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  1. Marshadow is angry: Marshmadow. If you look under a car, you can see the Carshadow. Marshadow uses Taunt: Harshadow. Marshadow is Water/Ghost: Warshadow (pun there is wash, not war)

  2. Once a day, you're allowed to hurt one character (-2) and heal another (+1). Specifically -2 +1; variations like -1 to two different characters and sacrificing hurting to heal two characters isn't allowed. When you do so, make sure to copy/paste the list from the most recent post, adding/subtracting the new points to the characters you hurt and heal. Also, it would be helpful if you state who you're hurting and healing above the list in your post ("Hurt x, heal x"). After Kanto we'll do Johto, then Hoenn, then Sinnoh, then Unova, then Kalos, then Alola trial captains, then a hurt and heal with the winners from those. Blue: 20 Jasmine: 20 Flannery: 20 Fantina: 20 Roxie: 20 Korrina: 20 Acerola: 20 Champion Ship Casual Teas in order: Alola winner: Acerola List of Alola casual teas in order: Kalos winner: Korrina List of Kalos casual teas in order: Unova winner: Roxie List of Unova casual teas in order: Sinnoh winner: Fantina List of Sinnoh casual teas in order: Hoenn winner: Flannery List of Hoenn casual teas in order: Johto winner: Jasmine List of Johto casual teas in order: Kanto winner: Blue List of Kanto casual teas in order:
  3. Thanks for letting me know I forgot Spinarak. I re-uploaded with it now available as a starter. I remember someone else mentioning that text getting smaller, but I haven't noticed it myself. It does sound like an Essentials issue, but if it happens again, would you be able to take a screenshot?
  4. After a long time of waiting, Pokemon Spork is finally here performing for you, if you know the words you can join in too! Most of the following info was also in the development topic, but I revised it to hopefully be neater and clarify a few things. STORY You and your big sister, Emily, are on vacation in the Ceolis region. Although both of you already have a Pokemon, they've just been pets for you up until now and so neither you or Emily have ever battled before. Along with exploring the region, you and Emily decide to try out the Ceolis League and test each others' skills along the way. Sometimes, you'll cross paths with an organization called Team Portal. Team Portal has a leader, three admins, and an army of grunts. The admins are Barker, Felicia, and Quinn. Barker's areas are business and physical labor. Felicia is a magician. Quinn handles water-related missions. The leader's identity as well as Team Portal's objective are for you to discover on your own as you play the game, so I won't mention those here. During your adventure, you'll come across a species of beings that aren't human or Pokemon. They were the first inhabitants of Ceolis and have their own society. They have some skilled trainers among them, including one of the Ceolis League's Elite Four. To clarify, these beings aren't human/Pokemon hybrids, they're their own thing. Ceolis has 18 gyms, one for each type. The current version, episode 3, goes up to the tenth gym. There is no level cap. FEATURES -Can choose any first-form non-legendary Pokemon as your starter (including standalone Pokemon that don't evolve) -In addition to the EV/IV screen on Pokemons' summary pages, there are also EV training centers with rooms for each stat. There are three of these in Ceolis. The first one has Pokemon that give 1 EV in their respective stat, the second give 2, and the third give 3. -Holiday Pokemon that you can turn into and access exclusive areas (2 in current episode, will be 4 total) -Fossil Pokemon are available in the wild in "Classic Park" -Hoenn-style Pokemon Contests (not properly working yet) -Battle Frontier (postgame). Some facilities return from Emerald, and some are new. -Sidequest areas similar to Rejuvenation's help centers and Desolation's rangers' guilds. There are five planned, with three in the current release. Each has its own theme (ex: episode 1 = rangers, episode 2's = police). Some of these sidequests involve extra story that will go as far as the postgame. -Hidden Power changer SCREENSHOTS EPISODE 3 DOWNLOAD LINK A wild Pokemon availability list is included in the game's folder. EPISODE 4 PROGRESS KNOWN BUGS (STRIKETHROUGH = FIXED FOR NEXT RELEASE) - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ABOUT A BUG IN CASE IT'S ALREADY KNOWN/BEEN REPORTED (NOTE: Pokedex entries aren't bugged and are intended to say what they say. They were edited to remove mentions of death since death literally doesn't exist in this game. Not just in the sense that there will be no character deaths, but also death itself isn't something that happens at all in this game's world)
  5. Sprite revamps doesn't mean every single trainer sprite in the game is redone every episode* (assuming that's what you were thinking it means). Sprite revamps are for new trainers battled in the episode. I can't sprite or do any kind of art at all, so without Palletite's assistance all the trainers would just be recolors. Basically the process goes like this: 1. I complete the episode's story content. At this stage, the sprites are recolors of already existing Gen 4-5 trainer sprites. 2. Palletite does the sprites for the trainers battled in the episode 3. I upload the public release once the sprites are finished *some older trainer sprites like Crolea are also being redone, but not for ep 4 or any other specific episode.
  6. From Jan's 2016 AMA thread: "I think about 17. One episode will have 2 gym battles, and the second to last will be a story episode only. You'll have all the badges at this point, then the final episode will finish the game w/ Post game..."
  7. Oh, I do think there are. Not only with her appearing on that screen, but also with him saying "What should we do, Lizzie..." if you go upstairs at the Belrose house and see him confronting Laura. The reason I mentioned it being an interview with the real Sigmund was because based on the wording of your post (specifically "in the game"), it sounded like you weren't aware of the online league/them being real people.
  8. That was an interview with the real Sigmund. Every character in the game except Solaris, ZEL, Taka, and Sirius are real people from Reborn's online league from 2010-2014. Events in the game are based on events that happened in the online league as well as history from the real people.
  9. Celesteela x Steenee: Celesteena. Celesteela is a wheel: Celesteera. Celesteela is a horse: Celesteeda. Celesteela x Volcanion: Celesteema.

  10. What happens if Ditto uses Transform on another Ditto?

    1. Arkhi
    2. AuthorReborn


      I just so happened to be looking up the specific mechanics of Transform earlier today, funny how that works out. Basically, like Arkhi said, it will fail if used on Ditto or a Pokemon already transformed- with the notable exception of Gen I. In Gen I, if you are in a trainer battle where both you and your opponent only have a Ditto left, the battle will never end because Ditto continually transforms into itself, restoring its PP every time it does so. Since you can't run from trainer battles and Ditto can only learn Transform, you will be forced to soft reset your way out of the battle unless you have an infinity to kill. 

  11. That's Sigmund's sister Elizabeth. More info can be found here.
  12. Araquanid's bubble is a container: Araqualid. Araquanid has Run Away: Araquahid. Araquanid gestures yes: Araquanod. Araquanid is a pirate: Arraquanid.

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      i just wanted to let you know to keep up with the puns

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  13. Blue: 2 Jasmine: 21 Flannery: 18 Fantina: 13 Acerola: 22
  14. I don't know anything about Digimon, but I'm interested to see who I'll get.
  15. Tinder Village is optional. It'll be more important in the postgame, but for now it's a side area where you can find a few items along with the Cyndaquil quest. If you haven't battled Lee yet, he battles you after you've done the story events at the Battle Mall and Premoggin Canyon (meaning getting Strength and Fly). If you have battled Lee, next you would go back to the fork and go north this time, where the rocks will have been cleared from the road.
  16. Dhelmise faints: Demise. Dhelmise in a band: Dhelmuse. Dhelmise is more than one mouse: Delmice. Dhelmise x Delibird: Dhelimise.

    1. Monsieur Divergent

      Monsieur Divergent

      Dhelmise can sing: Adhelemise

      Dhelmise is an RSE hiker: Yodhelmise

  17. Blue: 5 Jasmine: 21 Flannery: 18 Fantina: 15 Acerola: 23
  18. You won't miss any updates to ep 3 content if you play now. This re-upload is basically "ep 4 but with an event moved out of the player's way to prevent the player from doing ep 4 content before the public release" XD
  19. So with ep 4 this far in development I wasn't planning to re-upload ep 3 anymore, but Palletite found a major glitch involving Baneful Bunker a few days ago. After a trainer used Baneful Bunker, the opponent's Pokemon weren't taking damage at all even in subsequent turns where Baneful Bunker wasn't used, and script errors were given before moves. This also happened with Grassy Terrain in episode 2, but I was able to quickly fix that as Grassy Terrain just had the incorrect move effect. In this case, Baneful Bunker's effect was correct, so it was a problem with the move itself. I had to remove it from the game as a result. Also this + the Move Deleter thing were kind of eating away at me x . x If you plan on downloading this re-upload, I strongly recommend those who have a Toxapex with Baneful Bunker to remove it before doing so. I don't know what will happen if you don't. So here are the fixes and changes in this re-upload: -Move Deleter removed; HM moves are now forgettable through normal means -Baneful Bunker removed from game -Mudsdale no longer evolves into itself at every level -Freeze Dry is now super effective on Water types -You now find the hidden passage in Legend Dairy through walking instead of needing to press the interact button -Fixed mountain tiles in Virima City -Celesteela event added to Wonky Woods To obtain Celesteela, you need to be Halloween Espurr. I added another area of gen 1 water tiles to Wonky Woods, just to the east of the TV that Drifloon was watching. You need to go to the middle of the gray water where the forest tile is and it will appear. @kingjrcasanova You replied while I was updating . o . That depends on what happens before May 16 (see this post for details). If the sprite revamps are done before May 16, I may decide to skip beta testing and release ep 4 then (in which case I'll notify and apologize to Nakuto) since I'll be away for a month and I don't think there'll be time for testing before then. Currently one ep 4 trainer's sprite sheets are finished, and Palletite is working on two others right now. If the sprites aren't finished by May 16, I'll still be able to PM Palletite while I'm away for sprite feedback, but I won't be able to upload ep 4 if sprites are finished during that time since I'll only have my iPad with me, meaning in that scenario ep 4 would be released June 15-16 at the earliest.
  20. I guess you'd have to either use a music editing program or go into RPG Maker, make a map, and where it asks for the music to use, edit those properties of the music. I've never tried to do it myself so I'm not 100% sure.
  21. The songs are probably slowed down in RPG Maker or another program that Ame used. When you set the music on a map in RPG Maker, you have the option of editing certain factors like the music's volume and pitch.
  22. After you find him there he goes to the top right alleyway (where the NPCs are talking about 'Rare Candy').
  23. In 7th Street you need to find and speak to Bennett. Finding Bennett is tricky. You basically need to talk to specific NPCs who saw him, and keep going in the directions they tell you until you find him. After which a box in front of a building (which is where you need to go after finding Bennett) will be moved out of the way.
  24. Drampa is old: Grampa. Drampa in a band: Drumpa. Drampa x Lampent: Lampa. Drampa prevents Selfdestruct and Explosion: Dampa.

  25. Blue: 6 Jasmine: 22 Flannery: 17 Fantina: 16 Korrina: 4 Acerola: 28