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Bug and Ice type buff mod


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Those changes was based on WolfeyVGC's video and I think most of the suggestions are great concept.

While it is kinda unnecessary for a game like Rejuvenation because well, it is not a competitive game.

I had already done it, I might as well just post it.


Bug Type:

(a1) Bug deals x2 damage and resist against Fairy.

(b1) Bug resist Dark and Psychic.

(c1) Fighting does not resist Bug.

Standalone mod : Bug immune to confusion.


Ice Type:

(a2) Ice resist Water.

(b2) Ice resist Flying.

(c2) Ice and Fire neutral against each other.

Standalone mod : Ice +50% DEF in hail


The only thing I didn't do that is in the video is move rework because I'm too lazy and skill issue in modding.


Inside the file has 3 version, V1 to V3.

V1 consist the changes I listed for (a)

V2 has (a) and (b)

V3 has (a), (b) and (c)

and some standalone mod you can just put in mod folder directly without the need of other file.

So choose based on how you like it.

Buff Bug and Ice.zip

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