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  1. [OOC] Fate/Reborn 2.0 [Second War Sign-Ups Underway]

    Hello! I'm eager to join, but I have a question - does this require much Fate knowledge? (other than the ones listed in the OP) I'm not quite an anime fan, you see, and truth be told I have no clue how much of this works. If it doesn't require too much in-depth Fate knowledge, I'll research the system to make up for it and produce a char within the week. Otherwise, however, I'll just be happy to read.
  2. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Quina breathed out slowly. She could still feel the shards' call for help, but over that, she felt a powerful aura that enveloped all the cores. It must be the pixie core that had gathered up the aura, some sort of powerful boosting move that she had never seen before. This was bad - especially with such a power difference in the first place, she saw no easy way that they could defeat the Tree, not without something more than just their raw strength. Her red eyes darted back and forth between the cores and the tree, looking for a weakness. Tch, no. If there was something, Kalva would have spotted it and told her. She splashed around in the waist high water, forcing her head to work...water? The water that had previously had restorative properties; maybe she could put this to defensive use. Quickly as she can, she moved next to the Biding medicham and mustered up a Confusion on the water, attempting to build a watery dome around them. She might not be able to survive an incoming Razor Wind with consciousness, but with luck, maybe the medicham could strike back. Focusing entirely on maintaining the dome, she braced for impact. [Quina uses Confusion on the water, creating a water dome around Quina and Jet, aiming to lessen the impact of the Razor Wind]
  3. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva sprang to action as soon as he saw two figures being engulfed by the demonic wings. Kalva didn't recognise the new, skeleton-looking woman, but he knew that he needed to help. When the black aura dissipated, Kalva looked at Quina, and Quina nodded. Quina could fight on her own, and Kalva was needed elsewhere. He scrambled under the pressure that had returned in the chamber, but he managed to reach her. She seemed fine, but the pokemon who was fighting for her was badly injured. Having no healing supplies, Kalva could only think of one thing - returning the Chinchou will not heal them, but at least their conditions won't worsen. Kalva quickly searched the skeleton looking woman for the Chinchou's Aetherball, aiming to return the Chinchou to safety. [Kalva searches Uno for Lampy's Aetherball - if he succeeds, Kalva returns Lampy]
  4. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    It seems like the only way to resolve this situation is to now defeat the cores in battle and expend the Core's energies. It's like ... it's like Wailord, isn't it? Kalva felt a pang of guilt from the memory. We're helping them, right? Quina drew breath as she felt the aura resonating throughout the chamber. Fear? Despair? Pain? It was similar to Wailord's cries; a signal emanating from the cores themselves. She couldn't quite grasp the nature of the aura, it was quite alien to many others. But one fact remained clear - the very being of this Nexus was alive, alive and crying for help. She must put an end to this. As the Dread Core seemed as if it had switched into a defensive stance, she turned to the charging Pixie Core, and added her psychic attack on top of Ante's, aiming to disrupt its charging phase before it could discharge it. [Quina attacks Pixie Core with Confusion (104 Power)]
  5. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva straightened up as the gravity released its pressure on him, and wiped out the water from his brow. His throat and eyes still burned, but he felt a strange soothing resonance from deep within. The Shard had merged with the Core...is the Pixie Shard? With the pressure off him, Kalva had a chance to look around the chamber and spotted a fainted Crabrawler and Kai returning them. Kalva bit his lip in worry. The Crabrawler must have been hit by the Tree's wind attack. As long as they were in the Aetherball, at least their injuries won't get worse and he had seen worse than unconsciousness before, Kalva could never shake off anxiety when he saw an injured Pokemon. No; he had more pressing concerns to think about. Kalva sent out Quina, still wary of the Tree. It didn't seem to be emitting the same hostility like earlier, but nonetheless, it had lashed out at them earlier. Kalva couldn't spot anything of note to gain advantage in their battle, but perhaps he could see clearer at the core now that the rain had cleared out. [Kalva takes a look at the newly merged Core] Quina looked at the Tree, and back at Kalva, who looked rather ragged and tired. A little ways of battle must have transpired when she was in the Ball. She tilts her head quizzically. Were they attacking a tree? It didn't look particularly hostile, though it certainly did look like it was some sort of core. Nonetheless, she braced for a battle. [Quina joins the battle]
  6. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva was stunned by the immense pressure of the Tree. It felt as if he was getting torn from his very bones, and at the same time he was kept together by the same immense power. He couldn't breath, and yet air rushed forcibly into his lungs, forcing him alive. He staggered from the barrage of polar senses, his stomach churning. He only came to his senses when his weight suddenly seemed to double, knocking him off his feet and plunging his head into the shallow water. Pain burned through his throat and lungs, ripping him out of his daze and forcing him to comprehend. Kalva lifted his heavy head out of the water, coughing and sputtering. Everything hurt, and he was already exhausted from Wailord's battle. But his friends and Pokemon were fighting for him-! He simply could not afford to sit out. He leaned on a nearby crystal and nodded to Sena's quest. Verna's would not be able to fight effectively under the effect of the Tree's Gravity, while Quina's Teleport allowed her to be independent of gravity. Kalva grabbed Quina's Pokeball, readying himself for battle. He was about to send her out, when he felt a change in the rainfall direction. Strong wind. He didn't know what it was; but seeing as Taylor was using a defensive move, he sensed danger. He was to join the battle; but not yet. Kalva took shelter behind the crystal he was leaning on, gesturing at Sena to do the same. Through the rain, Kalva also noticed Cathode entering the battlefield. Kalva waved to her and pointed to the hole to the chamber where Terry was trapped in and mouthed Terry's name. If Cathode came from another entrance into the chamber, then surely she would be able to get help and free Terry! Kalva turned his attention back to the battle, his eyes searching the chamber for clues. There must be something that he could use to help in the battle. Sheer power would not win them the victory; there must be something that could turn the tides. [Kalva looks around in the battlefield for something to help in the battle]
  7. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva's brow creased with worry. Kalva was stubborn and unreasonable at times; but now, he was emotionally exhausted. He could conceive no ideas on how to pull Terry out with their own strength. With Wailord, they had their partners to trust and accomplish such feats. This time there was no possible way to break Terry out. Kalva returned quickly to Terry, and if possible, squeezed Terry's hands as a gesture of promise. They'd get help and return. Then swiftly, he returned Quina, squeezed through the gap, into the light. Quina didn't even shift while Kalva ran around the chamber. She knew. That Shard was a time-bomb they didn't know the countdown to, and it could unravel in an instant at any moment - endangering everyone in the vicinity. Terry was trapped inside the crystal chamber with it; with no bearing on where they were, they didn't even know when help will come either. It wasn't just them leaving to get help - they most likely had to leave altogether. A burning pit inside her, she made no movement to convey this idea to Kalva. If he realized this, then there would be nothing in the world that would convince Kalva to leave Terry's side. She closed her eyes and prayed for Kalva to never know as he returned her.
  8. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva held his breath above the water as their combined strike hit Wailord, flinching as if the hit had hit him in place of her. With Wailord’s last roar, Kalva’s barely kept composure broke, and slowly, like a waterfall after storm, tears fell from his face. With a silent wail he wept for the death of the Wailord, all the Pokémon he had held in his arms in their death before, and the Pokémon he will have to sit by their death afterward too. He felt so helpless, every time he had to stay by their side during their passing. But neither could he leave their side; it was the least he could ever do. Kalva was trapped between mourning and leaving, and he had always chosen to mourn the death of all Pokemon as if they were his own friend. But the world did not give him any more time to mourn now. Barely moments later he felt the whirlpool suck him under. He desperately tried to hold onto something, but swiped at empty current, only being able to give a pointless flail before the waters completely consumed him. Kalva gasped as they fell through into the crystal chamber, staggering a little as he tried to shake away his disorientation. As soon as he regained his bearings he looked around for Quina, who had thankfully landed close to him, shaken but unharmed. They shared a quick hug of relief before Quina sat back in his hoodie, resting from the battle with Wailord. You’re safe, you’re safe… I’m alright, Quina, you’re safe… Kalva still hiccupped from his crying, eyes swollen a little, but he forced a smile. Quina was safe. Though the weight of their actions had cut deep, Kalva felt a little solace when he saw Taylor take Wailord’s egg. Taylor would keep the egg safe, and Wailord’s light would live on. He’ll just have to help Taylor protect the egg until they could find somewhere safe for the egg. Kalva spent a moment or two calming down before trying to look around him. Trying to, anyway; the crystals were too bright, nauseating him simply from their radiance. He half-closed his eyes to filter some of the brightness out, managing to see Terry pick up the shard of the micro-nexus. He had read about the shards before; but never really managed to observe one for himself. After all – they were very dangerous to carry; they could expand any moment when the Shard is charged once more, and when they do, they’ll expand explosively. He only could ponder for a moment before Sena’s Supersonic rang out, stunning him from the amplified sound. Kalva blocked his ears and ducked down, dizzy from everything being so loud and bright. Terry was trying to tell him something, but with no avail. Kalva couldn’t even try to lip-read from the bright light, and it was as if the world’s volume had been turned mute. I can’t even write anything with the brightness…we need to get out of here, quickly. He stood looking around, trying to find a way to get out of this chamber that had assaulted so many of his senses. Kalva noticed Taylor being unfazed by the noise that had deafened everyone else. Taylor was rather mysterious, Kalva had come to note, but most definitely capable. Taylor had asked Morelull to move before they had descended, rather than trying to force their way through, and even gained the trust of one of the members. Unlike Kalva, Taylor was calm in the tragic struggle against Wailord. If he was to trust anyone with Wailord’s egg, it would be Taylor. Kalva followed Taylor’s line of sight and noticed the small hole in the chamber’s wall. He looked back to check if they hadn’t missed anything or left anything behind, and walked quickly through the chamber’s exit.
  9. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Quina had been caught off guard from Wailord's Dive, having hiding behind Verna to avoid Supersonic. Without time to gather her energy to Teleport, she flew through the air like a wax doll, all the while trying to sense Wailord. She narrowly missed a jutted rock and was swallowed whole by the dark water below. But before she could flail for her life, she felt something rise from below her, pushing her above the water, allowing her to find footing again. Kalva had swam to her location after he too, had been knocked into the water by Wailord, and she was now sitting on his head. There was no gesture or anything from Kalva, but she knew what she had to do. She gathered her strength from the midst of the dark pool and threw a Confusion at Wailord.
  10. Tengoku no Owari [Sign-Ups Closed]

    I'll look into this, and see what I come up with. Edit: After a bit of thinking, I reckon I won't join this one. Looks pretty fun though, so good luck to those who're joining.
  11. Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #02]

    Kalva covered his eyes with his arms as the wave splashed over him, tiny fragments of crystal cutting into his clothes. As he wiped the water off his face, he saw 3 stone nails sticking out of Wailord's back, blood streaming out like a crimson geyser. They had succeeded in dropping the stalactites, but Kalva nearly lurched from what he and Quina had just done - they were killing Wailord. Wailord's scream sounded like a sickening prose that nailed this fact to him. Kalva grabbed his head, forcing himself to focus on the battle. After what Quina was risking herself in, he couldn't afford to break down again. O-one...two...three... Reciting numbers over and over, he once again pointed the A-Comm upwards to illuminate the cavern a little and located Verna for Quina. Quina heard what Sena had asked Kalva, and following Kalva's hand signals, swiftly located Verna and Teleported behind Verna. She wasn't sure if this was protection enough - Wailord could very easily cover them both with its Dive...but perhaps Sena was thinking of trying to get her out of the range of Supersonic.
  12. Pokémon Catharsis [OOC/Sign-Ups Opened]

    Hello! Pigeon here. Sorry to say, but I'll have to drop the RP. The RP was going too fast for me - and in light of the fact that I may have to leave overseas soon and will be able to catch up to the RP even less...I think it's best for everyone for me to drop this RP. Thanks for the fun, and I hope to see you in some other RP! -Pigeon
  13. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #3]

    Prudic felt blood pumping and seeing Dragonite downed by Elysian, he switched targets to Brass - oh. Crap. While he had dropped his guard, the mole had stolen the librarian from under his watch. Yeah...shouldn't have crawled out of the streets in the first place. 'Baby' could only maintain the barrier or Heal Wave, but not both. If they could damage one of the goons, they could bait a Heal Wave - then strike. He aimed down Dragonite again, and Teleported right on top of the thing, grabbing unto its wing. If Destiny got teleported by Baby, then he'll be a package deal with it. [Teleport on Dragonite]
  14. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #3]

    Ain't this a big buncha surprises. Prudic had half-guessed that Elysian had one of those fancy mega-stones. It was rather telling, from the response to Pa's question. The pause, the added comment, the reservation of 'fault'. Elysian was not a trained liar, and it showed. Though what was surprising was Elysian's speed. He couldn't track Elysian's pace, only becoming a silver blur at this point. I guess with everyone setting up, I'll get my fightin' spirit up too. Keeping his shield up, red energy charged around him as he recited a tenant under his breath. "In peace... vigilance." [Prudic uses Swords Dance]
  15. Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #3]

    Is it just me or does everything happen so fast? Prudic watched from behind his shield as the scene erupted into chaos, defending Lyra from the shockwaves that shook the ground over and over. He was about to be impressed with the team's efforts, until a wave of golden light rejuvenated their foes. "Well that's not fair at all." He said blandly. Waaaiitt. Heal Wave? I thought that died with Hope! Unless... Let's just not jump to conclusions. But either 'Baby' is Hope or someone related to Hope. Either case, she's got a barrier for a reason. Tsk, till that thing goes down, it will be easier to try and burst combatants down than try to break through that. He whirled his blade and lifted up high to his shoulder level, assuming a fighting stance with the point of the blade lining up against the 3 revived members of the Light. "Fancy me a Holy hunting. This brings me back to the bad old days." He'll wait for a clear gap, then ambush them through Teleport.