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Double battle shinies no count for drive to hunt and break achievments


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Hullo I'm back you have to endure my cringe comments so cope


so i figured out that catching shinies in double battles don't count for drive to hunt. the first shiny I got was in a double battle in the sewers and it did not give me the achievment for catching one. also I got a shiny regional mareep from zumi npc and that didn't count so both shinies gotten those ways have not counted. I'm not complaining tho on my main profile I have almost 3 boxes of shinies. I have the achievment since I caught more in the wild normaly but getting shinies and them not counting towards achievments is cringe please fix I don't know if it's on your end I bet it's on pokemon essentials which conveniently is hard to update because of law suit against that game. Big L in my opinion. 


ok bye 


L + ratio x who asked ÷ skill issue

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