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Trying To Beat Shelly.....and Failing Miserably


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Hey everyone. I've decided to get back into Reborn after several years and man have i noticed a few changes to the game!


Anyway, I'm stuck at Shelly....no money left, Pokemon almost leveled up to the max.....I could really use some help


Here's my team:


Graveler - Level 35 - Stealth Rock, Rock Blast, Smack Down, Bulldoze


Noctowl - Level 35 - Echoed Voice, Air Slash, Reflect, Extrasensory


Emolga - Level 35 - Nuzzle, Acrobatics, Shock Wave, Roost


Pachirisu - Level 35 - Spark, Electro Ball, Cut, Thunder Wave


Growlith - Level 35 - Reversal, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Flamethrower


Kricketune - Level 35 - X-Scissor, Slash, Screech, Fury Cutter





Carnivine - Level 33


Granbull - Level 34


Pidgeotto - Level 33


Bronzong - Level 33


Arbok - Level 34





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A girl at Obsidia will ask you to trade a Furret for her Castform.

1. Sunny day.

2. Rainbow field.

3. ???

4. Profit


Other than that, Emolga, (which you have), Ampharos, Jumpluff (because of acrobatics), any pokemon with Sonic Boom (specially floatzel if you joined the magma gang), and even Pachirisu do really well against her

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iirc, using a mon with fake-out like persian or meowstic combined with flame burst can let you prevent the rain from starting and transform the field into burning field.

If necessary you could probably also grind a bit of money from the repeatable trainers in the grand hall?

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