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  1. Once a day, you're allowed to hurt one character (-2) and heal another (+1). Specifically -2 +1; variations like -1 to two different characters and sacrificing hurting to heal two characters isn't allowed. When you do so, make sure to copy/paste the list from the most recent post, adding/subtracting the new points to the characters you hurt and heal. Also, it would be helpful if you state who you're hurting and healing above the list in your post ("Hurt x, heal x"). After Kanto we'll do Johto, then Hoenn, then Sinnoh, then Unova, then Kalos, then Alola trial captains, then a hurt and heal with the winners from those. Clemont: 20 Grant: 20 Korrina: 20 Olympia: 20 Ramos: 20 Valerie: 20 Viola: 20 Wulfric: 20 List of Kalos casual teas in order: Unova winner: Roxie List of Unova casual teas in order: Sinnoh winner: Fantina List of Sinnoh casual teas in order: Hoenn winner: Flannery List of Hoenn casual teas in order: Johto winner: Jasmine List of Johto casual teas in order: Kanto winner: Blue List of Kanto casual teas in order:
  2. About the lesser known but still canon part, I actually disagree about some of those being canon. Baby Lugia is from the anime, which I consider a separate universe from the games. Shadow Lugia is from XD, and Colosseum and XD were made by a different company called Genius Sonority. They could be neat references, but I don't really see a reason any of them apart from maybe AZ's Floette would be in the game. It may be worth noting though that Reborn's shiny Lugia sprite has Shadow Lugia's design. On a somewhat related note, Ame recently responded to an ask on tumblr about Ash Greninja. Her response was "listen. i do not acknowledge the existence of ash greninja. and ash ain’ in reborn. so neither is ash-greninja."
  3. Grant: 7 Korrina: 12 Valerie: 14 Wulfric: 12
  4. Toxapex is Flying: Toxapecks. Toxapex is Ghost: Toxahex. Toxapex is a dinosaur: Toxarex, or T-Rex. Toxapex is Rock: Roxapex.

    1. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      Toxapex is a bookworm: ToxaLex

      Toxapex is sealed: Loxapex

    2. Tartar



      Toxapex thinks it exists: Doxapex

      Toxapex thinks it's a figment of someone's imagination: Toxaporia

      (For those who hasn't read Plato and doesn't get the pun: Doxa and Aporia)


  5. @Jan you quoted Trevore but didn't respond to his Klefki with anything.
  6. If you've donated the required amount of money, it should be complete right away. If you're waiting to donate to another project, you can only complete one as of E16. The second project becomes available after the 15th badge, and the third after the 16th badge, so we have to wait until the next episode to donate to another one.
  7. I'm not really sure what could be causing this, but if you send me your save file, I'll try to find out what's happening and get past it for you.
  8. After a long time of waiting, Pokemon Spork is finally here performing for you, if you know the words you can join in too! Most of the following info was also in the development topic, but I revised it to hopefully be neater and clarify a few things. STORY You and your big sister, Emily, are on vacation in the Ceolis region. Although both of you already have a Pokemon, they've just been pets for you up until now and so neither you or Emily have ever battled before. Along with exploring the region, you and Emily decide to try out the Ceolis League and test each others' skills along the way. Sometimes, you'll cross paths with an organization called Team Portal. Team Portal has a leader, three admins, and an army of grunts. The admins are Barker, Felicia, and Quinn. Barker's areas are business and physical labor. Felicia is a magician. Quinn handles water-related missions. The leader's identity as well as Team Portal's objective are for you to discover on your own as you play the game, so I won't mention those here. During your adventure, you'll come across a species of beings that aren't human or Pokemon. They were the first inhabitants of Ceolis and have their own society. They have some skilled trainers among them, including one of the Ceolis League's Elite Four. To clarify, these beings aren't human/Pokemon hybrids, they're their own thing. Ceolis has 18 gyms, one for each type. The current version, episode 3, goes up to the tenth gym. There is no level cap. FEATURES -Can choose any first-form non-legendary Pokemon as your starter (including standalone Pokemon that don't evolve) -In addition to the EV/IV screen on Pokemons' summary pages, there are also EV training centers with rooms for each stat. There are three of these in Ceolis. The first one has Pokemon that give 1 EV in their respective stat, the second give 2, and the third give 3. -Holiday Pokemon that you can turn into and access exclusive areas (2 in current episode, will be 4 total) -Fossil Pokemon are available in the wild in "Classic Park" -Hoenn-style Pokemon Contests (not properly working yet) -Battle Frontier (postgame). Some facilities return from Emerald, and some are new. -Sidequest areas similar to Rejuvenation's help centers and Desolation's rangers' guilds. There are five planned, with three in the current release. Each has its own theme (ex: episode 1 = rangers, episode 2's = police). Some of these sidequests involve extra story that will go as far as the postgame. -Hidden Power changer SCREENSHOTS EPISODE 3 DOWNLOAD LINK A wild Pokemon availability list is included in the game's folder. KNOWN BUGS (STRIKETHROUGH = FIXED FOR NEXT RELEASE) - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ABOUT A BUG IN CASE IT'S ALREADY KNOWN/BEEN REPORTED (NOTE: Pokedex entries aren't bugged and are intended to say what they say. They were edited to remove mentions of death since death literally doesn't exist in this game. Not just in the sense that there will be no character deaths, but also death itself isn't something that happens at all in this game's world)
  9. Will this be two separate games/downloads, or is it like Solar Light and Lunar Dark where it has two titles but is one game/download?
  10. The layout of topics in the "On the Hunt" subforum and a few others is extremely confusing. Posts seem not to be ordered by when they were posted, resulting in this happening: Because I didn't see the timestamp on laggless's post at first, I ended up replying to a post from four months ago that I thought was new (and that I already replied to before). I don't really know the reason topics are like this in some subforums, but at least for me, it does more harm than good. It also refers to all submitted topics as "Questions", which when I was originally making the relationship variable guide made me question if I was posting in the right place because I wasn't asking a question. Is there a way for individual users to change this layout, and if not, can one be considered (assuming it's possible)?
  11. During E16's beta testing period, I went through in RPG Maker and noted down all of the relationship points. A few things of note: 1. The game will not tell you when something you do effects relationships. This info can only be found by looking through events in RPG Maker. 2. When gaining a point with someone for speaking while teamed up, or losing a point by leaving in an area where you're teamed up with them, this only happens once. Meaning you can't speak to them repeatedly for infinite points, or if you have to leave more than once you'll only lose (a) point(s) the first time. 3. This will updated for future episodes as they release. Here are the relationship points in order by when they happen in-game, going from one gym to the next. The post after this are the points ordered by character. Beginning of the game up to Julia From Julia to Florinia From Florinia to Corey From Corey to Shelly From Shelly to Shade From Shade to Kiki From Kiki to Aya From Aya to Serra From Serra to Noel From Noel to Radomus From Radomus to Luna From Luna to Samson From Samson to Charlotte From Charlotte to Terra From Terra to Ciel From Ciel to Adrienn
  12. I'm guessing you're asking about Rejuvenation and posted it in the Reborn section by mistake. There's an NPC named Luck in Gearen City who can change the difficulty mode. The first change is free. He's inside the tent, which IIRC is a little east of Venam's gym.
  13. Grant: 8 Korrina: 15 Olympia: 3 Valerie: 14 Wulfric: 14
  14. Aurora: 20 Ava: 23 Emily: 18 Garret: 37 Jarred: 18 Mana: 54 Nova: 33 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 2 Tristan: 23
  15. Same rules as the others. Once a calendar day, you're allowed to hurt one character (-2) and heal another (+1). Specifically -2 +1; variations like -1 to two different characters and sacrificing hurting to heal two characters isn't allowed. When you do so, make sure to copy/paste the list from the most recent post, adding/subtracting the new points to the characters you hurt and heal. Also, it would be helpful if you state who you're hurting and healing above the list in your post ("Hurt x, heal x"). Aderyn: 20 Amelia: 20 Aurora: 20 Ava: 20 Baron: 20 Connor: 20 Emily: 20 Garrett: 20 Hardy: 20 Jarred: 20 Kuiki: 20 Lilith: 20 Mana: 20 Nova: 20 Rosetta: 20 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 20 Tristan: 20 List of casual teas in order:
  16. Comfey is a computer: Compey. Comfey gives foot massages: Comfeyt. Comfey x Combee: Combey. Comfey x Miltank: Cowfey.

  17. Julia, Corey, Shelly, Kiki, Noel, Radomus, Luna, Samson, Ciel.
  18. What's your favorite Normal/Flying type?

  19. Yeah, the Portal admins all have an animal theme with their teams. Quinn is his name because it's close to quack. I haven't done beta testing in a long time for shyness reasons, but if you're willing to test, that would be helpful Before the public release of ep 3 I was too confident in my own ability to find bugs and other issues, and that combined with shyness reasons led to me not doing beta. But there always ends up being issues I didn't catch or things I forget to do, which leads to episodes being re-uploaded many times. Palletite is the first person to receive episodes when they're finished, and when the sprite revamps are done, I would send it to you and any other testers for testing, after which would be the public release.
  20. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Thanks for letting me know about Trop Kick. I plan to do another re-upload of ep 3 once I'm up to the 11th gym, so I'll have this fixed for that. In addition to the Trop Kick issue, the re-upload will have a more complete TM location list, since when I was making the list there are some available TMs I forgot to put on there, like Venoshock and Dragon Tail. I'm also looking into a way to show how many marbles the player has in the key items pocket, since I've noticed in some fangames it actually does display the quantity of certain key items. I didn't know that was possible before. (re-upload will not include 11th gym though as that's ep 4 content)
  21. Guzzlord is furry: Fuzzlord. Guzzlord x Xurkitree: Guzzcord. Guzzlord is a bee: Buzzlord. Guzzlord is a fish: Gupplord.

  22. Grant: 13 Korrina: 17 Olympia: 5 Valerie: 15 Wulfric: 14
  23. Aurora: 20 Ava: 23 Emily: 18 Garret: 39 Jarred: 18 Mana: 53 Nova: 32 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 4 Tristan: 23
  24. Hi, welcome to Reborn. Sharing snacks is actually my way of welcoming new users (and saying happy birthday)! Here's an ice cream sandwich
  25. Re-uploaded with this fixed. In Sun and Moon, Knock Off's PP was decreased from 25 to 20. What probably happened was that I mixed up the power and PP resulting in the power being lowered instead. I'm pretty sure I moved her to the far left corner of the map out of the player's sight, but just in case: if anyone happens to return to Inoset Island after the 10th gym and sees Emily floating in the water, I've started working on episode 4 and had to briefly move her where players can't reach her in order to do this re-upload.