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  1. "Okay Gina!" Kalva signs. Kalva nods, and looks to Quina. She jumps down in front of Kalva, and readies her Confusion if someone was to attack the party. In turn Kalva puts his arms up defensively, searching the crowd for any hostile movement. They take positions behind Gina and watches the party's six. Kalva and Quina both knew they didn't want to fight. Especially if the pokemon in the team was unwilling to fight, but the humans were. Kalva was visibly anxious about the upcoming battle, biting his lower lip. But with Gina so serious...there was bound to be something terrible here. He then looks over to Sena. Hopefully... Sena would try and take the trainer down without hurting them.
  2. Poison mist and rapidly firing 'bullets'. And all I have is this 'club' thing that somehow shoots arrows. Visrii snorted at the absurdity of the situation in comparison to his normal combats. I must have had too much to drink. "Bullet! Careful of suppressing fire!" He shouted, then turned to the guard named 'Samuel', lining up a careful shot through the cracks of his cover. [Basic Attack on Samuel, 2d4+10, with a 16% chance to strike twice and 15% chance to crit.]
  3. Kalva crouched down and looked at Sal inquisitively. "Hello again, Sal! What do you need?" He wrote.
  4. Shaun slowly opened his eyes. Despite being asleep for the last couple of minutes, he was the first to answer. "mmmno...I don't think..." One would be curious if Shaun actually knew what was being asked.
  5. Visrii's eyes seemed to deny him vision, the world under him shaking loose. Despite having refilled his mana, the Fading was quickly catching up. If he didn't take proper evacuation soon... "They've brought a few more as well - don't get cocky." He stowed away Duty and took the crossbow off Edmond, and immediately fired it against the nearest Guardsman. [Pin Strike on Dakka Guard, dealing 2d4+10, having 16% chance to strike twice and 25% chance to crit.]
  6. Kalva exited the Drill, slightly sleepy and tired from the adventure, but still glad. He considered briefly of getting ice-cream, but remembering the last time Quina tried ice-cream and got a stomach ache, he decided against the idea. Instead, holding Quina close, followed Gina along with Sena.
  7. Wyvis spat out the liquid rapidly blurring his line of sight. "Blugh...acknowledged, LOTUS!" This alcohol tasted like the last time he went to the Dragon Peaks - hogwash, worst beer in entirety of Stravaga... But now there were more important things to do than mull over such times! He raised his glaive and ran ahead to strike the 'cowboy' out of its dangerous move. [Basic Attack on Wrangler - 4d4+8. Spend blood to trigger a critical attack, do not gain any blood this turn.]
  8. Nope, they're still there and still very fake...
  9. Hello! I've started a new run for ep16, and I've just defeated Florina. However, when I tried to find the girl for the daycare quest (usually located at the apartment next to the onyx arcade), I found her missing from her usual spot. Did I miss something? Was she relocated for ep16? Cheers
  10. "I'm...fine..." Visrii said, though his body language suggested the contrary. "Just...get out of here..." Visrii straightened up, though he looked quite shaky on his feet.
  11. "Say no more." Visrii said, and with left over adrenaline from the battle, he summons a surge of mana and pours it into a raging inferno concentrated on the book, an abnormally powerful fire that frothed with chaos that tarred the air itself. From afar, it looked like a dark pheonix with black feathers merging into nothing. Visrii knew to make sure to do the job properly. He felt a sharp pain inside his mind, and he knew he had pushed the Fading even further. He hadn't much time left...however they were getting out, they had to get out fast. His breathing grew laboured, leaning against his staff for support. "...shit...let's get out fast..." [The Fading (weak) - Visrii suffers from weakness, his skills suffering one extra turn of cooldown every second time he uses them.]
  12. Kalva takes a seat on the drill and waits for the journey back home. It was a rather unexpected adventure and a tiring one, no doubt, but he still had the satisfaction of rescuing Meggie from the Beedrills and meeting Zeta. There were so many unanswered questions here. Like how did Zeta survive for so long? What made those crystal trees? What did Meggie get exposed to so as to be enveloped in rage? And therein left a bigger question. How many more questions will come and go, unanswered? What will they face in the vast anti-space of this world? And what purpose would they serve in such infinities of questions? Kalva looks down tiredly at Quina, who was flicking through the pictures he took on the a-comm. She spots Kalva looking and smiles. Kalva smiles back. Perhaps his purpose wasn't to answer all the questions. And perhaps there were greater evils out there then any of them could ever think of. But in the end, Kalva and Quina had each other. There was no matter what the odds may be, no matter how many questions may present themselves to them, as long as they were together. And in the end, they'll get through it. Kalva was sure of it.
  13. Bloody Strike on Shoggoth Wrangler! [Attack an enemy with a blood-letting strike, dealing 4d4+8 and gaining extra [Damage/2] blood. 2 turn cooldown.]
  14. Kalva frowns as the other cadets took away the unconscious employees away. Though he believed Pokemon were all inherently good, he was no fool. The sableye had most likely knocked the employees unconscious, and it was in no way something they should pass over lightly. Keeping Quina tight to his chest and away from any reach from any shadowy claws, he walks around the room and slowly checks the panels and controls to see if they are still functional.
  15. Shaun looked up to see everyone introducing themselves. He didn't quite understand a lot of the species names that the others were saying... all he knew was humans and wizards perhaps. The rest he heard about it in class, but never actually met. Wow...this will be... interesting. "Hello...my name is Shaun Goldsworth...I'm a werewolf of the Silverfangs Clan...and I am a he..." he seemed to fall asleep yet again. His statement about himself was quite self-apparent at this point.