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  1. Unexpected

    Wow it's been a while since I last been on these forums. The new look is great! Anywho, I want to make this post after I decided to make a new reborn run with pokemon I never dreamed to use. Such as Swoobat! I''d have always looked over swoobat and their pre evolution in my many game plays and only now decided 'Why not?' after I did a little research. My little Yahoo (great name huh?) is doing great in battles! I was pleasantly surprised with the speed stat and it's doing all right holding it's own, in fact I think because I have been using her so much she became my strongest pokemon! And now that I slapped attract on her, she's been swoonbatting all the guys and leaving them open for attack! hehe... eeeh, that pun was lame... But beside terrible puns, Yahoo has earned her place on my permanent team~. So my fellow trainers in Reborn, got any pokemon you want to share with me that surprised you like Yahoo surprised me?