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Finally completed a nuzlocke of this game.


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Yes, after about 1.5 years and like 13 attempts, I finally completed a nuzlocke on insane.

Tbh it isnt extremely difficult but things like double battles especially where you have no control over your partner are super annoying.


Repelling for encounter fishing and youtube tutorials help a lot but ofcourse generally the yt ones are a bit luck based


Anyway, heres all the major battles rated in difficulty


FYI a lot of 'difficult battles especially in singles can get cheesed through easily like rift gardevoir ( most rifts actually tbh) saki etc especially since you get like 250ish pokemon from encounters and also as rewards. Keep in mind im only going over the fights which are generally considered difficult and a lot of people ask how to beat. Also not gonna count battles where you can lose and still progress like madame x.

Here are the tiers for my rankings- Free, not bad, tough, run killers, Pray to god. Also going in order from chapter 1 to the last chapter.


1. Maria(free)- this is a decently tricky battle just because of how the boosts work, though mr mime can carry you pretty easily, this is still tricky if you let certain mons setup freely. Also the first battle you can really lose if you have prep


2. Geara(Tough)- The first battle where you are actually in risk of wiping, giratina is hard to beat as is but geara and his screen spamming in super difficult. Fortunately sawk with brick break is a guaranteed encounter which smashes screens.


3. Neved(Run Killer)- Aelita is just...not it here, her team gets destroyed by neved and he also has a really annoying squad to deal with. Not really something considered difficult by most but the luck aspect of fighting with a partner is hard to deal with. Its just that sometimes Aelita plays actually well and you get through without doing much, I guess that would be why most dont talk about this fight.


4. Valarie(free)-I never really struggled with valarie and I thought she was super easy to deal with ngl, only putting it here since this is kinda just forced loss if you dont get good bulky grass type pokemon. Fortunately the odds of that happening are quite low.


5.Crawli (tough)- again similar to Valarie, you got good hard hitting swift swimmers? Free as hell, otherwise you will struggle immensely, put it in tough as you will generally lose 1-2 mons even if you have a great team just because of crawlis aggressiveness.


6. Angie(Run Killer)- This one is tricky, the double battle aspect along with the fact you need to equip freeze berrys is already quite annoying. Btw After this battle, there wont really be a thing as getting bad encounters since all the good mons are static encounters anyways.


7.Geara and Zetta(PRAY TO GOD)- Easily the hardest battle for a nuzlocke in the game, not even close btw, Melia is super dumb and you have play around her along  with 2 top tier opponents. There can never be a fullproof plan for this battle regardless of your encounters.

This is very famous for being hard and Im sure you know that, so imma go to the next one.


8. Erick(Tough)- This surely has the potential to be a run killer especially on paper but its not really it, you do need some good planning for this one though.


9.Puppermasters(Run Killer)-Anything involving a partner automatically gets bumped up, ngl Aelita isnt even that bad here but its still super difficult to beat so many pokemon while not even being in control of 6 pokemon, again, similar to neved in a way but more difficult and a better Aelita.


10.Melanie(PRAY TO GOD)- this is a super difficult battle in its own right, even the battles previous to it are difficult but kinda lazy to give a seperate section Keta is tough and melia is not bad, Melanie however, oh no no no, this is up there as the top 3 toughest battles in the nuzlocke even though it isnt that difficult for normal players


11. Souta(Tough)- Again, just requires a bit of creativity, you are not really going to lose to this guy but the problem is, due to his aggressiveness you will lose certain pokemon for sure. Shoutout to Rift Aelita for being the only difficult rift too for the same reason as souta.


Now for a long time, there isnt really a difficult fight, you should breeze through this pretty easily BUT the final chapter is just something else, each fight has the potential to be a big fight on their own really, this needs extreme amount of work especially the final route. Now, I dont think we should use the team of the others since, yes you dont risk your own team but you can still lose the nuzlocke if you whiteout.

The teams are pretty shit and also what rules do you even use for these teams? to avoid the confusion I just ignore this and use my own team.


Now, Even then, the first two paths are super diffcult and even battles like Melia are difficult if you dont cheese them.


Sakis grandmother( I forgot her name) Is obviously PRAY TO GOD, I lost 2 runs to her and got absolutely heartbroken both times. 


Now Saki herself is pretty easy, same as souta or rift aelita where you need to sack and generally will only have 1 mon left at last.

If I missed someone or you have any doubts, you can ask.

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