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  1. Just grabbed a ditto from route 4 and threw it in the daycare with my female alolan sandslash, checked with the guy outside and got the dreaded message "they prefer other pokemon rather than each other" and i am extremely confused. I know that it can be very low if they are from the same trainer but im very confused about why they just Cant breed. Is the message just the new version of the "they dont really get along" message or am i doing something wrong? I saw someone else had this issue and could not figure it out, hopefully there might be some traction here.
  2. how do you trade for fossils?
  3. I'm very new to the rejuvenation game, im only at The Battlefield of the Gods and im having an exponentially difficult time with Angie's battle. My available options for a team are (all level 50) Samurott- Moves: Aqua Tail, Surf, Rock Smash, Encore Stats: HP163 ATK133 DEF103 SPATK128 SPDEF89 SPD96 Ability: Shell Armor Rapidash- Moves: Flare Blitz, Fell Stinger, High Horsepower, Hypnosis Stats: HP144 ATK135 DEF92 SPATK94 SPDEF105 SPD137 Ability: Flame Body Castform- Moves: Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail Stats: HP146 ATK105 DEF82 SPATK93 SPDEF80 SPD67 Ability: Forecast Quagsire- Moves: Earthquake, Toxic, Amnesia, Recover Stats: HP175 ATK129 DEF108 SPATK89 SPDEF88 SPD52 Ability: Unaware Coalossal- Moves: Heat Crash, Smack Down, Flame Charge, Stealth Rock Stats: HP172 ATK91 DEF122 SPATK93 SPDEF93 SPD44 Ability: Steam Engine Luxray- Moves: Spark, Crunch, Swagger, Thunder Wave Stats: HP148 ATK140 DEF100 SPATK116 SPDEF107 SPD96 Ability: Intimidate The only strategy i have developed is to put rapidash and castform in front and flare blitz + fire blast beartic, and the rest is just based on if beartic dies. Im at a complete loss and need some assistance because i dont wanna throw this game away for this one fight.
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