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Rejuvenation without being hunted (like in Chrysalis Manor)?


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Hello everyone!

Is there an option to play Rejuvenation without being "hunted", so to speak? I'm majorly stuck at Chrysalis Manor and while I have watched a lot of videos on how to solve the first and third task + read the threads here and on reddit. Technically, I know how to do them - I just can't do it. I open the game and start the task and just...freeze. It's stressing me majorly out, even just thinking about it :/

As it is, I'm just stuck and can't proceed, which sucks, because I'm just two gyms in. Are there more puzzles like this in Rejuvenation?

And: is there a way to play without being hunted? I just can't do stuff like that.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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Oh, that would be lovely!

I read the post you linked but didn't find anything about hunts being skippable, just that certain extensive scenes (like in some library, apparently?) would be. But maybe I'm just blind and didn't see it ^^"

If you're right, that would be awesome! I'm currently stuck in reborn with the exact same issue, tbh, so making this skippable would be awesome!

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Also a thing that somewhat helped me with chases (I suck at them too ;-;) is debug mode

Specifically, the ability to walk through walls when pressing Ctrl

So that's an option too, just keep in mind that if you get any errors and stuff like that when using debug, don't go to the devs/troubleshooting with it

And in general try to be careful with it

Good luck!

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