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Error in Pokemon Rejuvenation.


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Out of nowhere this error started occuring, i tried re downloading the game but i still cant make it work. Does anybody know how to fix this or if it can´t be fixed how to run an older save file? Thanks


Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `length' for 0:Integer
PokemonLoad:316:in `pbSetParty'
PokemonLoad:507:in `pbStartLoadScreen'
Scene_Intro:106:in `closeSplash'
PBEvent:54:in `call'
PBEvent:54:in `block in trigger'
PBEvent:49:in `each'
PBEvent:49:in `trigger'
EventScene:708:in `update'
EventScene:612:in `main'
Scene_Intro:179:in `main'

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In order to access an older save file go to users-> saved games-> your rejuv file and remove the game.rxdata file from the folder and rename your latest save as Game.rxdata (saves format will be as Player name - hours - badges - etc) 

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Hello guys,

I have a problem and i cannot find the way to finish this.

After I attacked Team Xen in the early game at Gearan Forest, i can not re-enter that place anymore, because of those guys block the forest's entrance. Did I miss anything when i playing game or its a error ?

Now i got 13 badges, if its not a bug, how can i go through this?

Please help me. Thank you!


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