at the start was rather offsetting and has in kind turned me off of continuing this RP. Good luck to the rest of the folk participating.
  14. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    As Kalva heard Wailord's cries getting shorter and shorter, he matched it with equally accelerating pace, half-wading half-swimming through the crystal saturated waters. Kalva was painfully aware of the concept of 'golden time'. 1 hour, and past that, the slight chance that Kalva was able to help Wailord would be extinguished. With time already dwindling from their discussion on whether or not they should go, Kalva was frantic to reach Wailord as quick as possible, especially now that he realised that Wailord was losing consciousness. Eventually, Quina, who had been clinging on Kalva's head for some time, paused to pull lightly on Kalva's hoodie. Kalva had been only wading for Quina to breathe, and she was slowing him down. And with Verna already keeping in contact with Wailord, her role was no longer needed. Something felt strangely upsetting to Quina, however. As Kalva took out her Aether-ball mid-swim, she felt like Wailord was...no longer there. Wailord was still there in the physical sense, but the signal was empty. As if Wailord's presence was 'what was once been' rather than 'what is'. She dreaded the worst, but they'd only find out when they got there. After Kalva returned Quina, he transitioned into a full freestyle. Kalva wasn't the best swimmer, but necessity had Kalva speeding ahead through the corridor. Only after had he found even footing he took in a proper breath. Gagging a little from the desperate exercise, he immediately released Quina back out and held up the A-Comm like a flashlight above him. His eyes met Wailord's and realised one horrible, infallible truth. Wailord was dead. No, even worse than dead. Wanting to die but unable to do so - cursed with terrible undeath as it was consumed painfully by the nexus. With the full weight of the truth, Kalva sunk to his knees and tears burst. Rivulets of tears mingled with the life water and fell into the dark pool below. N̶͝ǫ̷ ҉n̡o̶ ̧n̶͞͏o̶̷! He shook uncontrollably as a black wave closed in, shoulders heaving as his breath became unstable. N͘͞͡͏̴o̧t̨͝ ̨͏͝a̵̷g̴̵̨͞a҉i̵̡͞n̷̢,҉̵̨̡ ̀͠p̶̸͢l̸̕è̡͜͞a͞͡͡͠s̶̸̛͞͠e͠҉̨͝ ҉̨̛n͘͏̨o̸̢̕t҉̀ ̸̵̀͘á̸̕͢g̸̶̶a͢i̶̢͜n̴̴͟͞ I̡̕͢ ̕҉̸̵͠c̵̢a͠͏̷͞͞n̵̸̡̕͝'̢̛t̸́͢͜ ̡̀͢͟h͏̶͢è̷̀͢͞ļ̕͝͠p҉̸̡ ͏̢ỳ͡͠҉o͜͟͡ú͡ ̶̢̛̕͢I̸̧̡͘͠ ҉̷͜c̵̛a̢̛n͜͞͝'̶͢t͘͝ Quina quickly jumped into his vision and put her hand over her mouth, with practiced determination. Quina had always known Kalva's illness - and this... Quina was shocked as well; she had been anticipating it, somewhat, and she had braced herself for it. But for Kalva, Quina knew even prior knowledge would not have eased his misery. When Kalva stumbled, Quina must be there to catch him. She must stay strong. With a tattered vestige of his mind, he recollected enough to mimic Quina's action, and stifled his breathing. After a few moments of breathing through his nose, his breathing established and the black tide receded. But the pain still burned - Kalva clenched his free hand with utter frustration and hopelessness. I̢͡͞'̡̢̛͢͝ḿ̡̧͢ ͝҉s͏̵̡ờ̸̀͠ ̵̨́͘͟s̵̛̀͘o̴͟͟͡r̡̨̀̕͢r̷̡̧͜͟ỳ ̶̷̨Į̵̨͘'͏̴͟͜m҉̷̧͡ ́͘͠͝͠w͏e͏̸a̕҉k̡ ͡҉̨I͘͜'̨̢͞m̛͠ ̢͠͡ẁ͏̶́͞e̡̨ą̀k̢͘͠ As Kalva's tears continued to blind him, he heard Wailord cry out once again. He took in a sharp breath out of surprise and looked up, and saw the flash of light behind Wailord. Wailord was still alive - and suffering. Quina was filled with even more dread as her previous suspicions were confirmed. This Nexus was not a Nexus of Life - it was a parasite, slowly sapping all foreign life into its crystalline demise. At this point, Kalva stood back up, wiping away his face, his eye flashing curiously under his green hair. His chest still heaved sporadically, but he was standing. Quina was surprised Kalva had recovered so quickly from his suffering. Usually it took at least 5 minutes for Kalva to calm down properly. But perhaps, she gathered, Kalva had never recovered at all. Wailord was hurting. Kalva felt even worse when he saw Wailord like this...but purpose it granted, and Kalva looked into Wailord's eyes once more, and realised what he must do. Kalva couldn't save Wailord...but maybe he could ease their suffering. The fact that he was even thinking among these lines hurt Kalva, poisoning him with age old guilt. But there was no other choice. Feeling sick in his stomach, he pursed his lips as he and Quina braced for a fight.