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Shadow Pokemon and Purification (SPOILERS!!!)


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So if you're like me and have been binging this game for like a couple months, then you probably know about the game's multitude of shadow pokemon that are available to be caught and purified. Once you're able to unlock the purify chamber and the relic stone, (and haven't played XD: Gale of Darkness in like a decade...) you're probably clueless to how the hell it works. So, in response to my own confusion and the fact that I need a refresher course on all things relating to shadow pokemon, I've compiled a list of every single shadow pokemon in all of Aevium and examples to use in order to purify them. (Not to mention a step-by-step guide to the entire purification process) So, just download this document and use it as a guide for everything purification! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Update: Someone requested a PDF version for those who don't have word so I've included that as well.

Shadow Pokemon and Purification (Pokemon Rejuvenation).docx

Shadow Pokemon and Purification (Pokemon Rejuvenation).pdf

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