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  1. If I'm correct you can only get the togepi line from mystery egg as for the disks you should check the item guide from the top of my head I know you can get the poison memory from venam's father in the wispy tower. Ghost memory from fighting spector, ground memory in safari zone (you need purify to get it) and the rock memory in the ruined city here is the guide, check by type and general items:
  2. You don't. I didn't have to at least.
  3. Game_4.rxdata Here you go. I put you exactly at the part where you need to continue, you just have to interact with the machine you're in front of. (I saved it as game 4 so it wouldn't overwrite my own data, you just need to remove the _4)
  4. She's only there for a short period of time so it's easy to miss her I guess. The first time I saw her was by pure accident, I went for Zumi's quest and just saw her there.
  5. Of course technically all starters are available when you choose in the beginning but I'm talking about from events and such. (In the comments there is a list that's more clear then mine so yeah) all I know: all kanto starters (black market in carotos (charmander), somewhere in aquamarine cave with treats (squirtle) and a kakori village help quest (bandits at large) (bulbasaur)) all jotho starters (trade spinda for chikorita on route 2, chrisolia hotel in the pool with treats (totodile) and in carotos mountain if you have magma drift (cyndaquil)) all alola starters (dull key needed (as well as strenght and rock smash if I'm correct) on junction bridge (litten), popplio if you beat that trainer I forgot the name of on route 6 (dive needed) and tylaric falls in terajuma jungle (rowlett)) treecko (in sheridan if you have surf) mudkip (in sheridan wetlands) turtwig (finishing all west gearen quests) piplup (evergreen forest w/ anju's pendant) oshawatt (in azure shore) tepig (valor mountain, where you freed reina) chespin (from Cairo when you have an exact amount of red essence) fenniken (14+ badges, you need to give a wand to the girl who was talking to braixen/delpha in kakori village. Wand is somewhere in the place you fought ryland/got his badge) froakie (in akuwa city and as an award in the aquarium quest) sobble (In route 4 after either 14 or 15 badges) is this all that is available or are there some more I can get? I'll add it to the list if there's more. EDIT: Thanks fore everyone that commented!
  6. You mean in east gearen right? It was in the salon. You can still check there but that's before neo east gearen. After that the checker is gone.
  7. She is talking to the lady behind the counter She is asking about books that she doesn't have at the library home (the one we go to her with with library at request of the puppet master) she says that all the books were rented out by a girl named Rune. She says she was told that the books were in east gearen but they aren't and is complaining. When she turns around and sees us and tells us not to use this library because the service is bad. Then her absol comes in the library. She then asks it "Did you find the disaster you were crazy about look at you all dirty with golden leafs and dirt" It's in the scene where talks with Kanon in the diamond route where she's reading and he comes up to her. She explains that she remembers that that encounter at the library was the first time she and the player met. She realizes how silly it was when she complained and that that was player's first impression of her and laughs about it.
  8. You can first meet Erin at Gearen library but this is a missable interaction. I'm trying to get as many friendship points with everyone as I can and I really like what she says in chap 15 when you have done that interaction. Now I'm not sure when you can actually talk to her? I know it's not during the parts before melia dies (I checked the library before the battle with madelis and then before we go to junction bridge with Ren and Karrina), she isn't in the library after the events in amethyst cave and in my current save (right before fighting keta) she is also not there. I remember interacting with her in another playthrough of mine but I don't remember when. If anyone could tell me that be nice.
  9. Route 4, it's one of those sparkly seeds you see on the ground. However it is randomly generated, so there might be a chance you won't get it. (I recommend checking the item guide as it's more specific)
  10. They got rid of the original event. It's in one of the dens in route 4! I can't remember which one it was or how many badges you need before it appears.
  11. I haven't gotten to the part where I get my mystery egg yet. If it is a pokemon I want to use I was hoping I at least get a female so I can shiny hunt it. I just wanted to know if it isn't the case I can just reset for a female gender/shiny
  12. I know when starting a new save it determines what pokemon you will get so you can't save and reset for another pokemon, but can you do reset for shinies/specific abilities,different gender, ect. Like let's say my mystery egg is an absol and I hatch it and it has superluck as it's ability but I want justified instead, or I want to shiny hunt it can I reset for that?
  13. Ampharosite in in the grand hall, in the room where that grunt was interrogated by ame. Deino you need to get three dark material and then go in that one place where we rescued Luna from El. (I forgot the name of what its called) Poipole is part of the pokedex quest in Agate city
  14. One of the Neo-East Gearen quests (Mall Opportunities)
  15. Can't you enter the theatre/gym at all? Or is it just the gym area you can't enter?
  16. It's Amber von Brandt loving hours! Man, guitars are hard to draw.
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