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  1. I don't think any of the staff have mentioned any plans to take over the thread, but I'd be happy to bring up suggestions posted here during meetings.
  2. It's unknown where Mosely goes after her talk with Maman. That's the end of the Lost Camp sidequest as of the current version.
  3. oxober's issue was resolved by TheMoltenGuy in the V9 Save File Troubleshooting Thread. Since the issue has been fixed, I'll close this thread.
  4. Super Meat Boy's parents ask him what he wants for dinner: Soup or meat, boy?

    1. Tartar


      Meat Boy calmly replies... "Tofu"

  5. This happens in most fangames and unfortunately no one seems to know why they happen or how to fix them. Even in Ame's Line Break Errors thread for Reborn, she says she's not sure anything can be done about them.
  6. Normally when switching player characters, the trainer card graphic should switch along with the other sprites. However in this case where you were switched due to a glitch (rhyme intended), I'm not sure whether it'll change back itself or if you'll have to do it manually. If it doesn't change, Axel's (name of dark-skinned male) trainer sprite is trainer004.
  7. I just checked the characters folder for Rejuvenation, and his walking sprite sheet seems to be trchar004.
  8. I'm not sure if Blake and Heather knew each other before the league, but he did adopt her after what happened to Corey, yes. Ame and Blake tried to persuade Heather to stick around because they didn't think it was healthy for her to shut herself off from everything, but Heather ended up quitting, followed by Blake and then Cal quitting. I asked Ame on tumblr recently if she knows what happened to Heather after that, and she said Heather did show up a few years later and seemed to be doing better, and said she'd be interested in being a part of the league again if it's ever brought back. Ame also said that Blake isn't nearly as much of a jerk IRL as he is in-game. I remember a few weeks ago Ame said Cal was actually the more difficult of the two to deal with. I don't remember why the league was closed, but IIRC it involved technical issues with Pokemon Online.
  9. This thread is for asking about where to go next in Pokemon Rejuvenation, so please keep all posts on topic to that. There's a pinned thread in Fan Game Expose called Pokemon Fan-Game Recommendations [Community WIP] you could look through if you're looking to find more games to play.
  10. There's a thread for making your own moves and one for making your own Mega Evolutions, so why not one for abilities too? (sorry if there actually is one already, I've never seen one) I'd make one that gives immunity to Curse. All other kinds of status conditions and ailments have a berry and/or item that cures it or an ability or type that's immune to it. Curse doesn't. The name of the ability might be something like "Purity". Another one I think would be neat is a reverse Wonder Guard, where instead of only being damaged by super effective hits, the Pokemon is damaged only by not very effective (and maybe neutral) hits. This could be something exclusive to one Pokemon like Shedinja, and have decently high HP unlike Shedinja, so it'd be tanky. The name of the ability could be something like "Super Guard"?
  11. What's your favorite musical instrument?

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    2. Paul25


      I think Violin (even though I ain't a good player :P)

    3. Wolfox


      really generic: Electric Guitar.

    4. HongaarseBeer
  12. The item descriptions are taken from the canon games and that part isn't referring to anyone in Reborn. I remember the "A maniac will buy them for a high price" description from as far back as FRLG for a few other items that sell for a lot of money. Although even from the canon games, there's interestingly never been NPCs for specific items like that to the best of my knowledge, and they sell for a high price regardless of who you sell them to. I guess it's just flavor text.
  13. Re-uploaded with the following fixes and updates: FIXES -fixed dialogue with the guard in front of the Move Deleter's house, where he would still ask if you wanted the Marble even after he gave it to you -Updated Chelsea's dialogue if spoken to at Bolaii Beach after the 10th gym, since it doesn't make sense for her to still say she hopes you or Emily will be the second Champion after someone becomes the second Champion -Reflect is now sold as a TM in the Department Store. I'm not sure why Light Screen was there but Reflect wasn't. I may have forgotten to put Reflect there before. UPDATES -Reduced the size of the following maps: Tourist Info Center, BCC Building, Jim's House, Game Corner, Cianosa Cafe, Rap Battle House, Trainers School -Characters (rivals, Gym Leaders, etc.) now have different victory music than normal NPC trainers. (I also forgot to mention in the previous re-upload that the Team Portal grunt/agent battle theme was changed) (Victory music for characters) (Team Portal agent battle theme) I feel like I'm forgetting a few things. I keep notes on my phone for what I plan to update and fix for each re-upload, but I deleted the note for this one after re-uploading x . x
  14. After a long time of waiting, Pokemon Spork is finally here performing for you, if you know the words you can join in too! Most of the following info was also in the development topic, but I revised it to hopefully be neater and clarify a few things. STORY You and your big sister, Emily, are on vacation in the Ceolis region. Although both of you already have a Pokemon, they've just been pets for you up until now and so neither you or Emily have ever battled before. Along with exploring the region, you and Emily decide to try out the Ceolis League and test each others' skills along the way. Sometimes, you'll cross paths with an organization called Team Portal. Team Portal has a leader, three admins, and an army of grunts. The admins are Barker, Felicia, and Quinn. Barker's areas are business and physical labor. Felicia is a magician. Quinn handles water-related missions. The leader's identity as well as Team Portal's objective are for you to discover on your own as you play the game, so I won't mention those here. During your adventure, you'll come across a species of beings that aren't human or Pokemon. They were the first inhabitants of Ceolis and have their own society. They have some skilled trainers among them, including one of the Ceolis League's Elite Four. To clarify, these beings aren't human/Pokemon hybrids, they're their own thing. Ceolis has 18 gyms, one for each type. The current version, episode 3 and a half, goes up to the eleventh gym. There is no level cap. FEATURES -Can choose any first-form non-legendary Pokemon as your starter (including standalone Pokemon that don't evolve) -In addition to the EV/IV screen on Pokemons' summary pages, there are also EV training centers with rooms for each stat. There are three of these in Ceolis. The first one has Pokemon that give 1 EV in their respective stat, the second give 2, and the third give 3. -Holiday Pokemon that you can turn into and access exclusive areas (2 in current episode, will be 4 total) -Fossil Pokemon are available in the wild in "Classic Park" -Hoenn-style Pokemon Contests (not properly working yet) -Battle Frontier (postgame). Some facilities return from Emerald, and some are new. -Sidequest areas similar to Rejuvenation's help centers and Desolation's rangers' guilds. There are five planned, with three in the current release. Each has its own theme (ex: episode 1 = rangers, episode 2's = police). Some of these sidequests involve extra story that will go as far as the postgame. -Hidden Power changer SCREENSHOTS EPISODE 3 AND A HALF DOWNLOAD LINK A wild Pokemon availability list is included in the game's folder. FUTURE EPISODE PROGRESS KNOWN BUGS (STRIKETHROUGH = FIXED FOR NEXT RELEASE) - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ABOUT A BUG IN CASE IT'S ALREADY KNOWN/BEEN REPORTED (NOTE: Pokedex entries aren't bugged and are intended to say what they say. They were edited to remove mentions of death since death literally doesn't exist in this game. Not just in the sense that there will be no character deaths, but also death itself isn't something that happens at all in this game's world)
  15. I eat the cake first. Whenever I'm eating, I always save the drink for last.
  16. Full Moon does have a thread here. I merged your topic into the Full Moon one, since for fangames besides Reborn and Rejuvenation, it's generally preferred to keep all discussion of them to one thread. For this issue, I'd recommend either posting your save file here for someone to help (I wouldn't be able to do it personally as I run into errors when trying to open recent episodes of Full Moon in RPG Maker, but someone else might be able to do it) or contacting the creator. I've spoken to the creator before since I was also stuck in a similar way once and he helped me with that when I emailed him, explained what was happening, and sent my save file.
  17. Before Reborn was a game, it was a Pokemon Online league. The characters (except Solaris, ZEL, Taka, and Sirius) were all leaders from that league, and many events from the game are based off ones that happened in the league, including what happened to Corey and Kiki, the custody battle between El and Radomus, and Sigmund using electroconvulsive therapy. I think the online league ran from mid-2010 until sometime in 2014, while the game started in 2012.
  18. A laid-back Balm Mushroom is a Calm Mushroom.

    1. Paul25


      YOU (ICSW) are really good at making Rhythmic sentence (s) :P 

      Your Rhythmic sentences are Indeed so *Good* :) 

  19. Thanks everyone! I'll do my best as a mod! And thanks to Arkhi for your work as a mod. @Alphagar here's an ice cream sandwich
  20. Since Lunatone and Solrock are Rock types, you could say Lunatone is a Moon Stone and Solrock is a Sun Stone.

  21. It's a remix of a battle theme from Splatoon. [MEDIA][/MEDIA] EDIT: I don't know how to post a video directly with the new site format, but the link should work.
  22. I went with the neutral route (going with Erin's path and not telling her about Flora) in both V8 and V9. In V8 I went with the neutral route because I wanted more information before acting. Flora was heavily biased against the government, and Florin was heavily biased against Bladestar. At the time, neither seemed innocent to me. Bladestar cut off paths to GDC, and Cassandra apparently doesn't want little kids to get free haircuts. In V9 I went with the neutral path again after watching Sr. F's playthrough because it seems like it was the best choice. As it appeared in V8, neither group is innocent. Cassandra is a member of Team Xen, and Bladestar was chasing after Ana for her Data Drive, which just seems to contain innocuous memories about when she was created, plus there's the Dimensional Rift/PULSE Ferrothorn. If I'm going to side with an organization, I want them to be as innocent as possible. That means -you have to take care that civilians aren't hurt in the crossfire of your fight -you have to not harass, kidnap, or attack innocent people because of an item they hold, information they have, etc. -if you have to steal something, there had better be a very good reason why you're stealing it. So far, Bladestar has failed at all three of those. 1. If April/Krystal/Alexandra hadn't stopped the train in time... 2. Bladestar was going after Ana for the Data Drive. I guess you could say it was really V, who isn't a member of Bladestar herself, that wanted it, but they're working together 3. Flora stole Rift Matter from the Team Xen HQ, which is both good and bad. It's good because it means Team Xen has less Rift Matter. It's bad because she was using it for the same purpose that Team Xen was. If I had to choose the "lesser of two evils", it would be Bladestar, but I want to defeat both of them. Team Xen seems to be a bigger organization with more powerful members than Bladestar. Some of the Bladestar grunts don't even care when they fail ("I get paid by the hour so whatever"), and there don't seem to be any admins besides the leader, Flora. There's V, but as mentioned she's not directly a member, and she probably has her own agenda. Flora also fears the "Xenpurgis". Bladestar is also a local organization focused solely on GDC, while Team Xen is a regional threat. (Madame X herself could even be a threat to the whole world) In the diary in the underground Bladestar lab, Flora said power like a Dimensional Rift's would be needed to take on Cassandra. I'm guessing Cassandra is in a similar boat to Nastasia. Nastasia seems to be stronger than the other admins and have authority over them, like an admin to the admins. At the moment I don't think having Flora arrested is the best way to defeat Bladestar, since that gives more power to Cassandra. Like DerogatoryTrainer said, I think it's best to let them both weaken each other. I find it interesting that all this discussion can be generated from Jan giving us choices. I wonder if we'd still have these differing opinions on Bladestar if Jan hadn't given us a choice to side with them or to be neutral.
  23. In the "We make Pokemon Reborn. Ask us anything" thread from a while ago, someone asked if those who didn't get the Shiny Charm from that branching story would be able to get it later, and Ame said yes. That could mean those who didn't get that story in E14 will be able to get it at a later point in the game. It doesn't confirm it since we could find the Shiny Charm somewhere else through different means, but it does mean it's possible. About sidequests becoming more elaborate as of E15, I think there have been elaborate sidequests since long before then. Off the top of my head: -Beldum (how did anyone even find this) -Scraggy -Oddish Weed -I think they no longer exist, but the sidequests for the Sail and Jaw Fossils through the cultists in 7th Street. I never did them myself but from what I heard they seemed elaborate -The Magikarp sidequest (which isn't complete yet, but will probably be the longest sidequest in the game) Reborn also isn't the only game with sidequests like this that are elaborate and/or missable. Rejuvenation has more of them than Reborn (many of which lead to extra content in the main story), and Desolation has a few of them too. Personally I enjoy these sidequests just as much as I enjoy the main story.
  24. tfw you've played Rejuvenation so many times you know Caratos Mountain's password by heart

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      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      I've played through Reborn twice and I've replayed Rejuvenation for every version from V6 onward. 

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      (I started playing Reborn at E14 and Rejuvenation at V2)

    4. Tartar


      Wow, that's quite incredible. You must've spent +100 hours on Reborn and at least 200 on Reju? 

      If I may ask, what makes you so attracted to those two, Rejuvenation in particular? 

  25. It's an unofficial release. Here's info from the post: In order they're Clear, Passion, Mischief, Garden, Feebas, Gavel, Shadow, Kickboxing, Sheet, Scale, Thread, and Jelly.