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Mono-Colour Run - Ruleset Help


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So I was looking into doing a mono-type run on Reborn but been feeling burnt out on those as I did quite a few on Insurgence. Then saw someone on Reddit (u/KorMap) doing a mono-cat run which made me think of doing a mono-species run but couldn't decide on a species.


Then I thought of using all Pokémon of a certain colour (picked for me by a random colour generator, rounding to the nearest general colour).


Hoping to get some advice on the rules I should go by for this run.


For example , if I got green I could use Tyranitar, but as Pupitar is blue would I still be able to use it if the end goal is green? I could remove Pupitar from the team and replace until I'm at the level cap and power level him to Ttar is another option. 


Alternatively, Electrike is green, but Manectric is blue, would you stop using Electrike once it evolved or stop it evolving?


I'm pretty sure "end goal green" in the Ttar case is probably the most straight-forward but hoping to get some more ideas or thoughts rom the community before I officially start!

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If I'm not mistaken, for a Dark monotype run you're allowed to use Froakie and Frogadier despite both of them being pure Water- only Greninja has the Dark typing. Following similar logic, you definitely could use Pupitar in your color-themed run despite it being different color than Tyranitar, if you're planning/allowed to use Tyranitar.

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