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Trouble with Angie Fight Casual (New Player)


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I'm very new to the rejuvenation game, im only at The Battlefield of the Gods and im having an exponentially difficult time with Angie's battle. My available options for a team are (all level 50)



Moves: Aqua Tail, Surf, Rock Smash, Encore

Stats: HP163 ATK133 DEF103 SPATK128 SPDEF89 SPD96

Ability: Shell Armor



Moves: Flare Blitz, Fell Stinger, High Horsepower, Hypnosis

Stats: HP144 ATK135 DEF92 SPATK94 SPDEF105 SPD137

Ability: Flame Body



Moves: Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail

Stats: HP146 ATK105 DEF82 SPATK93 SPDEF80 SPD67

Ability: Forecast



Moves: Earthquake, Toxic, Amnesia, Recover

Stats: HP175 ATK129 DEF108 SPATK89 SPDEF88 SPD52

Ability: Unaware



Moves: Heat Crash, Smack Down, Flame Charge, Stealth Rock

Stats: HP172 ATK91 DEF122 SPATK93 SPDEF93 SPD44

Ability: Steam Engine



Moves: Spark, Crunch, Swagger, Thunder Wave

Stats: HP148 ATK140 DEF100 SPATK116 SPDEF107 SPD96

Ability: Intimidate


The only strategy i have developed is to put rapidash and castform in front and flare blitz + fire blast beartic, and the rest is just based on if beartic dies. Im at a complete loss and need some assistance because i dont wanna throw this game away for this one fight.

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