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  1. Meet the vets!

    Okie dokie since I technically am a veteran,even though i've been here for only two years,made only 15 posts and never really introduced myself,I'll try to make a post worthy of someone's time: Known as: I just changed my profile name from coshimo so there is that Age: 19 Gender: Male Birthday: March 7 1998 Location: The country of art,wine,pasta,etc.(Also known as Italy) Height: 178 cm(5 feet and 10 inches according to the internet) Hair color: Light Brown Eye color: Light Brown Lives with: My parents Pets: I've got four cats at home but three are technically of my sister so only one is mine Relationship Status: Single Favourite food: Meat Favourite drink: Don't really have one but i guess rosé might be the one Favourite color: Green Favourite kind of music: I like all kind of music sooo... Favourite band: Again, I don't really have a favourite,maybe Studio Killers even though they've been silent for quite a while,but i don't know Favourite game: Pokemon emerald or Tales of Eternia Favourite genre of game: Rpg but also some strategy games like the final fantasy tactics and the tactics ogre series Favourite hobbies: Watching tv and videos on youtube, followed by playing videogames and reading comicbooks(mostly manga) Favourite movies: The Jurassic Park series(including Jurassic World), most of Disney's animated movies and The Lord of The Rings trilogy So, who are you?: I'm a nobody who one day,while searching on the internet for something to kill time with, stumbled upon the glorious and VERY hard game that is Pokemon Reborn, apart from that i'm a university student(currently majoring in Natural Science which is hard as hell) dreaming one day of being able to work abroad. Anything you're responsible for?: Obviously nothing since I've just been lurking on the site like a shadow from the moment i joined this site If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be?: Well this one, since It's the best and only one I've got What can I talk to you about?: Anything except political or religious stuff, the first one because I'm not very well informed about it and the second one because I don't like it(Just so you know I'm an atheist ) Closing statements?: It's my first time doing something like this so forgive me if I've said something offensive or other things like that, and HAIL KAIBA!!!
  2. [Resolved]Azurine island sidequest

  3. [Resolved]Azurine island sidequest

    I'm also having this problem,can you fix it? Game.rxdata
  4. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    Ooooh ok,again thank you so much i just noticed the perfect ivs!!
  5. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    Do you know how to close the topic?
  6. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    thank you so much!!!
  7. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

  8. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    I'm ready now so just request me online
  9. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    I'm back!!sorry i made you wait so much,it's been a long day for me today.... So whenever you want to trade just tell me and we'll start
  10. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    sorry i really have to go can we do it later?i'm really sorry but my parents are getting pretty upset since they have to take me to him
  11. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    sorry made a mistake could you request again?
  12. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    i only have like ten minutes cause i have to go study math at a friend's house so if you want to do it later it's ok
  13. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    my username is coshimo so i'll just wait for you
  14. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    well perfect!!thank you a lot
  15. Looking for helioptile,zorua and zangoose

    Hi i'm looking for someone willing to trade me a zorua,a helioptile and a zangoose since i missed those events cause i'm an idiot,i don't care about ivs or egg moves so you can just give me shitty ones,i have already prepared three baby axew to trade but if you want something else just tell me and i'll see if i have it