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  1. I'm Currently on my 3rd Play Through with an OP Team & Items so I won't take too long but I'll be MIA until I get this gamefile to surpass my previous file. Main reason is I missed the Opportunity for a Shiny Charm.

  2. DjSeon

    Missing Simon for Super Rod Quest.

    Thanks a lot
  3. DjSeon

    Missing Simon for Super Rod Quest.

    I understand. I believe i missed the start of the chain & progressed the story without being able to return to the original location to start the chain & only those who can mod gamefiles can re-trigger the event for those who forget like me :$
  4. DjSeon

    Missing Simon for Super Rod Quest.

    No I haven't. Is that the Trigger to meet Simon at the Beryl Cemetery?
  5. Hi Guys. I just got TM Fly & upon checking I realized I missed the Cue Earlier for the Simon Sidequest event. I've attached my gamefile if any1 is free to assist. Kind Regards, Seon. game.rxdata
  6. LF 6iv or 5iv Timid Shiny Pikachu w. Nasty Plot Missing Atk iv Choose from: 5iv Shiny Adamant Larvitar Missing Special Attack 6iv Shiny Jolly Absol 5iv Shiny Timid Larvesta Missing Attack iv 5iv Shiny Adamant Axew Missing Special Attack iv 5iv Shiny Timid Mareep Missing Attack iv 5iv Shiny Jolly Darumaka Missing Attack iv
  7. DjSeon

    Looking for Larvesta

    What's your username? I have a 5iv ready for you. My username is DjSeon. Tell me when you're ready to trade
  8. DjSeon

    LF litten (closed)

    Thanks Man! That was a nice surprise. When I breed a Shiny 5iv Missing Spl Attack I'll send you a message.
  9. DjSeon

    LF litten (closed)

    What's your username? My Username is DjSeon. Let me know when you're on the waiting for trade screen.
  10. DjSeon

    LF litten (closed)

    I can give you an Adamant or Jolly? Just tell me which & I'll breed 1 for you quickly
  11. DjSeon

    [RESOLVED] Speedbreed crashing game

    If I'm not mistaken. He has to copy the speedbreed.rb into the mods folder. I had a similar error when I pasted the mod in the Data Folder instead of the Mod Folder. If he's already completed that step properly and still has the error. That is outside the scope of my mods knowledge base.
  12. DjSeon

    26 5iv Jolly Axews Missing Spl Atk for Trade

    Send me Request: iSeon
  13. DjSeon

    26 5iv Jolly Axews Missing Spl Atk for Trade

    I don't need a Greninja. How about you just offer a useless poke & have 1 anyway. What's your username?
  14. Hey Everyone. I was breeding for a Shiny Axew and I now I have 26 5iv Jolly Axews Missing Special Attack. Just State your Preferred Ability - (5) Rivalry, (10) Unnerve & (11) Mold Breaker You can offer me any fodder, 5iv Pokes, Pokes with Egg Moves or Heart Scales. Thanks, Username: iSeon Time Zone GMT-4