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Mega Mightyena


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Can someone please explain me how does the dark surge ability works ? I mean whats the terrain effect I have no idea whats the effect of the terrain and why it ends sometime after two turn or three turn and why does only some dark moves are boosted. Thanks in advance !

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Dark Surge summons the Darkness Field Effect for 3 turns

However, if the Mega Mightyena faints or is switched out before 3 turns are over, it will disappear

Darkness Field is a new field effect introduced in E6

As to why it all dark moves arent boosted, it's just the way it's supposed to be

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It's a bit of a complex field as it has multiple stages and certain moves add or subtract a stage.   photon geyser/dazzling gleam/luster purge/light of ruin/flash/flash cannon all reduce the stage by 1, as does sunny day and light that burns the sky which reduces it by 2 stages. Dark pulse/night daze/ominous wind/astral barrage and moongeist beam   add a stage along with  dark void which adds 2 stages  so you want to use whichever one is gonna make life easier for you. The higher the stage, the more benefit dark types get as they take less damage.  Dark surge not only sets it up on level 2 but also increases it one stage if used on an already existing dark field and if it hits level 3 Megamighty gets a nice speed boost(which nearly cost me my fight against aurora).


On stage 2 dark/ghost  types take 90% damage of attacks,. On stage 3 they take 75% instead.  I don't know if the damage reduction stacks for pokemon of both types(like mega mightyena). If it did it'd be 80%/50% respectively. 



Further adding to the snowballing is that on stage 3 both types lose their weaknesses. And you wonder why dark surge only lasts 3 turns? Darkness level 3 is brutal that's why.


Not all dark type moves are buffed because not all dark type moves utilize actual darkness. It's also why several ghost types are buffed on it as well, because shadow ball and such do utilize actual darkness and shadows or such. TBH I personally find false surrender and throat chop's inclusion in the buff list questionable, as I don't feel they fit in with moves that are appropriately buffed on the field, but for gameplay reasons I can accept them benefitting.


It's in your field notes too though I forget where you find it.


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