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A Pokemon Reborn Fan Comic [Discontinued]


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A fan comic following the story of pokemon reborn.

This comic will contain E19!


(Feel free to comment, but that might annoying if someone is trying to just read through it and having to go through comments as well. If you wanna say something about the comic you can also pm me)


Read it on Ao3!

(I only post every 5 pages I finish there though)


Main Character/My oc and his siblings:




Canon characters, personal redesign (Chapter 1) Other characters that appear in the comic but aren't in the refs will be added when their respective chapter rolls around):








Chapter 1 (Welcome to Reborn city):

[IMPORTANT: Cover is updated with current art style, while pages 1-82 are outdated, but they won't be updated. Almost all characters also now have a personal design instead of their canon ones, (Check above for all designs)]



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