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  1. I'm also having this problem,can you fix it? Game.rxdata
  2. Ooooh ok,again thank you so much i just noticed the perfect ivs!!
  3. Do you know how to close the topic?
  4. thank you so much!!!
  5. I'm ready now so just request me online
  6. I'm back!!sorry i made you wait so much,it's been a long day for me today.... So whenever you want to trade just tell me and we'll start
  7. sorry i really have to go can we do it later?i'm really sorry but my parents are getting pretty upset since they have to take me to him
  8. sorry made a mistake could you request again?
  9. i only have like ten minutes cause i have to go study math at a friend's house so if you want to do it later it's ok
  10. my username is coshimo so i'll just wait for you
  11. well perfect!!thank you a lot
  12. Hi i'm looking for someone willing to trade me a zorua,a helioptile and a zangoose since i missed those events cause i'm an idiot,i don't care about ivs or egg moves so you can just give me shitty ones,i have already prepared three baby axew to trade but if you want something else just tell me and i'll see if i have it
  13. my ID is coshimo